? About egg fast

(bulkbiker) #7

Poach, boil or fry the eggs… no need to only have them as omelette? Poached I find best with the butter melted over the top.

(Alec) #8

I reckon I could do a month on just eggs and butter. I might try it sometime.

(Jean) #9

I only had the omelette for supper. The other meals
Where fine. With omelette I prefer ketchup . I love eggs so this shouldn’t be too hard will miss some of my other red meat and chicken food for a bit

(Jacqueline Porter) #10

Make an egg mayonnaise and add some sugar free ketchup, like a rose marie sauce, very goid with eggs.

(Not a cow) #11

I’m doing a bacon and egg fast, as per Megan Ramos of IDM https://idmprogram.com/what-is-fat-fasting-and-when-should-you-do-it/

8 eggs today, with 8 pieces of bacon spread over 3 meals. I’m pretty full right now, I figure 1000 calories, 70% fat, 28% protein and the 5 gms of carbs make up the other 2%. I can do this for 5 days no problem, but I bet after 2 or 3 I’ll be switching it up to OMAD.

(Robert C) #12

Tabasco sauce has a nice punch for a very small amount - a few drops does it.

(Jean) #13

I am a wuss when it comes to spice . I find black pepper spicey. Took aboutn1/2 a tablespoon of ketchup . The bacon instead of butter sounds funner

(linda) #14

Isn’t a fast going without food? So eating eggs is an egg diet, right? Regardless it may be unnecessarily restricting and set you up for a binge or some deficiency so I’d be careful.

(Not a cow) #15

Well I see on “The Google” that a water fast is also known as a water diet, so I suppose an egg diet, as
you say, could easily be considered as an egg fast. When the fasting specialists website IDM aka (Fung & Associates) refers to eating solely bacon, eggs, avocado’s and olives as a “fat fast” , it’s hard to disagree that just about anything can be considered some sort of modified fast. You know, like the Vegie Fasters ( Vegan’s), and the Meat Fasters ( Carnivores) and the Carb Fasters ( Junk Food Junkies).
Once I finish with the bacon and egg fast, I’ll be sure to check out the IF diet and then hopefully then move on to the ever popular EF diet. :slight_smile:

I agree, I always have to watch out for putting myself in a potential binge of non-keto like foods !

(Bunny) #16

Ah ha! I see it is a post-nutritional of fat and protein calorie intake prior to actual fasting?

Megan Ramos: “…”He naturally started eating less and less until the point where he didn’t want to eat at all any more, and then he started fasting.

That was the appointment where the fat fast was born! …” …More

Clearly it is the satiation of fat and protein on the ghrelin (esp. protein) and leptin signaling axis, that tricks the body into not being so hungry when trying to fast…so hungry your ready to munch down the first carb in sight.

Fasting -Formerly Easy- is More Difficult Lately; Ideas?
(Jean) #17

Sorry I wasn’t specific my 1/2 of tablespoon was g Hughes ketchup . One tablespoon is 1 carb with no sugar

The g Hughes sauces have make keto a lit more fun and enjoyable

(Jean) #18

So a quick update . I am down in 3 days either 4.2 or 5.2 lbs. when I woke up Saturday morning weighed 272. 4 all I had all day was water and 2 cheese burgers with cheese and 1 slice of bacon over the2 patties and lettuce wraps . When I woke up Sunday morning was 273.4(not sure why gained) this morning was 268.2. Going to try 2 more days . Hope fully won’t gain this back after stopping the egg fast


If you’re bored with ketchup on eggs, maybe try making a Hollandaise sauce? Butter, egg yolks, a little lemon juice and smidge of vinegar. (You can nix the customary pinch of cayenne, if you’re not into the subtle hint of spice it offers.)
This has become my go-to condiment. It goes on meat, veggies, eggs…whatever.
Its easy to make, and you can store the unused portion in the fridge.
There is less than 1/3 of a gram of carbs per serving, but a little over 7 g of fat.

(Brian) #20

If you get to the point where you want to eliminate the carbs and just get fat and protein, you could look to expand the palate a little and just do something -more like- (notice the “more like”, since the word “carnivore” can imply something more strict than I’m suggesting for some) carnivore for your 3 or 5 or 7 (or whatever) days. You could eat eggs. You could also eat meats of different kinds. You could have fish. You could have poultry. You could have some dairy. You could have cheese. And you would still be either zero carb or quite near it if you were careful with the dairy.

I know, that’s not an “egg fast”. What I would be interested in is what others have found when they’ve compared the two. I’ve never done an egg fast though I’ve had a meal of eggs on occasion. I’ve never gone carnivore though I’ve had more than a few carnivore meals.

(hottie turned hag) #21

Realize though that it’s NOT that eggs are a magic weight loss food per se; egg fast works because it’s hard to eat SO MANY eggs that one consumes far too many cals. It’s also good because eggs are so nutritionally complete and so perfect for keto. Now I’m not stating that all cals are the same as far as how they are utilized by the body, but if one were to eat bacon or steak in the same macro/cal amts as the eggs for a week, I warrant results would be the same.

I will defer to the wiser ones on here if I am wrong on this.

Eggs just makes it super easy to do. I’ve done it and was pleased with results.

(Brian) #22

That’s what I was wondering about in my post.

I remember of hearing Dr. Berry talk about if you don’t know what to eat, just eat steak and eggs. I do love eggs, especially pickled ones, hard boiled ones, scrambled ones, sunny side up… DOH!, mind wandered. LOL. But steak and eggs is a treat at our house! (Funny thing, the steak is usually sous vide for about 3 days, is fork tender and melt in your mouth. It’s hard to have leftovers!)

(Jean) #23

Meat sounds really good . I do
My cauliflower mash

Never made hollandais, sounds wonderful . What are the quantities of the recipe. Example two yokes 2 tablespoon of this etc . Can I blend in food processors or do younhave to drizzle oil with whisking

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #24

I’d be willing to bet that you’re right but I too would defer to the wiser ones . I did a several month bulk over the summer & when it came time to do a mini-cut I stuck to chicken & broccolini (screamingly original of me!). It’s nice enough, nutritious enough but not highly palatable or likely to trigger hedonic eating. Did the job.

(Not a cow) #25

I just finished 3 days, it’s almost 11pm here, I ate a 5 egg bacon and cheese omlette at 5pm and I am still stuffed. I had two eggs earlier at noon to get me through the afternoon. Friday morning will be my big weigh in to see how well I did, and one more day of eggs and bacon will be enough for me this week. I did 8 eggs Monday, 6 eggs Tuesday OMAD, and 7 eggs today 2MAD, and tomorrow will be another OMAD and I’m thinking of doing another 5 egg bacon and cheese omlette, but this time i will add some sour cream on top to help it down :(. Can’t wait for salmon on Friday. :slight_smile: Four days is enough, but I will do it again next week as the monotonous of this process is growing on me. Plus my BG is down from 6.2 Monday night to 5.1 tonight, but still no ketones showing in my blood. Try again tomorrow.

(Not a cow) #26

I agree, I think if you did an almost zero carb week with just meat, it would have the same affect. I like the no thinking meal planning necessary to put out a dinner fit for a KetoKing. Chicken wings and ribs might be a good combination to try it with, a couple of my favourites.