A carnivore day in photos


Breakfast: A simple cheese and bacon omelet.

Lunch: Smoked mackarel with bacon. I would have had two or three more mackarel fillets, but have run out of them.
Dinner: Buttery pork chops

What are your favourite carnivore dishes?


You need to come to our monthly ongoing carnivore thread which is ALL of us carnivores :slight_smile:
we post meals and menu and chat on zc constantly with tons of pics.
come here: MOOvember Carnivore

right now we are eating 'MOO’vember :slight_smile: All we do on this thread is carnivore so join in when ya can!

Serious nice zc food and pic!

I always ‘curl my bacon cheese omelet’ into that ‘omelet form’ and now seeing yours I wonder why I bother :wink: :sunny:

what is wrong with me thru these years HAHA your way is easier!!


Hi Fangs. I think what these photos are reflecting is that I’m not a very good cook. I must confess that as well as taste what really appeals to me about carnivore is the simplicity of the cooking. But then, simple meals, I find, are often the best. Or so I say haha, with my limited cooking repertoire. I will have a look at your Moovember🙂


My dishes usually looks (and are) even simpler than your omelet :smiley: And I can cook (certain things. I never learned lots of “essential” dishes because I never ate them. or I did but once per year at a relative was enough for me) but meat just doesn’t need it.
I only complicate things a bit because

  1. It would be super boring without that and I would quit. And it’s usually not fun with carbs as I don’t want them.
  2. I like cooking, making new recipes, getting some textures rare on carnivore… I cook for my high-carber SO, fortunately so I have some non-carni fun but it’s still not enough. I like to play with not very elaborated but not super simple dishes - when the fancy hits. I really, really appreciate I can just toss some meat into the oven and eggs into a pot or frying pan and have most of my food for days…


Or chucking a gammon joint or five chicken legs into the baking tray and voila - delicious and insanely simple. I doubt I’ll get more adventurous, even at Christmas, so a pork roast and possibly some pork belly if we decide against the lamb ribs, my SO doesn’t like lamb. But I’ll see, I’ve been looking into how to cook lamb ribs. If they’re not too complicated I’ll add them to the Christmas menu, as we’ll have twelve days of Christmas to feast, so will stock up on plenty good carnivore foods🙂