Adding butter to Hot chocolate?

(Oliver ) #1

Right so it seems pretty popular to add healthy fats such as grass fed butter to coffee. Now would there be some scientific reason that it make sense to add butter to coffee but not let’s say to unsweetened cacao? I mean I dont think I have seen a single recipe online which calls for adding butter or any other type of fat to hot chocolate. Was btw a while since I last consumed butter and must state I have been missing the taste lately (so was thinking of buying some today).

(Pete A) #2

I add 1 tablespoon butter (or ghee) to a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of Cacao.

Does that make it buttered hot chocolate in coffee ?

You can do what you choose!


I don’t believe in rules when it is about what I want to add to my drinks :slight_smile:
But cocoa and coffee is way too similar to me anyway. If something works in one, it works in the other (surely there are some exceptions but I don’t want those so it doesn’t matter to me).
But I tend to put cocoa into coffee and coffee into cocoa too… Mom always did that and indeed, they are good together. I especially love chocolate with coffee. The normal kind (as much as my thing without sugar and cocoa butter in a jar is normal), not the hot one :slight_smile:

Butter is lovely in many things. I don’t like just fatty coffee/cocoa/hot chocolate, dairy (and if I only have butter for that role, egg) comes first but if it has that stuff, some nice fat sounds good. My dairy or egg already have enough fat for me (I only use 2g butter for the dairy feel when I use eggs) but if someone wants more and can afford all that fat (I don’t), I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be nice to add butter.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #4

This is in imitation of Dave Asprey, who promotes a specific recipe of fats added to coffee on his Bulletproof nutrition site. If you do a search of these forums on “Bulletproof coffee,” you will come up with plenty of references.

I believe the idea behind Bulletproof coffee is to promote brain health. Whether Mr. Asprey is right about that or not, many people have come to enjoy a version of coffee with fat in it as part of their ketogenic diet. There is absolutely no reason not to doctor your warm drink of choice in a similar manner.


I’ve never tried it, but surely it would taste glorious? Like chocolate fudge, just without the sugar : )

(Allie) #6

I’ve done it before, didn’t rate it… but I’m not a chocolate fan anyway. Also done it as a mocha, wasn’t my best idea because I can’t stand that coffee mixed with chocolate flavour… but these things have to be tried :rofl:

(Allie) #7

Sugar free and dairy free hot chocolate.

Tablespoon raw cacao powder, some raw cacao butter, tablespoon coconut milk powder, teaspoon erythritol, pinch of vanilla powder, boiling water, blender.

Just randomly fancied a hot chocolate so made one.

(Oliver ) #8

I tried this and result was amazing. The about 10 grams of butter I add makes the drink very satisfying not making me crave any carbs for hours hehe. Now to be honest Iam not sure I will add in butter every single day. But on some days at least I will add it (especially on the days when Iam home).

Exactly this. Now I have something lookforward to during the afternoon (which is when I typically break my fast).

(KM) #9

Two words for ya: Heavy cream. I don’t understand why anyone would add butter to a beverage when heavy/double cream has loads of butterfat and it naturally homogenizes with the rest of the liquid.


And it is wonderful :smiley: I only use butter (and eggs as just fatty coffees/cocoas are not my style) when I simply don’t have cream*. But many people says they like coffee with butter only…

*I nearly always have some boxes of whipping cream (30% is usually the most I can get here, once I saw 35%, we have lots of lower-fat options) but if I open one, I need to use up the whole 200ml and it’s troublesome even with the help of my SO… Butter doesn’t spoil nearly that easily so it’s always an option. And I ALWAYS have eggs. (It’s never as good as using cream, more difficult too as I need to mix them in but way better than nothing.)
So even people like me who strongly prefer cream may find butter helpful sometimes. Let alone the big butter lovers who doesn’t need more dairy-like substances in their warm drinks. Butter is mostly just fat to me, with a tiiiiny dairiness only. Cream is another level. Even milk is better to me but I don’t have that other either… Butter is always around, ready to serve.