A month into Keto and no weight loss



I have been doing keto for a month and have no lost any weight. I eat the right amount of fats and proteins and carbs from vegetables only. I do take medications and vitamins as well for Lyme Disease and depression. I take vitamins, antibiotics, antidepressants and vitamins. I tried looking up the carb counts on my medications and vitamins and found a site that says there is none in any of them. (Not that I fully believe that). Does anyone have advice for me that will help the weight loss start? Does anyone else treat lyme disease and depression while on keto?

Thank you!

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Age, gender, height, weight? What are the “right amount” numbers?

Can you share what a typical day’s eating looks like - actual foods eaten? Also times of day that you eat, whether or not you are snacking in between, what you are drinking.

Hard to give you any advice or suggestions without knowing more details.

There seem to be plenty of people around here who have or had varying levels of depression.

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Yes @CarrieBrown has.

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I am 39, 180lbs, 5’6’’. The numbers on my app for weight loss are 13g net carbs, 82g fat, 66g protein.

I have been having bullet proof coffee and usually 2 eggs with avocado for breakfast. Today for lunch I ate some ground beef with a bit of cheddar and some brussel sprouts, tonight will be chicken in olive oil with broccoli and zucchini with pesto. For a crunchy snack I have been eating pork rinds. No cheating of any type. I drink a lot of water too, with the occasional LIfe Water 0.

Thank you!

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Sounds like good food choices. I am guessing by the height and weight you are female?

You may be undereating a bit.

I ran your numbers through this one: https://ketokarma.com/keto-calculator/

and it came up with 80g protein, 103g fat, 17g carbs.

If male, then you’d need a bit more.


Sorry, yes, I am female. I will try these numbers instead. Maybe I calculated it wrong. I will check out that calculator too. Thank you.

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I know it may seem counter-intuitive to need to eat MORE to lose weight, but sometimes the body chooses to hang on more tightly if it thinks times are tough.

Overall I like your food choices and it looks healthy to me - good mix of foods.


I find this diet not too hard to follow. Plenty of tasty things!

I will definitely eat more than I have been and see how that goes for me. Somehow my luck husband is losing weight and not tracking anything.

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This is common. It’s easier for men to lose weight, they don’t have to deal with our dreaded hormone imbalances.
You’re eating too little, hang in there.
Weight loss is a side effect of Keto, the main point is to repair internal metabolic damage, you may have a bit of that going on at the moment so it may take a bit longer but stick to the course and come back here when you are feeling discouraged.

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He’s a bloke. Might as well be a different species in terms of weight loss, mostly.


Thank you all, I will hang in there with the diet and take your advice. I appreciate it.


You’ve been eating LC for a month. But have you been in ketosis? If you haven’t measured, you don’t know.

Troubleshooting without data is just guessing. If that’s not working for you, get a glucometer and a ketone meter and measure. Make some changes and measure again. Repeat as often as necessary until you achieve the results you want.

Lastly, ask your doctor if any of the medication that you’re taking can hinder weight loss.

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How often during the day are you snacking on these?

At one month you should be getting close to being fat-adapted. Once your hunger diminishes, stop all in-between meal snacking. Then try skipping a meal several times a week.

You produce insulin every time you eat and that prevents you from being able to access your fat stores. Once you can go longer without eating you should start losing weight.

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Hello and welcome Blackvine.

I will also add that stress and poor sleep can also be counterproductive to weight loss. So try to focus on the positives and don’t obsess with the scale so much. Hopefully, your energy has improved, your bodily inflammation has improved and your cravings for carbs are gone.

Sounds like you just have some really stubborn hormones. We eat poorly for years or decades and it takes patience and time to get those hormones to behave properly.


THIS^ skip a meal. Also, monitor portion size. its ok to be hungry.

All of this is coming from a guy that been KETO since October 20th. start weight was 210. current weight is 199. my weight loss has been SLOW… slower than I would like.

That said, I’m eating great food, am seldom hungry, and feel amazing. Sleeping like a baby, too.

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And look at the non-weight benefits (NSV), as shown here.

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I’m new to this forum, but I’ve been Keto since May 2018. My first month, I lost nothing at all. But I saw that my face and hands were less puffy and I felt more rested, so I kept going. Eight months later and I’ve lost 50 pounds.

Weight loss isn’t linear and it follows it own timelines. Hang in there.

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Hi I started keto in oct of last year and lost nothing. I stopped doing keto this jan. and have been sick ever since. I want to try it again but im discourged because I did it for three months and lost nothing. I don’t know if its my age that my body is going thru menopause. So I was wondering about the keto pill. Has anyone tried it and if that works. I heard it just keeps you awake you can’t sleep. Someone please help me.

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What is the keto pill?