After a fast how long does it take for weight to stabilize?

(Sjur Gjøstein Karevoll) #1

I’ve been on a pattern of fasting 3-6 days, then eating 8-11 days or thereabouts. I also track my weight every day, and as you can imagine it’s showing a very clear zig-zag pattern where I’m losing a lot when I’m fasting and gaining a lot (although not nearly as much) when I’m eating. After my last fast I decided it was time to see where my weight topped out and to sort of get a baseline reading on my weight loss, so for the last 20 days I have been eating (except one sunday when I had forgotten to buy food). My weight climbed steadily with losses only on a few days until 5 days ago when it started going back down. I want a decent baseline with at least 15 measurements before I start fasting again so I’ll be eating for at least 10 more days.

My issue is I’m still not entirely sure I’ve reached my “eating weight”, or maybe I’ve passed it some time ago. The day to day variance makes it hard to judge. Those of you who have been doing less frequent fasts than me, how long does it take for your weight to normalize?

(Khara) #2

I think this belongs in the “You know your Keto when…” post. :laughing:
Seriously though, your analysis here is interesting. I look forward to seeing what you find. Can’t contribute yet myself as I’m still in a period of 16:8 daily fasts but am looking toward beginning some extended fasting soon.

(Mike Glasbrener) #3

Curious about others experience… I presently do Monday, Friday every week so the zigzag is hilarious and somewhat variable…

(Mark Rhodes) #4

I have only been fasting since July. Usually 48-72 hrs per fast with 5-7 days in-between. This last feasting period was more gluttony than feast, uf-da. 6’2", 204 start weight, down to 191 just settled into 198 as I start another fast in preparation for this weekend which will be at a retreat up north where my food choices may get dicey. If I can eat relatively clean then I will return and do my one meal a day with a light lunch & HWC in my coffee. If I think my choices were not up to standards I will fast again to reset my “clock” and then keto on for the remainder of September to also see where I level out.

My wife jokes that I can drop 5 lbs by blinking my eyes. Fluctuations of 5lbs my life before Keto were not uncommon and I have seen no evidence that this will change. So I base my current eating weight on an average of the last 3 weeks as it accounts for fasts, feasts and plain old keto eating.

Good luck in establishing a normalized weight!!!