Adding cardio and strength training together into my keto WOE

(Scott) #1

I am midway into week two and have some interesting results so far. Was able to run twenty miles last week and make it to the gym three days for a Nautilus set on a light weight setting (60 lbs.). I was able to lose a pound which is not bad because I had several IPA’s over the weekend.

This week I have already run sixteen miles and had one trip to the gym but increased to 70 pounds on the machines. I have lost another two pounds and feel fantastic. I think the runners high is starting to kick in.

Anyway here is the thing if I am increasing muscle via cardio and weight training albeit light weights at the start. I would think I would gain or at best maintain current weight since I have kind of been in a stall for awhile. Unless I am consuming muscle mass I must be adding muscle and losing a quantity of fat. It should not take long to figure this one out. I am very pleased and will continue my research. With any luck I will hit 30 miles this week and feel back in the groove!

(Scott) #2

I finally went up .2 pounds but that is not really significant. I am sticking with my new workout routine and am now up to 20 miles of running & 2 workouts on Nautilus machines this week.

(Scott) #3

Got on the scale and lost 1.5 pounds. I was thinking of taking a rest day but got so excited at the lower scale number I went out for a 5 mile run. Up to 26 miles and one workout to go this week. I can tell my muscles are getting tired but still pushing through. I think I will just wait for a rainy day to get a break. There is one possibility that I hadn’t thought about regarding the loss and that is this. I may through exercise be putting myself into calorie deficit and not building muscle mass. I wish it was possible to eliminate a beer gut in a week.

(Jay Patten) #4

I started strength training once I hit my target weight (I was looking… well, scrawny).

I am extremely pleased with the results I have had while on Keto. I am no stranger to the gym (I was in the military for 10 years) and I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had such quick gains.

I have noticed that I can lift with more intensity than the carb burners because I don’t need anywhere as much rest between sets (and super-sets have become easier, too). While I may not lift as much weight as some of the other guys, I seem to have more stamina than most.

Keto is awesome.

(Scott) #5

I am in the light weight ramp up phase right now and starting to add weight. Got to be careful and not do any more damage to rotator cuff. I was that injury that got me into running so I am only now returning to the gym. I can’t throw a piece of gum away overhand anymore. :disappointed:

(Scott) #6

Update: Just shy of two weeks adding (more) cardio and strength training. I have completed breaking though the 30 mile mark and may add to it in the morning. Also got a weight workout in this morning too. I went up a bit (.4) in weight but expect to lose more tomorrow. Can’t tell yet if my gut is shrinking but I believe it is. Getting close to the 180 pounds barrier so that will be the next goal.

(Scott) #7

Thought about running but was tired and my toes are hurting. Looks like I am going to lose a couple of toenails soon so I am taking the day off.

(Scott) #8

After 4 IPA’s at a fundraiser I decided I better get out and run Sunday. I am up a pound from Saturday but I am also on day three of “not going” so I guess my weight is maintaining at the moment. Still getting my strength training in three times a week. Between the running (30 miles last week and 16 already this week) and the weights I am feeling changes. Legs are feeling more muscular and starting to feel a tightness in my arms but not as much as the legs.

Only part way into my third week and feel really good. So if my muscles are getting stronger and my weight has stayed basically the same I must be burning fat. Knowing the belly is the last to give it up I am patiently waiting to see a visible change but it will take some time. The scale (I know it is not totally accurate) is showing a 1% decrease in body fat and a 2 pound loss since I started to ramp up my running combined with weights. So far positive results.

(Scott) #9

Stayed up a bit later last night and drank a bit more due to mother in law arriving for a week long stay. I woke up late but still ran to the gym to workout but had to skip two miles of my run to save time. The weird thing is I felt really tired. On a muscular level and a brain fatigue level. Something is going on but I am not sure what.

(Scott) #10

Feeling better today. I have 26 miles in and should be at 30 tomorrow with a run to the gym for my third workout this week. I am hoping it doesn’t rain in the morning. Weight is still down a pound since I started and I am patiently waiting for my belly to reduce its size.

(Scott) #11

Midway through my 4th week and my weight is within .3 lbs. of where I started however my scale shows my body fat % went from 20.5% to 18.5%. My belly looks the same but I am building some muscle so therefore I must be losing some fat. A bit of a setback the first part of this week. Due to a houseguest I have been staying up too late to get my morning workouts in.

(traci simpson) #12

Which Branch?

(Jay Patten) #13

4 in the Army and 6 in the Air Force.

(traci simpson) #14

Cool. I work for the Marine Corps.

(Jay Patten) #15


(Scott) #16

I got back on track today and got a six mile run in the cool crisp air this morning. I felt really good and strong and if I had the time could have added some distance. I think I may do that this weekend to see if I am up to it. Lost a pound too! So at almost four weeks into my experiment I am down almost three pounds and feel like I am building lean muscle mass. Would have liked to see the belly gone but I will take what results I have gotten the far.

(Scott) #17

At the four week mark I am pleased. Body fat % went from 20.4% to 19%. Weight 186.2 start and was 180.4 this morning. I must admit I cheated, it was really 182.6 when I woke up but I weighed again after a six mile fasted run before rehydrating. My belly feels a little smaller but still shows it the mirror. I think I will continue at least up until a planed beach trip in June.

(Scott) #18

Going into week seven and my body seems laser focused on maintaining my body weight at 183 lbs. Still doing 30 miles a week running and three days strength training. Belly feels a little slimmer but is still there. Still feeling good so I plan on continuing indefinitely. This is truly the first time since childhood that I can eat a much as I want and not gain a pound. July 10th will be my one year on keto mark and it just keeps improving.