8 days so far

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It’s day 8 of my fast. I began at 95.8 kg, blood sugars 23 am. Today I weighed 90.4 , 11.3 bs am. That’s a loss of 5.4kg while lowering my blood sugars from dangerously high to less high. Still in the damaging zone but not as bad.

For the first few days , my blood sugars dropped a couple of points each day (after the first 48 hours, which is how long it takes for my body to burn through available glucose). Sunday was quite a different matter though.

My mum broke her arm on Saturday night, so I drove her into the hospital. We were there from 9pm till 2am getting her plaster cast. Sunday morning I was back to take her to the hospital, get her cast checked, then after dropping her off , I shopped for her, got her pain meds filled and prepped food for her.

I spent sunday afternoon in a zombie state, so tired, yet too wired to sleep . When I checked my blood sugars, they had risen to 17 ! Despite no food and only the usual coffee, cream and mct oil. Not sure if it was because of the lack of sleep or the stress. Either have bad effects on blood sugar levels, I was disappointed, thought about ending my fast. My daughter I had made guacamole, which I find hard to resist. I kept fasting.

This morning my blood sugars were 11.3. Better than 17 but I had expected another drop. I guess all that time yesterday at 17 meant they didn’t lower. Maybe tomorrow.

I don’t know how long I will continue this fast. Initially I was so angry at my high blood sugars, also so scared because there is evidence indicating that high blood sugars lead to massive covid complications - generally if the patient has blood sugars over 11 at admission. That was me! Actually it still is!

I was thinking I would keep fasting until I hit normal blood sugar levels. Not sure. I don’t know how long that would take and if I would feel ok for that long. This has been the best fast so far and the longest. Usually I stop at 5 days. The trouble with 5 days was my blood sugars wouldn’t drop till day 3. They would look better at day , but then even with careful keto eating over the weekend, I would start fasting on monday only slightly better than the previous monday’s level.

The beauty of the extended fast , is that once I am over the initial few days my blood sugars will drop , as they are given no food to make them rise. I didn’t factor in stress and lack of sleep though!

So, I’d like to weigh 75 kg. I want normal blood sugars of 4-6. Can I fast long enough to make it happen? Not sure, but I am going to try. I will stop fasting if I feel unwell.

Benefits so far of this fast…

Not needing to pee so much at night. Last night I didn’t wake to pee at all, it’s usually 1 - 5 times, affecting my sleep.

Have mostly had energy and stable moods during this fast.


On friday I had a problem with diarrhea. I fixed it with psyllium husks and an electrolyte drink .


I am not doing much. Walking the dog . Tiny bit of slow yoga. That’s it. I think lifting weights would be a good idea, but I haven’t yet.

I am posting this publicly here for support and also advice . Please feel free to suggest something or comment if you spot an issue.

(Susan) #2

I wish you success in your Fast, Kirstin =).

How long are you hoping to go for? It sounds that you are doing very well so far =).

I have done Fasting both ways --only water, black tea and coffee; and the way you are doing it --with the addition of Fats such as the Cream and MCT Oils.

I realize it depends on the person what they are comfortable with. I find I have more resolve when I only do the first way of water/black tea and coffee; instead of adding the fats. I have more cravings when I add any calories into the mix.

I have never done 8 days though; my longest Fast with no calories at all has only been 104 hours (a little over 4 days). If it helps you go longer with adding the Fats, that is great.

Keto, as well as Fasting, is a very personal thing, and I think you are doing great and wish you the best in continuing for as long as you are comfortable with =).

(kirstin) #3

I’m really not sure how long I’ll go. This year I have been really struggling with fasting and keto or low carb eating, too much stress! But it’s working now, so I think I’ll just go as long as I feel well.
I found that fasting without fats I feel weak and shakey, so I break the fast. The mct really helps with energy, brain sharpness and also my blood sugar. Without the mct oil , I noticed my blood sugars stay high throughout the day.

(k) #4

How much of the weight loss would you put down to water and how much to fat.

I’m on 72 hours, thinking of going longer. Once you stop and eat doesn’t most of it comeback?

(kirstin) #5

I find some will usually come back but not all. I suspect about 2 or 3 kilos will be water and only a small amount of fat, but I don’t really care very much about weightloss. It’s the high blood sugars I want to reduce. The weightloss is just a bonus!

(k) #6

Thanks, I’ll have to experiment a little and see what benefits it provides for me. As my goal is weight loss. Also have read about various other benefits such as autophagy. Does it make a difference the longer you go or after a few days are the benefits minimal

(kirstin) #7

It really depends on what your issues are and how much weight you have to lose and how long you have had the weight. I think if you don’t need to go longer, why bother. But some of us have more metabolic derangement and need to go harder.
I am also not worried about autophagy , I think I’m unlikely to trigger it, because I use the fasting aids. When I get to my goal weight, I would like to do some fast for autophagy , using just water and salt, but I am not there yet.
How long have you been doing keto ? How much do you have to lose?

(k) #9

Only current issue is to lose weight 20 pounds and avoid any loose skin in the process. been this weight for the last year, prior to this I lost weight over the previous year or so. Stayed stagnated there. Been on keto for the last few months has kick started the loss again.

(kirstin) #10

That’s awesome that you have started losing again! In your case I’d think about just doing a few shorter fasts on strict water and salt, so you trigger autophagy. But go by how you feel and if it doesn’t work, change it up!

(k) #11

A lort is probably water, some muscle too and fat. Will have to figure out how much of each. Measurements will tell me that, won’t know for a slightly longer period. Exactly wat i have done, 48 and 72 hours on water.No way of knowing if autophagy has been triggered. Does 72s hours do it or do i need to go longer. Will have to see how it feels and change it up like you said if it stops working.

(kirstin) #12

Day 12 weight 89.1, blood sugars 9.6. Longest fast I have ever done and still going!

(kirstin) #13

Stopped at day 13. I have been eating for 3 days so far and my weight has settled at 90.2. That’s a weight loss of 5.6kg, which is nice. I had expected more of a bounce up. I plan to start fasting again in 3 days.

(Laurie) #14

Congratulations on the weight loss.