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According to some ‘experts’ women shouldn’t fast. Jason Fung says this is bullshit. I agree. So this is a place for Fasting Females to gather and prove Fung right. @Brenda I am counting on you to lead the charge.

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I will be making a “Zornfast” subcategory as well.


That’s ridiculous. I fasted 33 days, just water, coffee, tea, only a few times had broth. And that’s it!

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I’m pretty new to fasting but over the past few months have managed to dabble successfully with intermittent fasting and have several smaller fasts of up to sixty hours. I’m currently attempting an eighty hour fast (three and a half days) and really want to try a week soon. I’m five to ten kg away from my goal weight (I haven’t set anything definitive yet) and I want to get even tighter control over my blood glucose and insulin. It’s a little scary seeing my blood glucose dip so low but my GP is very supportive and says I don’t need to be concerned. He’s not so keen on the seven day fast but I allayed some of his concerns by quoting Dr Fung’s results and he didn’t say no so watch this space. Here’s hoping that I will have the willpower to do it.


My longest was 35 days…water only.

Great to see this new category!


@debby, excellent job!

Just curious…did you notice any changes with your tongue during the fast? I did.


Yeah, the lovely tongue coating…I use a tongue scraper!

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Sweet! I’m curious if women time fasting around their cycles. For instance, since we are trying to conceive I feel like the safest time for me to fast is at the beginning of my cycle. I like the idea of a monthly fast that coincides with my period. Too bad I can’t also incorporate the isolation and rest that used to be common for menstruating women. If you need me I’ll be in my red tent…bring me tea.


The only thing I would say is that you may need to include some fat especially if you are a bit short on your own supply!

Maybe fat fasting would be a better idea?

It already exists @Brenda here…


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I do like a good fat fast. Think I can still get the benefits of autophagy with a fat fast?


As far as I am aware, it is protein that stops autophagy. @richard has always maintained fat fasts are great too.

“What turns off autophagy? Eating. Glucose, insulin (or decreased glucagon) and proteins all turn off this self-cleaning process. And it doesn’t take much. Even a small amount of amino acid (leucine) could stop autophagy cold. So this process of autophagy is unique to fasting – something not found in simple caloric restriction or dieting.”

Jason Fung



Yep. Brad Pilon (Eat Stop Eat, etc) says the same.

Ahh, nerd here. :slight_smile:


Genius. I searched it!

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I fast 17 hrs every day. Feeding window is 7 hrs. Water only from 1pm until 6am the next day

I started IF July 4, 2016. Doing well and I’ve lost about 8 lbs of unintended weight gain. Keeping 71 pounds off for just shy of 5 years. Menopause for 3 years.

Formerly obese for 40 years. IF has been an important, powerful tool for me.

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My husband has done IF daily for about 5 years. About 3 years ago I tried to join him but always really struggled, particularly come 2 or 3 PM. It always seemed like I hit a wall and just HAD to have sugar or some other snack.

About 2.5 months ago I started keto and extended fasting, so now IF is a cinch! I’ve done several 3-6 day fasts after reading Jimmy Moore and Dr. Fung’s “The Complete Guide to Fasting” - it is so easy to follow and logical, it allays many fears one may have about fasting and makes it much more approachable.

I successfully used fasting leading up to and following thanksgiving, christmas, and new year’s to not only maintain but drop weight during the holidays (20+ lbs down). Fasting also helped simplify my recovery after sinus surgery and a gum graft.

I love how I feel when I fast. I do still have keto coffee, sometimes a latte with HWC, and/or a cub of buttered bone broth…is this a “fat fast”? I keep seeing that term but don’t really understand what it means I feel kinda like I’m cheating when I add fat to my beverages, but I also know it helps me fast for MUCH longer (6 days is my max so far, while cranking out my usual (or even more frequent) workouts, because I have so much energy!)

Anyway…women can certainly fast. And it’s interesting…I don’t even think it has anything to do with willpower…it’s just if I eat a well formulated high fat diet I find that I fast for ~24 hours and then it’s kind of easy to continue - they say Day 2 is usually hardest, so if I don’t even really realize I’m fasting at the end of Day 1 I’m already halfway to feeling great (come day 3 my energy always soars and I feel hyper productive and balanced. So great).

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AnnaLee, it seems like conception odds are enhanced by a steady fat stream.

My two cents.

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I’m 57, keto for 15 months, and on day 3 of a 5 day fast. I’m feeling good, but want to eat when I’m preparing meals for my kids who are 16 and 12. I’m determined though. Five days will be the longest I’ve fasted, but I regularly do IF.

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How did that work out for you? I’m currently at 22 hours–going to see how it goes tomorrow. I can’t wait to work up to a couple weeks!

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I’m feeling the same. Fasting would be so much easier if I didn’t have to cook for my kids.


It was a fantastic. I’m so glad I did it. Fasting has taught me how to “listen” to my body. It’s incredible the things you learn.

You are doing the right thing, slowly staging up the fasting duration. Don’t go gonzo, and go from zero to two weeks. Do smaller fasts, and each time extending the duration. And if your body rebels, figure out why. Maybe you need a bit of fat supplementation, or maybe you need to wait until you try again. But, each step, you learn more about your body, with all it’s quirks, and you get into feeling like you are in better control.