A Sous Vide Primer (how to get started and why with a ketogenic lifestyle)


(Mark Myers) #41

I’ve seen where you put a spoon, fork or a butter knife in the bag to weigh it down helps.

(Richard Morris) #42

I’m planning to design and 3d print some clips with weights that I can clip on the corners of the bag. Maybe not lead though, even though the water doesn’t come into contact with the food.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #43

Mercury? It’s heavy, right? :wink:

(Terry) #44

I’ve been using this Rubbermaid tub with the lid (with a hole cut for Annova) for the past year. To hold the bags down, I place an inverted bowl over the bags before I put the lid on. The lid also works to greatly reduce evaporation.


(Dustin Ewers) #45

I’ve used a butter knife to weigh down my food, but you usually don’t need it for a vacuum sealed food pouch.

You can also use a plate, or something on top.

For lids, some people will use ping pong balls or cling wrap. I just prop a lid on top at an angle. The ping pong balls get dirty and then they’re a pain to clean, so I wouldn’t bother.

(criticalcarecat) #46

I bought this cheap one at target

(Guardian of the bacon) #47

My kids got me an accessory kit for Christmas. It came with some clips for weighting the bags down as well as mini ping pong balls that came in a zippered heavy mesh bag so you can just toss them in the laundry cycle.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #48

@jfricke luvin’ your Guardian of Bacon!

(Guardian of the bacon) #49

Thanks, Every once in a blue moon I have a clever moment. :smirk:

(Genevieve Biggs) #50

Okay. I am going to sous vide (can that be a verb?) some bacon when I get back from vacation. :sunglasses: Thank you!!

(Rebecca) #51

Tonight I sous vide some eggs. I thought an hour is along time to wait for poached eggs but thought I’d give it a go.

I was surprised at how easy they came out of the shells. I found the whites to be a bit underdone and runny but the yolks were just perfect. I ate them just with a bit of salt and OMG they were awesome.



(matt ) #52

I did some steaks last night. Sold as NY strip. Not the best cut. I only had an hour so they were done but not tender. I need to start earlier but the day got away from me.

I did 5 steaks so I used 5 bags… one steak per bag right?


I fit as many steaks in one layer per bag, but I do have a family of 5 to feed. If you wanted some proportioning you can single bag them if needed. A quick warm up bath to like 125F is perfect way to reheat before finishing setps on pre-sous vided steaks.

Water circulation and single layer has worked for me… I just use a bigger bag and fit more in them as needed.

Sous vide magic on tougher cuts needs time… for great steaks (i.e. filet mignon) sous vide magic is uniform temp.

Welcome to the wild side of eggs and sous vide. The math and process for eggs was worked out on serious eats. Some timing and temperatures for different egg consistency here. http://www.seriouseats.com/2013/10/sous-vide-101-all-about-eggs.html (Side note hard boiled eggs… I do the 3 min boil then sous vide to finish… sets the whites better)

(Guardian of the bacon) #54

I did some pork chops the other night that came vac packed 3 to a pouch from the butcher. They were stacked in the pouch. I put them in frozen for 3 hours @ 160F They came out pretty good, maybe a hare over done but still tender and juicy.

Seared them over in Butter on cast iron pan.

(Richard Morris) #55

you can dunk the egg into boiling water for 3 mins and then ice water for 1 min before cooking them in the sousvide and the white will be all set.

(carl) #56

2 hours is better for tighty whities.

(Rebecca) #57

@GeMoose23 thanks for the link who thought there was so much science behind cooking the perfect egg.

(Rebecca) #58

@richard I will give this a try next time. The yolks were perfect in the ones I cooked. I have never been a fan of the whites, until I cooked the eggs this way I never knew they could taste so good.

(Keto Krazy) #59

Forgive me, but I admit I am not a cook, and this is all BRAND new to me. I just got an Instant Pot for Christmas. (Still in the box because it scares me LOL) Can I do sous vide in it? I keep seeing mention of the Anova. I don’t need that too do I?

Thanks in advance! :smile:

(Scott Shillady) #60

All I have are a couple of fry Pans, and a grill and I do just fine. You don’t need an Anova, I just want one really bad. :bacon::honey_pot: