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You’re welcome, Donna. Thank you so much for telling me. I’m eager to see how it goes for you.

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I’m loving this thread! Thanks for all the information shared! I also appreciate that even with ZC there’s variety. I could totally be a ‘dirty’ one. :joy::joy: I like that.


Amber, what are your thoughts on canned oysters?

(Heather) #26

Ok, I just want to be clear. I can just have meats, through out the day, probably cooked in some type of fat and that will be ok? I can’t eat eggs. Can you maybe just give like an example of a days meals? I get confused easily…lol. Thank you :grin:

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Yup! Typically for ZC I never worried about protein/fat macros… there are benefits to keeping protein lower in typical ketogenic diets which is individual biochemistry dependent, however I will not get into the minutiae here. I also work in crisis and/or see clients, so my eating during the day is rarely typical or regularly timed.

My meals wednesday:

Breakfast: skip typically.

Lunch: skipping possibly. If no skip, 8 ounce of ch. thigh or ground beef.

Dinner: 8oz ground beef.

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Thoughts on canned oysters? I think they are delicious!

I’m landlocked in Colorado and don’t get out for fresh ones often, but I always keep a supply of canned ones on hand. Two out of three of my children love them.

Last year, in December, I posted the following story on Facebook about my youngest son, who was 6 at the time:

Later, in February:

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You can eat eggs, unless there is some other reason you can’t eat eggs.

(Heather) #30

Thank you, I just wanted to make sure I clearly understood. :smile:

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I don’t eat eggs. I just wanted to make sure I could just have meats and still be doing it correctly. I might add a pinch of dairy here and there but I am actually looking to try to cut out dairy. Luckily I never really cared for sweeteners, so that won’t be an issue. Thank you :smile:

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Used to eat fresh all the time, usually raw and plain. I’ve actually… never had canned. I will have to try some.

I do think canned clams are underrated. One of my lower carb dishes I enjoyed was just clams in a simple ghee and cream sauce.


Oh my goodness…how adorable :slight_smile:


I did ZC in the summer of 2008. Broke my vegetarian diet with raw local ground beef. Actually, I was no longer vegetarian at that point, as I had started eating eggs, sardines, sockeye salmon.

Makes me want to return to ZC…after I eat the frozen asparagus and riced cauliflower that I recently bought. :slight_smile:

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We used to get canned oysters all the time in Port Townsend. Local and sooooo good!

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What about multivitamins? Or magnesium supplements?

(Sondra Rose) #37

Eggs, Organ meats and seafood regularly, if you don’t want to take any supplements and want to optimize your nutrition. That said, there are plenty of longtime zero carbers who do just fine on meat and water.

Personally, I take a D3 supplement and Magnesium because I don’t get enough of either.

(Heather) #38

So I don’t need to worry if my Protein might be higher than my fat? With all the meat I am eating, they usually stay the same or my Protein is a bit higher. I take a calcium and magnesium, been doing that for years. I take a few others but they don’t really pertain to this lifestyle.

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I am one week ZC today. Keto adapted since May. New to this forum. Interested in watching, learning and sharing ZC information with others as I explore this WOE. I was amazed when I entered my ZC food this week in to a tracker, that eating strictly from the animal kingdom magically calculates to perfect ketogenic macros. How simple! Trusting that I won’t have to perform that tedious task anymore.

Carnivore/Zero Carb January 2017!
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I wish I could give this 10 likes.

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Ah, great. I just came from about 3 months keto and it is drummed in my head that you have to have more fat than pro. I just wanted to double check. Thanks :slight_smile: