About to hit 9 days Extended but



So, I’ve done several 1-3 days fast and decided to try an extended fast. I feel pretty good and am like, let’s keep going, except I’ve been having acid reflux and my stomach hurts from it. Any suggestions that would allow me to stay on my fast but help aid with the acid?

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Nine days of fasting is pretty long to go, especially without medical supervision. It might be time to consider ending your fast.

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Here’s one possibility:

I know Megan Ramos (works with Dr. Fung) also had some techniques, but I can’t find them. I saw them in a video.

Though may this is it too:


Thank you, Bob
I have experienced acid reflex prior to my fast, with dry coughing after the reflux and I was hoping that I may be able to correct it somewhat. From reading the articles you suggested they also said that eventually the acid reflux will go away or lessen once the body adjusts to fasting. I didn’t want to resort to using baking soda and water, but for the time being that is what I did and I feel much better because of using it. Other than that, I’ve not had any other issues. No headaches or cramping or keto flu or any of the other symptoms that I’ve experienced in the past. The fast has been surprisingly easy minus the acidic stomach. I may also try some of the suggestions listed in the articles. Here are the things I gathered from the articles you posted so that if others read this post they’ll have the TL;DR version.

“The good news, says Dr. Berookim, is that, with time, your body will likely regulate an acid imbalance from fasting. “In general, after a little while of allowing one’s body to adjust to the fasting, the stomach will begin to reduce the amount of acid secreted,” he says.” (Garone & Davenport, 2020)

“If you do suffer from reflux, your reflux will likely improve dramatically or even disappear once your body [h]as adapted to fasting, especially if you’re following a low carb diet in conjunction with the fasting. Just like so many things in life it goes from bad to worse to better!”(The Fasting Method, 2019)

“You can add 1-3 TBSP of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to your water too.
Avoid broth and pickle juice
Expert Tip: Avoid spearmint of peppermint teas as they may make your symptoms worse. Instead opt for licorice tea, which may help prevent against reflux.”(The Fasting Method, 2019)

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Hi Paul,
I appreciate your concern and recommendation, though I believe I am ok. Besides taking a traditional multivitamin, I also take Zinc, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin C. I’ve not had any of the previous symptoms I’ve had in the past starting Keto for the first time or any of the other electrolyte imbalance symptoms [ Such as Headache, or cramping ]. I am very cognizant of electrolyte imbalance symptoms and will adjust my methods if I do experience them.[or just stop my fast] I do appreciate your concern, but also my physician is also just a call away if I do feel something is terribly amiss. I will stop my fast if I feel anything is off, and when I do stop my fast it will be done slowly and carefully so as to avoid refeeding syndrome. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I gave up broth while fasting multiple days, as it seemed to increase hunger.

My wife tends to have acid reflux when fasting. I’ll have to let her know. I’ve only done a few 36 hour fasts due to covid, and she did one with me. Plan on doing more, though I just got my second shot. Will have to wait until next week to try another 36 hour fast.

9 days is quite impressive! Congratulations.

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You might try vinegar instead of baking soda. Acid reflux is caused by an insufficiency of stomach acid, not by an excess.