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Hi everyone,

I’ve been on keto now for about one month. I am a T2D. I primarily got on keto to control my blood glucose, cause to be honest before keto, I was let’s say “enjoying the carbs” I am morbidly obese, needing to lose about 100lbs. It’s a challenge just to admit that. I started this way of eating primarily after watching Dr. Fung, his science made sense to me. Initially, my first week I went from 315 to 305, I’m guessing mostly water weight. I didn’t really have a structure of eating, just first 2 weeks, I didn’t eat extra sugar and gave up bread. My 3rd week I added IF, doing 16:8. Felt good, cause I was never a breakfast person. So just had coffee with heavy cream. I’ve gone on to following more of Dr. Fungs obesity code diet with alternating one meal a day with two. I am not hungry by any means and I feel satiated. I have noticed, although a stall in weight loss.

My concern is maybe I’m not eating enough. On my OMAD day, I can get about 900 calories in that meal and I’m stuffed. On my two meals a day, about 1400. I keep carbs low, and try to add fat in different ways. Most days I have a 70/20/5, (fat, protein, carbs)

I want to know am I doing this right? What can I improve upon. This week, over limited my use of sweeteners (erythritol) to once a day and I do a 30 min walk, 3 times a week.

So there I am. Any input is appreciated.

Thank you

(Ken) #2

Nothing to be concerned about. Fat loss is seldom linear, your body is going through massive adjustments right now. You’'re probably not even adapted yet. There are so many reasons for momentary pauses my hands would hurt just typing them all out.

You’re not really in a Stall unless it’s four to six weeks long with no loss. Just be patient.


Thank you. I appreciate it. Im just curious as to efficacy of the IF. Is the benefit of improving insulin resistance being sabotaged by too few caloric intake

(Ken) #4

IF can certainly be effective if you’re comfortable with it. IMO, it’s more important just to not eat unless you’re actually hungry. If that’s a couple of times a Day, then OK. Myself, I usually use OMAD to lose fat, becoming actually hungry for a couple of hours before I eat.

Hunger is always the best Sauce.

(Marianne) #5

You’re in good company. I’d venture to say that probably at least half of us here are/were morbidly obese. The beauty of that is that we share common experiences with weight loss, weight gain, body imagine, “dieting,” failure, emotional pain, poor health, etc.

I don’t know if you are a man or a woman, but either way, I believe you are not getting enough calories. Please don’t count calories. Keto is not a diet, although what brings most of us here is the desire for weight loss. If you count anything, count the carbs - total carbs. If you can, keep them as far under 20 as you can.

My husband and I eat OMAD now. That consists of a large piece of meat and usually a steamed vegetable supplemented with butter, MCT oil or bacon fat. If eating TMAD, I’d suggest one of those meals be very low or no carb - eggs, bacon, sausage, chicken-egg-tuna salad with mayo, sausage & cheese soup, etc. Incorporate a carb (veggie), into your other meal - loaded salad even with your meat, veggie, etc. Eat this (especially if you are exercising), and enjoy your food without guilt or worry. You will lose weight - and you won’t be hungry or crave foods that you used to enjoy. Keto is such a blessing; it can be hard to grasp how easy and painless it can be. If you can, stay off the scale as much as possible. For me, it just puts a hyper focus on my weight, which I don’t want anymore. I can tell I’m losing by my appearance and my clothes. What does it really matter beyond that?

Good luck! :hugs:


Thank you for the wonderful advice