72 and new to this. Any other seniors to talk to?

(Candi Welsh) #1

I’m not even sure I’m doing this right or if I’m on the right page now. Makes me bite my nails. Anyway. Hello people. Has anyone started this journey as old as I am and had good results?

(Davy) #2

Heh, you’ll probably be talking to Michael, aka amwassil
He’s 74 and an extreme biker. He’s been on Keto for 3 years, starting at age 71. Lot of great advice from him.
Welcome to the forum.

ps I’m the age Colonel Sanders was when he started his chicken thing.

(Susan) #3

Welcome to the forum, Candi =).

I know I welcomed you in the other thread, but it is great that you made your own, (you did a great job, no nail biting needed! hehe), so lots of forum members will see it and can welcome you as well =). The forum has people of all different ages; and it is never too late (or too early) to eat well.

You will find Keto a very exciting new way to eat, and there are many benefits that many of us have found on Keto, besides just the weight loss as well. Some of the Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s) that I have personally had are: lowering my blood pressure so that I didn’t have to go on medications, I haven’t had to use my asthma inhalers almost since started Keto, my skin is soft and not dry at all (including nice elbows! that were very rough before for years), I sleep better, I feel better, I am healthier, my joints have improved, I can go up and down the stairs without feeling that I am going to have a heart attack, (huffing and puffing with chest pains pre-keto), and so far I have lost 57 pounds. I still have over 100 to go, but I already feel so much better then before!

We will all be encouraging you and please feel free to ask any questions you might have along the way, we are all here to help!

I agree that @amwassil is a great guy to offer you advice as well =).

(Candi Welsh) #4

Thank you so much Davy. That is so encouraging. I guess it can be done then. Over the years I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia,hypoglycemia, Hypothyroidism, Osteoporosis and high cholesterol. I refuse to go on statins and have been wondering if this wave eating might be able to reverse or at least stop anymore deterioration. Talking to some my age will be most helpful I’m sure. Don’t get me wrong I love the youngins out there and glean so much from them as well.
This is going to be fun😁

(Candi Welsh) #5

Susan you are so very sweet and encouraging. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly. 50 lbs! Wow that is fantastic. Good for you. So happy to hear how good you are feeling eating this way. Looking forward to hearing more from you😊

(Jane) #6

I’m a 61-yo “youngster” who has been on keto over 2 years now. Lost 40 lbs and maintained the loss for over a year now.

But the weight loss is secondary (even though my primary motivation to start keto) compared to how good I feel, how my joints don’t ache near as much and how much energy I have. I chalked all my aches and pains up to being over 60 and normal aging. Keto turned back the clock a bit for me.

Welcome to the forum!

(John) #7

My older sister is 72. She started last March, at age 71. She is type 2 diabetic. She has reduced her A1C reading from 8.2 to 6.3 in the first 9 months, and though she does not weigh herself, has dropped several clothing sizes. She focuses more on time-restricted eating, following Dr. Fung’s protocols, but is also doing low carb.

Our oldest sister is 76. She does not have diabetes, nor do I. However, she took some of the low-carb lessons to heart, and while not pure keto, has cut back on starches and sugars and has lost over 20 pounds, since August.

I started 16 months ago at age 60, now 62, and have lost 115 pounds, now down to being about 15 pounds into the “overweight” category down from well into “morbidly obese.” My fasting blood glucose tests have gone from 107 before I started, to around 80 to 82. My trigycerides dropped significantly, HDL (good) cholesterol increased, and my LDL cholesterol went DOWN after 1 year enough to where my doctor cut my statin dosage in half.

So never too late to start eating healthy and taking care of yourself better, if you are still alive.

