72 and new to this. Any other seniors to talk to?


just turned 58…I do get some senior discounts now LOL

thing is yes you can change always for the best when you drop the junky food and change it up into better eating. All improvements for your body, no doubt about that :slight_smile:

good advice. Make your eating program you want to thrive on fit you personally!

So yea you don’t have to rely on seniors at all for great chat in this forum :slight_smile: We all come from crazy food land and some medical situations we need to change etc. so you are in the right place for sure :slight_smile:

(Scott) #13

58 here and I refuse senior discounts and throw AARP membership letters in the trash. Yeah I am gonna fight this senior thing. Anyway on the statins you should check out David Diamond’s YouTube videos, I think you will be impressed. Welcome aboard!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #14

61, lost 20 pounds and lowered my triglycerides. Welcome!

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #15

Yes and yes. I’m a gung ho kind of person. Long ago and far away a nun once told me that anything worth doing was worth doing fanatically. I took her advice. Gets me into trouble once in a while, but overall has worked for me. The only thing I’d add to what’s already been said is: do it and enjoy doing it. Don’t let the ignorant discourage you. They will try. Illegitimis non carborundum. :+1:


throw AARP in the trash, yea I do too but I don’t refuse a discount if offered, I want more money in my pocket for spending on fun adventures LOL

I also am gonna fight the senior thing, but my wallet likes the senior thing HA

too funny :wink:

(Marianne) #17

Are you kidding; geezers rule! We are the new Mod Squad (anyone our age will remember that show). :grin:

I will be 61 next month. Started keto last Feb. at 230, my highest weight, and am now 172. Easiest thing I have done and best thing that I have ever found healthwise. I feel like a new person and have the energy, desire and motivation to do things now and participate in life.

Good luck on your journey. Time passes quickly and soon you have weeks/months under your belt.

(Jane Srygley) #18

Hi Candi! I’m 57 and this board has been AMAZING!!! I’m on some keto groups on facebook but I have to say that this board has been the most helpful to me on my journey.

Ok, I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much info all at once, but as you get the keto thing worked out, I suggest that you look into oxalates as from what I’m learning, they may be at fault for some of your issues. They are from plants, so my best advice to you would be to eat lots of meat! I’m an ex-vegetarian so that feels really weird to write, but I think meat is what humans need to eat more than anything else. If you ever tried Atkins or remember that from years ago, his original diet is the way to go in my opinion. Also don’t try to replace breads and sweets with all the keto-friendly options. That stalled the heck out of my weight loss. Good luck!!!

Here’s a great video that you might find helpful :heart:

(FRANK) #19

Old here too at 63, some success, but still trying to find my way. Suffering from metabolic syndrome and high blood sugar due to elevated insulin levels. Minor psoriasis and also neuropathy in my feet. Not sure I can reverse all this with diet but I’m going to try. Oh, I forgot to mention my employees said they want to see less of me around the office, so I figure I need to lose about 90 pounds. All the folks on these forums are awesome and I love reading the threads.

Mod Squad - coolest dude was Lincoln Hayes.


Love it! Mod Squad was super cool back in the day. :slight_smile:

(Mary) #21

Hello Candi! Welcome to this wonderful site. I am a few years younger than you at 64 but like you just starting and unsure if I am doing it right. I started on January 6th. There are so many wonderful people on here that go out of their way to help, encourage and answer questions. All of the information on Keto out there can get confusing so coming here and asking questions is a great help. I am trying hard not to obsess about this (as I usually do) and keep it simple. Good luck to all of us on our new lifestyle journey!

(Marianne) #22

Yeah, I always wanted to be Julie. She was so cool and pencil thin, of course.


(Patricia) #23

Hi, Candi,
Yes, there are other oldies here. I am 67 about to turn 68, been doing keto for over 3 years. I had initial success but have been stalled for a long time. I’m still trying to figure it out. There is also a forum here called keto women over 50. Glad you joined us.

(49b85bfc002b74315170) #24

Hello Candi,
I’m so new here I have been unable to post on my own, so no nail biting needed.
Welcome to the forum!
I’ve been on keto for about 6 months. I’m also a senior just a few years younger. I’m down 54lbs over all. But the biggest issue was all my pants. I’ve lost 4 or 5 inches from my waist and they didn’t fit any more. Thankfully, my wife gave me 2 new pairs of pants (pair meaning 2, but only getting 1?). Welcome!

(Aimee) #25

Your amazing :heart::heart::heart:

(charlie3) #26

I came back to health and fitness in a serious way 2 years ago. 71 years old today. Goal, to be as fit as possible with zero health compromise, and look the part. The recipe is whole food, 40 net grams of carbs, 2 hours daily of low heart rate training (walking and Airdyne) and 90-120 minutes a week of lifting. Helps with sleep to be in retirement mode. I track diet and exercise in Cronometer.

Modern work and food are not health promoting. I believe we are encourged to eat carbs to stretch the food supply for the sake of global trade influence. If most americans demanded low carb there would be less ag commodities to export.

(Annalee Haley) #27

My mother in law is 78 and she reversed her type 2 diabetes and dramatically decreased her cardiac medications with keto. She also decreased her arthritis pain significantly and cleared up her skin conditions.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #28

Interesting. I’ve been keto for 3 years. My arthritis - most noticeable in fingers - and my dry facial skin, especially around my mouth and between/above my eyes, have not improved at all.


Ever tried carnivore for more than a month? Arthritis can be very tricky as even many keto foods trigger it as well.


I am 67 and almost 2 years into keto. Lost 50 lbs, in the first 6 months and have maintained my target weight since. I feel better now, with more energy than I had in my 40s. Am starting to worry that I may outlive my retirement income. :grinning:
Maintenance can be tricky, since I am the only one in my family not eating SAD, but the thought of feeling sick and old again is incentive to stay the course. Fortunately, my body tells me pretty soon when I get careless. And, while it’s never too late to start, age does make the recovery from a lifetime of bad eating harder and longer.

(charlie3) #31

I was addicted to my crappy food. Today I’m addicted to my huge salads, ground chuck, salmon and Ice coffee. I’ve figured out how to make exercise burn 30-40% of total calories with no apparent wear and tear. If everybody was doing this things would be diifferent…