Advices for bloating - stalling and feeling down

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Hello - It’s my 316 days on Keto today - lost 20 kg only! +/- 1 kg. I have been logging everything literarry on carb manager - going my macros - calories fasting every single day - ignoring scale but recording weight. It has been since April 18th I was 98.7 kg and up till today I’m fluctuating between 100/101/99/98.5 which showed once or twice (98.5). this morning although feeling bloating I weighted 99.7! I don’t know what’s wrong here - I’m never cheated for 315 days passed and now I don’t know what to do.
I’m used to eat once - during weekend sometimes I eat twice but all within my allowed calories/macros - eating +75% fats + 18:24 protein - never more than 5% carbs.

Any advice/help - please note that these days I fast up to 20/22 hours but I can’t do more I feel down - I’m not hungry most of the time so I eat my meal in the evening so as no to feel weak or tired.

Appreciate any helping advices.

Height 173 cm
Age 40


I’d stop the fasting, set direct macros and not percentages, lower the fat, an up the protein. Sounds like you’re in the exact same boat I was in, I pretty much did everything you’re doing and long story short slowed my RMR and made it near impossible to loose and a couple lbs back and forth was all I could get. The never being hungry is a good sign of that. Are you exercising? Good for you for tracking the whole time, does CarbManager allow you to see trends over time comparing your macros with your weight? If so I’d see while you were loosing what was different (if anything).

(Amira ) #3

a couple of days I equaled the grams of fats & protiens as I was not in need to eat more fats and increase protiens. I care very much for anything that will increase insoline levels as far as I know; any increase in protien grams (keto calculator gave me 71grams protien & 130grams fat).

Yes, Carb manager can show the progress on fat/calories/protiens…etc by graph as well as the sequence of weight loss and now i have been in the same weight since March :’( although I’ve been doing efforts to get it move down - 1 month of Ramadan with full fasting not IF without any noticeable progress same 2 kgs up and down. tried to skip cheese, sour cream without sucess.
I’m not good at excercising for the time being - i used to walk and now it’s not possible with long working hours followed by curfew till next day - plus my power is very low and frustated with the ending results.


I’d start playing with your numbers then. Those ones clearly aren’t working for you. I can tell you I can’t loose body fat eating 130g of fat daily. You’d have to do some measuring to get a hold on your body fat % vs muscle mass but I also wouldn’t have my protein less than 100g.

(Amira ) #5

what do you suggest? numbers are based on weight/height/age - Sometimes I do 850 :1100 calories only whereas I should have 1531cal. So deficiency here doesn’t have a big impact!! I trust moving more but still I don’t have a space/power to do this


Give this calculator a shot, it’ll require you taking a couple measurements but (as far as calculators go) pretty good.

Se what it recommends vs what you’re doing now. You’re going to need to override what carb manager is setting you for and tweak yourself. I found MANY people having long term stalls had a ton of luck with lowering fat and raising protein. That’s what got me on that mindset and it’s still working now. You don’t want to continuously reduce calories. I wouldn’t go below 1200 personally unless it for short term. You don’t need a ton of space to do some really good calorie burning workouts. On the not having the energy to do it side, that’s your diet doing that to you, that’s easy to fix.

Also, if you want to just see fat drop quickly and possibly re-assure yourself that you CAN loose fat (you can) look into Protein Sparing Modified Fasts (PSMFs). They are NOT long term eating plans, they ARE a crash diet, they’re for quick fat loss while maintaining muscle but they can be real re-assuring as well. My current WOE is basically homebrew cycle of LCHF/PSMF/HCLF. It’s weird as hell but gives me the advantages of all worlds. Sometimes we gotta figure out what’s best for our body. We don’t all fit into the same dietary template.

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I’ve check the calculator - wow it’s totally different macros; 116g protien & 78g fats - can’t imagine if this is going to work ok or not but will really think about it and will read more about the protien fasts - can’t thank you enough for sharing these.


No prob, to me those numbers sound way more in line with what I’d think for your stats.

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Some questions that come to mind, in no particular order:

  • What is your body composition doing? Are you trying to lose lean tissue as well as excess fat? How are your clothes fitting?

  • Are you eating mostly saturated and monounsaturated fats, or inflammatory polyunsaturates? (No more than one percent of our fat intake should be polyunsaturated. Ω-6 fatty acids may be essential, but in excess they cause systemic inflammation, which promotes weight gain.)

  • Any chance that there’s carb creep going on? Have you double checked the ingredients lists and nutrition labels of the foods you eat lately?

  • Do you have any idea of how insulin-resistant you might still be? Perhaps you need to lower your carb limit?

  • How close would you say you are to your goal weight? How much excess fat do you have left to lose?

  • How are your metabolic markers trending? Have you had any tests done lately?

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Ehmmm, pst… mention omega 3’s!!! Since they are polyunsaturated fats and are pretty much the answer to why there is so much inflammation in the SAD diet: An unbalanced omega 3:6 ratio.

(Amira ) #11

My cloths are fitting during the past 2 months - no changing or being loose in a way!
I’m eating olive oil (4 tablespoon +1 tuna can + salads + 1 Tb mayo + bolied eggs as 1 meal) OR eggs with 1:2 Tb butter oil OR chicken/Shrimps/fish calculating grams or everything I eat! + Kiri squares and cheddar cheese - somtimes sour cream/cooking cream. for the past 2 weeks i’m eating blackberries (calculated by within my carbs) - some walnuts/almonds/maccademia/hazelnuts/sunflower seeds/peanuts (all measured)

I’m not taking the full 20g of carbs - 7g :12g is the average and never above 20g.

I need to get 30 kg off - I have 2 kgs up now so, i lost 19:21 kg and still need around 25:30 kg more - long way to go! fats are in winged arms/hips.

no tests done since I started - during my whole life - ive been always watching what i eat to lose weight which I didn’t!! I followed Keto for all those months as I’ve seen a progress on the weight loss but lately being that frustrated I’m afraid of stepping off the wagon and gain what i’ve lost :frowning:

(Amira ) #12

I followed your advise and increased protiens slightly and weight moved - at least back to 99.5/98.9 which is good for me. I’m taking 80:90g of protiens instead of 70g advised by Keto calculator! I think this helped!