A great Low Carb Recipe Site with great IP recipes!


Saw a recipe from this site posted in a Facebook group. Damn, where has this site been all my life? LOL Some great Indian and Mexican recipes. She has a whole section of just Instant Pot recipes that are not overly complicated.

(Karen) #2

Great site. Bookmarked it.

(roxanna) #3

I’m surprised she’s not on this site. She has an excellent Facebook group (I left my phone at home today but I believe it’s called Two Sleevers). It’s not all keto, it’s more about the instant pot, but I believe she is going to be creating a new keto group as well.

(Georgia) #4

I am going to make the kimchi beef stew recipe (even though I don’t have an Instant Pot). I love Korean flavors and it’s been so cold here recently I need something to warm me up!


Thanks @roxanna, going to look for that facebook page now!

(Candy Lind) #6

I found that one not too long ago. Still going over all her recipes! There’s a comprehensive list of low-carb and keto blog/recipe sites (the 75 most popular) HERE - it’s not free if you want to use this place to follow more than one of the listed blogs, but you can view the list and check them out at your leisure. PLEASE NOTE, these are not all strictly ketogenic blogs, but I keep finding paleo and other low carb sites that have recipes I can use or adapt.

(Candy Lind) #7

I thought of something else this morning to add to this post about “keto” websites. There are a number of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) cooking sites that are also very useful because low-carb cooking is used to treat PCOS symptoms (I’m sure we have PCOS members here). One I like that has some really unique recipes is My PCOS Kitchen. There’s a recipe for Tempura Batter that I intend to try soonest!

(Jane Reed) #8

Great website. Reminds me of my old favorite, Linda’s Low Carb Recipes at http//genaw.com/lowcarb/ where there are hundreds of recipes using common ingredients.

(Asanda Namba) #10

Thanks for sharing these websites ladies.
I was just diagnosed with PCOS and my gynae recommended that I start going on a keto diet.

I have no idea where ti begin and I feel abit overwhelmed with all this newfiynd knowledge. I just want a goid, simple and affordable keto eating plan that I can get started with.