Aging steak in your fridge

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This is more of a technique than a recipe, essentially it is a way to age steak by dehumidifying it’s surface so when the steak is cooked the juices are retained. And a simple method for cooking a perfect steak every time.

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Fantastic write up.
Try this. Flip the cooking process. Start it in a 275 degrees oven. Let it come up to 10 degrees shy of your preferred serving temp.
Heat a pan and sear it.
This does two things.
It gently cooks the steak without messing with the protein fibers and squeezing out the juices. You’ll get a more tender steak

  1. It dries off the surface for that perfect crust when you sear. Won’t need that much time in the pan.

Or cook it Sous vide.

I semi dry aged a prime rib roast sometime back using similar process.

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Is that a sauce in Richard’s original picture? If so, what is the recipe for it?

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Dry aging steaks is almost a must - the beefy flavor increases and it retains more of its juices! Once you go aged you’ll never go back! It’s kind of like brining poultry - once you have a properly brined breast/leg/bird, you’ll never want to go back.

Thanks so much for sharing this technique!

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Riesling with steak, wtf?