A warning about MCT Oil

(Alex ) #42

another truthism… I’m on my 3rd bottle, and also have the powder on the go too, every time I buy it, I complain about it not doing what it should, but I continue to use it… and then buy more.

Infact, it’s more like 6th bottle, I’ve bought a few mini / travel size ones in the past too.

(Cheryl Hunter) #43

I overdid the MCT this morning and my gut just seized up! The pain was unbelievable!

I finally decided to try to eat and I threw out the rest of my smoothie and BPC. Eating made everything MOVE! As the first poster mentioned, it was epic! I felt like I was prepping for a colonoscopy! I am scared to cough or sneeze. :roll_eyes:

Glad to know all I have to do is cut back a bit on the MCT. I think an intermittent fast is what I need now to keep it all cleaned out.


(Diane) #44


My first laugh of the day. My eyes were watering! Thank you!!

(Tonya) #45

On day two, new to the MCT oil world - friend recommended it so thought I’d give it a try. Yesterday I was a little tooty and well today, stepping to the restroom a lot to expel! Only put 1 teaspoon in morning coffee - should I do 1/2 teaspoon or will this pass and just deal with it for a few days? I think if I got the liquid squirts I would quit - poor thing, so sorry!

(Dina sha) #46

so funny
i am scared now
i am one month in keto diet
i ordered one bottle but did not receive yet


I’d start with the 1/2 teaspoon & work your way up if you’re going to use it.

(Joseph Bagdanov) #48

Hey Doug!

I think some of the confusion about the worth of MCT’s comes when C-12 Lauric Acid is considered to be a Medium Chain Triglyceride. However, C-12 is more appropriately considered a Long Chain rather than a Medium Chain. This is because it does not bypass certain liver function to be absorbed into the body as ketones. Instead, it functions like any other fat, taking up to two hours to be converted into ketones. C-10 and below bypass those processes and uptake as ketones in an expedited process, providing almost instant ketone energy. If you see MCT’s that are a majority C-12, instead of primarily C-10 and C-8, you are certainly just buying expensive Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil would only be considered to be over 50% MCT’s if you include C-12, but I don’t think it should be considered. Coconut Oil only contains a maximum of 15-22% true MCT’s in it and therefore provides a slower uptake of ketones.

All that to be said, I am not arguing with your approach of sticking to natural processes in Keto. There is definitely some credence to not reaching for every supplement out there. Especially since we don’t have enough studies to know the long term effects of any of them.


(Doug) #49

Good information, Joseph, and welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: I normally see coconut oil described as being ~55% MCTs, so excluding the C-12 would make a heck of a difference, as you note.

I’ve never gotten any MCT oil or powder, but don’t really have a grudge against it or anything - it just seems so expensive and broadly - of questionable value, to me. However, it does make some people feel really good, so what the heck?

I’m sitting here with around 100 lbs of fat still to lose, so it’s likely somewhat different for me, i.e. I don’t come up against an energy shortage when existing on my own fat.

(Linda) #51

Since this thread is in humor, I just wanted to share one of the funniest things I’ve ever encountered on the internet. I hope it’s okay to post links like this. It’s not salacious or anything. I’m pretty sure someone will let me know if it isn’t. Be sure to check out post #27. The poet was a genius.



:open_mouth: Omg! No joke! I started Keto today and thought I’d take 2 spoons mct oil along with my coffee today. Lord Jesus this was a very big mistake. Post#27 holly shi… is all I will say. After the I got to a safe zone I had to google this to see what in the world I did wrong. I stumbled across this feed and literally laughed my head off and decided to share with my kids so they could get a few laughs. Make a long story short I had leave work early, literally shi…my britches.


Keep your receipt! Lol
Small dose to start off!

(Devon Reinhardt) #54

So I remember reading about bulletproof coffee in an article and upon further research stumbled up on some Joe Rogan podcasts and eventually Onnit.
I was curious to try so I ordered some MCT oil online and excitedly waited for it to arrive.
The day after it arrived I did my usual morning rituals, doused my coffee with a bit of the oil and dashed out the door.
So at the time I worked about an hour away in Seattle and for most of the trip I was fine but at about 3 blocks away from my work a literal sht storm begins to occur in my stomach. Like lightning pain and audible stomach noises.
I could make out my work in the distance but for anyone who has communted to or through Seattle knows a few blocks can take forever - especially when you’re about to crap yourself.
I was creeping towards my work and I got about a block away before I started panicking and realizing I might not make it. I then pictured myself at work sh
tting myself on the way to the bathroom in from of all my peers and as a knee jerk reaction hopped a curb and ran over by some dumpsters in clear view of the road. Not 10 ft behind me were some shipping dock workers going about their business and I relieved myself NFG beside the dumpsters. I then #1’d out of my #2 for a good 5 minutes.
Lesson learned - always read the directions on supplements before you consume!

(Scott) #55

This is much like race day advice for a half marathon. Don’t ingest anything different on race day without trying it in training first!

I do a about a teaspoon in my first cup of coffee each morning and haven’t had any adverse effects.

(Miro) #56

The first day I tried MCT oil (a tablespoon in my tea) it went thru me very quick.

I worked my way up to that level with teaspoon daily with tea and now I can do a tablespoon without issue.
I read it takes a while for the gut to be able to process it properly so you have to ease yourself into it.

I now cook with ghee butter and coconut oil and have not had the issue come back for about 3 weeks.

But the MCT did clean me out within a day of taking a dose.

(Alan) #57

Today was my first day on MCT by KetoScience or any other. I took a teaspoon to make my bulletproof coffee. About two hours later I did another teaspoon in a cup of coffee. I did all this on an empty stomach then ate two eggs. I was good for a while until about 7 hours. My baby girl and I were headed from town to home, about 3 miles. Felt like a knife in my gut while driving. Needless to say, driver’s seat to feet on the ground changed everything. There was nothing I could do to stop it. Get to the bathroom with minimal collateral damage.

Loved the way it made me feel but I’m just gonna do one teaspoon with my morning coffee and eat or I want be able to leave the house.

(Wendy) #58

I was using MTC 1Tbs. No problems. So decided to amp it up to 2Tbs. OMG! Stomach pains,unbelievable! Ever thought,gee if I could just throw up! Would feel better. Well, after camping out in the bathroom for a few hours. Finally got rid of it. My husband asked well do you feel better?? I said Yeah! It’s out now! Well to say the least. I’m back to Butter in my coffee. Afraid to use MTC, I may ease back to 1Tbs. But will Never use 2Tbs agian. Just a personal experience. May have different effects on everyone? But me NOPE! :grimacing:

(Alan) #59

On my second day, I went back down to 1 teaspoon and butter in my coffee. I also ate some eggs and cheese. Did much better. Gonna stay there for a day or two then go to 2 tsp before stepping to a tablespoon.