A newbie trying it again

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I am satiated after nearly all my meals. It surprises me every time. I like big portions, especially of healthy food. Now, even when I have meals that end up with quite small portions, the fat seems to just ring that bell. Most of the meat I have been eating is wild meat, deer. That’s pretty high protein and I didn’t think about it. But when I looked at my herring serving, knowing it had a log of (good) fat in there, I thought, wait a minute. I did find a protein profile for herring online and it’s 23g per 100g. So I went with 100g and that looked fine on the plate. But I do just want to check that this is the way I should calculate. And I should probably look at the numbers for deer and other wild meat also.

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The latter, if I’m understanding the question.

For example, if you wanted to eat 100 grams of protein, and and a particular food contains 20 g of protein per 100 g of the food, then you’d need to eat 500 g of the food to get 100 g of protein. If the label gives a portion size other than 100 g, the arithmetic might be a bit trickier, but the principle is the same.

Fish is a bit lower in protein than meat, so it takes a bit more to get an equivalent amount of protein. Most meats contain about 1/4 protein, so you can either multiply the protein desired by 4 to get the correct amount of total grams, or use 7 g protein per ounce as a rule of thumb, if you work in U.S. customary measures.

Also, you don’t need to be that precise with your protein intake, and you may need either more or less than the recommendation. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works best for you.

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Thanks, that was clear. I think I’ve been eating too little protein, not that I’ve felt bad.
It’s funny. I got it with carbs. It’s not the total weight of the vegetable, it’s a percentage. But without really thinking about it I just ignored the idea with proteins. Deer meat is fairly lean, but it’s not close to 100% protein. With eggs I did calculate. Anyway, live and learn.

And good advice about tweaking and finding what’s right for me.



If you think you’ve been eating too little protein, you are probably right. If you ask quite many of us here.
I noticed that “normal” people often have odd ideas about the right amount of protein. Or not, they get some decent minimum but are too afraid of raising it even when that would be way easier and more pleasant (or just realistic like in my case. I CAN’T eat adequate protein, only once in a while, I get HUNGRY, in a bad way and fat doesn’t help. or if it does, I need serious overeating or self-control and tricks, still not realistic for me).