A warning about MCT Oil

(Patrick B.) #1

I got a pretty good giggle out of this. I understand exactly where he’s coming from.

So I built up a tolerance to MCT oil, drank a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of MCT oil every morning… maybe two tablespoons. But my routine changed for a few months, and this afternoon I was heading to a meeting at work and forgot I hadn’t had any MCT oil in a while.

This is where I made a big mistake.

I poured a liberal amount of MCT oil into my coffee and slurped it down to stay awake during the meeting.

About an hour into the meeting my stomach started feeling weird, and I had the sudden urge to shit… badly.

I tried to concentrate on the meeting until I couldn’t hold out any longer, maybe 20 minutes or so and then told my colleague I had another meeting and had to rush off and to let me know if any important developments.

I made a b-line to the toilet and wtf… I literally just pissed liquid out of my butthole, like a lot of liquid. I’m not even talking like just loose diarrhea this was water just gushing out my asshole like high pressure hose pipe.

It wasn’t even a type 7 on the Bristol scale. I don’t even think there is a type of stool on the scale that is straight up water. I’ve honestly never ever seen this in my decades of life on this planet.

Anyway, all day I’ve been busy as fuck at work and I have been to the bathroom to shit my brains out 12 times so far.

It doesn’t even feel like I have anything to shit but I get a weird rumble in my belly and when I sit down just gallons of liquid gush out my asshole. It’s the most toe curling weird feeling I’ve ever had.

It’s so bad that I can’t even go to the gym tonight, I honestly feel like if I tighten my core muscles I’m just going to projectile skitter all over the gym.

Anyway, I always dismissed the whole MCT oil and laxative thing, I thought, yeah maybe it’ll loosen up your stools a little or make you want to poop - but my poor wee butthole is literally red raw from wiping every time I’ve been to the bathroom. I’m sure I probably smell like shit too, I’ve never actually had to wipe my butt cheeks clean before today.

Welp, at least the work days over. I’m heading home to shower and apply some aloe vera to my hoop.

(Amber) #2

All I’m gonna say is I can relate as I’m sure many of us can

(Michelle) #3

ha ha ha. never heard that one before!!

I’ve heard that any more than 2 tbs and MCT oil doesn’t necessarily become “more magical”. Like just 2 tbs per day is all you would ever need. one tbs 6 hours apart to make sure you are getting maximum benefits. I do measure mine. out…

And hey, who says we can’t be a close group without facebook??? Sharing one’s projectile skitter, squatty potty, disaster pants stories DO make you closer, no matter what medium you are using to get your message across.


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(Brad) #5

Aloe to my hoop…:joy::joy: stop it, you’re killing me

(Andrew Anderson) #6

Need keto ice cream chasers!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jacquelyn Graham) #7

Laughing out loud right now. Sorry, not sorry. :joy:

(Stacy Flanery) #8

Omg. I feel your pain bro. I only took 2 tbs mct and oh my lord. Perhaps because it was on am empty stomach? Hopefully the gushing will end



Oh my. Sorry…

Too much coconut oil doesn’t even sit well with me, I’m almost afraid to try MCT.


Gross story.

(Jodi) #11

:joy::joy::joy: omg, that is just to funny.

(Rick Douglas) #12

I totally lost it with uncontrollable laughter when I read his description. REALLY funny guy I gave it to my girlfriend in the coffee and forgot to tell her and no she had never ingested it before so the “gradual” phase in was not implemented and the Bristol Scale 7+ was the result. And thanks, I never knew about that scale so now I have some official scale to measure my stools. Its a good day when you learn something new

(Bunny) #13

Here are some things I noticed personally about the loose stool :poop: issue and the introduction of MCT oil (MCFA’s) into the biome and why this can be temporary (at least for me) when more plant fiber is introduced into the diet in relation to gut flora biome:

  1. :coconut: Quality of MCT oil? Is it unprocessed/unrefined ORGANIC extra virgin?
  1. :broccoli: :seedling:Amount of leafy greens (SCFA’s) in gut flora biome (1:1 ratio) to MCT oil (MCFA’s) and amount of time gut flora biome has adapted to plant fiber?


  1. The Use of Medium-Chain Triglycerides in Gastrointestinal Disorders
  1. Dr. Alyssa Siefert has a tablespoon of unrefined (virgin) coconut oil in her morning coffee, but she is mindful not to exceed a few tablespoons a day unless she is matching this increased LCFA consumption with fiber from whole plant foods, as fiber intake directly correlates with SCFA production in a healthy gut. She also reads labels to ensure she’s consuming organic unrefined (virgin) coconut oil that hasn’t been hydrogenated. …More

(Hoteski) #14

On the plus side … The scales will read a much lower weight after a day of loosing all body water and your intestines must be super clean now with no old food lying around in the gut. Always a positive … Lolol

(Steve ricci ) #15

I don’t respond that way, i drink about 2-3 oz a day but my friend had the same responce with too much.

(Emily S Coakley) #16

Um, yeah. I started using MCT oil powder (instead of coconut oil) when I had my own “event horizon.” I took in morning & really had no reaction for a few hours but then, I did. I made it to the toilet on time, thank God! Or did I? When I finished whatever I just did I stood up to wipe/flush & I saw - WTF?! I didn’t notice this before? OMG. I did that? Took a closer look and, yup - I did that. Maybe I made it half on time bc to my right behind me was quite the Pollock reproduction. Thank you, Jesus for the Windex by the vanity! Several wads of Windex/mess tp flushes later, I emerged. Changed. Shamed.

(Brian) #17

Well I can say I found this thread by Googling what Ive been going through all day today!
I dont even use a full tablespoon in my coffee. And I ate breakfast shortly after that … and within the hour it was Niagara Falls out my rear!
When I started to feel a little better I had a couple drops with my pre-work out drink … and here I am again … in the bathroom!

Does anyone know why this happens? and how to combat it?
To be honest I didnt read this entire thread


I lost some work time because of this stuff. I thought I had a virus.
The bottle now sits in my cabinet in case someone else ever wants it.

(Keto Victory) #19

I would recommend that the hapless MCT-coffee swigger temper his fuel with, say, 2500mg of a random generic Metformin…

(Candy Lind) #20

I’m thinking this just might be the answer to my regularity issues. Will have to test close to facilities at home before taking it on the road, though! LOL! :crazy_face: