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I think it is great if you can just naturally mix up your fasting times.

In my post you responded to I mentioned being close to goal weight, since that time, I have passed that goal and reached a second one I set. Fasting was the key for me. I do a mix of keto/lchf I usually ave. 50g carbs, but some days it is at 20 or slightly under. I think I am at my Phinney weight as I feel I can stay here without feeling deprived of anything and it is easy to just do some IFing or even an EX fast for autophagy or just the enjoyment of a group fast. Never knew not eating could be so enjoyable:sunglasses:

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Hello lady fasters, I have been on Keto since Oct. 2017. Recently I have decided to get serious… I ran over a post in facebook about IF. And have been curious about fasting I have attempted a few times in the past. I was a struggle. But it was very effective. I have been IF for 2 weeks. And have gone for 24 hrs. Not so much of a struggle. I ready to try again thanks to these encouraging posts. Joyce

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Love to hear you fast for 17 hours daily. I too fast minimum of 20 sometimes 24 hours a day eating OMAD and I truly enjoy the energy I have while fasting and also enjoy the “feasting” time. I like to eat my OMAD in the evening and it seems to be working for me. Congrats on your weight loss!,


If women cant fast then apperently somebody forgot to mention that to my body (or im really a guy… checks Nope…) LOL

Have been doing Primal for over 5 years & lost around 40-50lbs when I first cut out the sugar/grains (although I wasent eating that badly beforehand) but slowley gained back maybe 20lbs over the last couple years.

Been doing some tweaking towards (not super strict ) Keto & then ran across Dr. Fungs info a bit over a month ago.
OK. makes sense.
Started the next day.
My body said “No problem, we can totally do this!”
No fasting flu.
No hunger.
No 2-3 days in hunger meltdown…nadda.

While I know this probably isent typical for everyone (My DH struggles to do a 24 hour fast )
It just proves that some drs are full of it…

So I fast 4-5 days, eat on the weekend cause im a freaking amazing cook & I want to, not because I actully feel hungrey (mostly just dinner so interm. fasting still) & then back to water fasting… for the last 5 weeks.
Down 2 stone.
Lost 3.5" off my waist.
Need to add a new hole to my belt…

Feel perfectly fine even though I work a very labour intensive job & spend all day on my feet.

Going out for Sushi tomorow :smiley:

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My mom did the same when I was a kid in the late 80’s. She had followed all of the high carb/ low fat dogma and put on about 30 lbs or so. She decided to take control by doing a one month fast, liquid only. She lost about 15 lbs, reset her metabolism, and shrinked her stomach size. She never did do anything similar to Keto, but continued to lose more weight until she stabilized at a great weight for her and kept it off for over a decade until she passed away. She just did 2-3 small meals a day and stayed active.

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I remember hearing that too. In another episode they talk about Ideal Body Weight and all the variables, including health markers not always aligning with outward appearances. Very interesting.


I just joined this forum. My longest EF has been 5 days. I am doing it for health maintenance and would love to chat with like-minded women, since so many people do not understand the importance of this process.

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Yeah I just watched some videos about how “bad” fasting is for women, but from my personal experience and alot of other women’s experiences on this forum I have to disagree. Yes there are women out there who do not benifit from it but there are also plenty that do! I am on day 19 of a 21 day water fast, I have been listening to my body this whole time and I feel so wonderful! I sleep better at night, I have more energy during the day, and my skin has cleared up.

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Hi! Brand new to Leto and fasting. I’m starting an extended fast today with just “fat” coffee and water
Would love any tips from the women with fasting experience. Would like to be accountable to this group of ladies. I don’t want to feel all alone in this endeavor


Each fast gets easier. Tips: stay hydrated, have salt, keep busy, electrolytes help on longer fasts. When breaking your fast, have some veggies because it is more gentle on your fasted digestive system. Good luck!

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Thank you. I was told because I’m not fat adapted yet that I shouldn’t fast! Is that true? Dr Fung and Dr Mercola says anyone can do a fast

I’m totally unsure on which way to go


Most people can fast, it’s just easier if you’re fat adapted. You can also start small if you want: not eating between meals, then going for at least 12 hours and work your way up.


The obesity code podcasts and fasting talk podcasts are a great source of info and motivation for fasting.

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Again…I thank you Chris :blush:

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I just started IF. I either do 16/8 or 18/6. I feel fantastic when I fast.


Does the water satisfy food cravings during longer than 24 hour fasts? I’ve been doing IF 16:8 hours for the last 3 months and I get very hungry at the 16th hour; but I find that most times eating again prior or at the 8th hour I’m not that hungry but eat anyway to last the next 16 hours.

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What is your take on SOMEONE NOT YET FAT ADAPTED doing extended fasting?

If I do it, can I follow up with a fat fast afte, to still reap the benefits of autophagy?