A warning about MCT Oil

(Nary L'ecuyer) #21

i had the same issue since i started taking MCT oil. i wasnt sure what was causing it at first but damn felt bad and upset stomach as well. i even put maybe half not even a teaspoon of it and already off the bathroom i go lol. im gonna try nd stop taking it for a few days and see what its like. not been doing normal pooping since than . have you stopped taking it and feeling better? fact that im taking it gives me energy :frowning: so now idk what to take

(Nary L'ecuyer) #22

having the same issue but sadly it does help with energy :frowning: now i gotta find a replacement . idont even put a full teaspoon either and bam already Niagara fall as well! try to stop taking it for a few days and see what happens, thats what im doing i only started taking MCT oil not even for a few days now. and ive noticed how it upsets my stomach too ;/

(Diane) #23

Also, try to take it with food, not on an empty stomach. It helps!

(Michelle Coffey) #24

Hope your poop shoot is better. :tired_face::poop::joy:

(Melinda Shaw) #25

Carbs are just no longer a problem!


I started my first bottle of MCT oil as part of my process to get off dairy while troubleshooting some autoimmune issues. I usually add heavy cream to my coffee and so my process was to replace one tablespoon of cream with one tablespoon of MCT oil and gradually increase it until all I’m adding to my coffee is MCT oil.
The first few days of the abrupt watery stools I thought it was me or an infection but then I noticed a pattern. For me, doing a mix of cream and MCT oil slightly mitigated these effects but going all MCT oil and no cream exacerbated them. Having since scoured the internet land, it seems to be a common problem for most people drinking MCT oil in their coffee because both MCT oil and coffee have a stomach peristalsis and colon relaxing effect on the body.
So if taking MCT oil is important maybe take it with food and/or spread it out through the day.
Personally, I will use coconut oil in my coffee for my dairy-free experiment since I did not have issues with it and also I didn’t experience any wondrous effects of MCT oil over coconut oil.

(Jolene Nicole) #27

I’ve read that if you take the powder it lessens it… sadly this is not the case for me.
I’ve also tried it with Food and nope same thing…
I will say it’s a temp discomfort and I don’t mind the feeling empty feeling lol!