(Davy) #8

Wonderful! that you refuse the poison statins! You’re on the right track here. Just after 2 weeks of Keto, my beginning arthritis went away!
LOT of great advise here on the forum; much better than you’ll get from dr.'s
Great for Jane too! turning back here clock!
Ditto on John’s good advise - ‘never too late’

(bulkbiker) #9

I’ll tag in @amwassil so he knows he’s been mentioned…


I am pushing 70. I went from 320 to 252 since last summer. I feel great. I love the food I eat. I am not hungry. I have energy. I still have 52 pounds to go and I know I will do that, because I am happy with my way of life now. Make sure you don’t eat stuff that you really don’t like. Find all the things that fit in Keto that you really enjoy and eat those. To me, it only works if you enjoy it (and yes, I am a bit of a glutton). You can do it too!


Welcome Candi
I am new to this too. I am 67 - is that too young for you? :smile: I felt about 90 if that helps? But 72 hours into keto and all sorts of ailments I had healed. Looks like I was allergic to grains and didnt know it.I feel much less tired too.
Have lost 5 lbs in 6 weeks. Its a slow process for me but I have to admit I am a couch potato as well.
So what’s wrong with statins?


just turned 58…I do get some senior discounts now LOL

thing is yes you can change always for the best when you drop the junky food and change it up into better eating. All improvements for your body, no doubt about that :slight_smile:

good advice. Make your eating program you want to thrive on fit you personally!

So yea you don’t have to rely on seniors at all for great chat in this forum :slight_smile: We all come from crazy food land and some medical situations we need to change etc. so you are in the right place for sure :slight_smile:

(Scott) #13

58 here and I refuse senior discounts and throw AARP membership letters in the trash. Yeah I am gonna fight this senior thing. Anyway on the statins you should check out David Diamond’s YouTube videos, I think you will be impressed. Welcome aboard!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #14

61, lost 20 pounds and lowered my triglycerides. Welcome!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #15

Yes and yes. I’m a gung ho kind of person. Long ago and far away a nun once told me that anything worth doing was worth doing fanatically. I took her advice. Gets me into trouble once in a while, but overall has worked for me. The only thing I’d add to what’s already been said is: do it and enjoy doing it. Don’t let the ignorant discourage you. They will try. Illegitimis non carborundum. :+1:


throw AARP in the trash, yea I do too but I don’t refuse a discount if offered, I want more money in my pocket for spending on fun adventures LOL

I also am gonna fight the senior thing, but my wallet likes the senior thing HA

too funny :wink:

(Marianne) #17

Are you kidding; geezers rule! We are the new Mod Squad (anyone our age will remember that show). :grin:

I will be 61 next month. Started keto last Feb. at 230, my highest weight, and am now 172. Easiest thing I have done and best thing that I have ever found healthwise. I feel like a new person and have the energy, desire and motivation to do things now and participate in life.

Good luck on your journey. Time passes quickly and soon you have weeks/months under your belt.

(Jane Srygley) #18

Hi Candi! I’m 57 and this board has been AMAZING!!! I’m on some keto groups on facebook but I have to say that this board has been the most helpful to me on my journey.

Ok, I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much info all at once, but as you get the keto thing worked out, I suggest that you look into oxalates as from what I’m learning, they may be at fault for some of your issues. They are from plants, so my best advice to you would be to eat lots of meat! I’m an ex-vegetarian so that feels really weird to write, but I think meat is what humans need to eat more than anything else. If you ever tried Atkins or remember that from years ago, his original diet is the way to go in my opinion. Also don’t try to replace breads and sweets with all the keto-friendly options. That stalled the heck out of my weight loss. Good luck!!!

Here’s a great video that you might find helpful :heart:

(FRANK) #19

Old here too at 63, some success, but still trying to find my way. Suffering from metabolic syndrome and high blood sugar due to elevated insulin levels. Minor psoriasis and also neuropathy in my feet. Not sure I can reverse all this with diet but I’m going to try. Oh, I forgot to mention my employees said they want to see less of me around the office, so I figure I need to lose about 90 pounds. All the folks on these forums are awesome and I love reading the threads.

Mod Squad - coolest dude was Lincoln Hayes.


Love it! Mod Squad was super cool back in the day. :slight_smile: