72 and new to this. Any other seniors to talk to?

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Hi Illana_Rose,
I’m jealous of your ketone levels. I have hit 3.0 one time. Mostly, I stay at 0.5. I’ve lost 60 lbs at that level but had very little relief from migraines which I get 5 to 6 days a week since 2014.
I’m going to ask my PCP for a referral to a nutritional doctor. I also eat a high fat diet. MCT oil in the morning with 2 pecan cookie dough fat bombs. Then for lunch, it is usually a high fat burger with cheese, no bun or just 2 pecan cookie dough fat bombs. Still my ketones stay low.
Well, good luck to you. Best wishes for a happy Ketogenic life.

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@49b85bfc002b74315170 If you want to get your ketones up the most effective way is to get your glucose down. The two are antagonists. At the moment, I’m of the opinion that if you keep glucose low and stable, insulin will also remain low and stable. I’ve come to the conclusion that maintaining low and stable glucose is probably the key to metabolic health. Monitoring glucose is more useful than chasing ketones. Maintaining low and stable glucose will result in ketones taking care of themselves. Generally, as you get better fat adapted, the need for and synthesis of ketones decreases. I’m starting an experiment with a continuous glucose monitor HERE to track what happens.