Acidy feeling when ketosis sets in?

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hi, i am on the borderlines btw low-carb and keto often. i do think i realize by the way the body feels where one is, very roughly. i often have an acidy feeling, like reflux, heartburn, but i often cannot find a reason. i speculate it might indcate the body starting to change modes. anyone else have that?

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My indicators are a certain taste in my mouth, the absence of aches and pains, and low level of allergic symptoms.

A lot of people on these forums seem to benefit from taking some apple cider vinegar each day. Reflux is apparently a problem of not enough stomach acid, rather than too much.

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So I’m a little confused by your post. Does the acid reflux happen daily, or is it when you are eating keto, or low carb or both? And what did you mean by the boy starting to change modes?

I have had acid reflux for years. I used to take Omeprazole every day. I have a hiatal Hernia. I eventually realized by eliminating and limiting foods that most of my problems were late eating and now more specifically when I eat too much cooked tomatoes. Raw aren’t a problem but sometimes tomato residue seems to sit in my stomach and it probably ferments some. I only use Omeprazole about once a month now when I feel it burn. I also have less problems now than before keto when carbs, proteins and fat competed in my stomach trying to digest all at once. :cowboy_hat_face: