A butter taste test


I did a taste test with three butters from Trader Joe’s the other day. I used Kerrygold, TJ cultured butter, and some really expensive Welsh butter.

Out of three of us sampling them, we all agreed Kerrygold was best, and had some differing opinions on the other two, although all of them were excellent and way better than normal grocery store brands.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #2

Can never go wrong with Kerrygold! I was never a huge butter person, but Kerrygold punches your mouth with flavor, throw a chunk on some minute-bread, ohhhh yeeaaaaaaa. And love Trader Joes, best price around me for sure.

(Guardian of the bacon) #3

Was this a scientific double blind study or simply n=3? :sunglasses:


I actually failed at doing it as double blind. I knew which was which, but the other two people didn’t.

When we tested cocoa powder months back, I did manage to do double blind for that one.

(Liz) #5

I’m a kerrygold fanatic myself…and have you tasted their cheese? My goodness :heart::heart::heart:

(jketoscribe) #6

We did this taste test and actually liked TJ’s organic better. We all thought it tasted fresher. Maybe we got a bad bar if Kerrygold???


Mmmm…yeah, the cheese is great! Surprisingly, Aldi’s recently opened a store near me…and they had Kerrygold 7 oz cheeses for $3.49 each. Four different types to try out. I’d only had the Dublinger and Reserve prior to this.
Was never a cheese person prior to a few months ago. Discovered “raw” Amish milk cheese at a local store. Not bad!