A video discussion by the anti-seed-oil gang

(Bob M) #1

One hour, 41 minutes.

If I ever get the time…

(Alec) #2

Listening right now. I thought the intros (first 45 mins) were not that interesting, but at about 45mins in, they start discussing and debating, and it starts getting interesting.

But it is too technical for me, I don’t really understand what they are saying. I don’t follow the key arguments they are putting forward.

One key point though is they are saying that the insulin model of weight gain is not (wholly) correct, and they seem to be arguing that the main cause of weight gain and obesity is PUFAs. They are then debating what the mechanism is that makes PUFAs cause weight gain/obesity.

I didn’t exactly pick up why they were moving on from the insulin model of weight gain. They all seemed totally convinced that PUFAs are really bad, although they do not agree on the mechanisms.

They are saying that carbs are not fattening in themselves, only in the presence of seed oils.