72 and new to this. Any other seniors to talk to?

(Patricia) #23

Hi, Candi,
Yes, there are other oldies here. I am 67 about to turn 68, been doing keto for over 3 years. I had initial success but have been stalled for a long time. I’m still trying to figure it out. There is also a forum here called keto women over 50. Glad you joined us.

(Charles ) #24

Hello Candi,
I’m so new here I have been unable to post on my own, so no nail biting needed.
Welcome to the forum!
I’ve been on keto for about 6 months. I’m also a senior just a few years younger. I’m down 54lbs over all. But the biggest issue was all my pants. I’ve lost 4 or 5 inches from my waist and they didn’t fit any more. Thankfully, my wife gave me 2 new pairs of pants (pair meaning 2, but only getting 1?). Welcome!

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Your amazing :heart::heart::heart:

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I came back to health and fitness in a serious way 2 years ago. 71 years old today. Goal, to be as fit as possible with zero health compromise, and look the part. The recipe is whole food, 40 net grams of carbs, 2 hours daily of low heart rate training (walking and Airdyne) and 90-120 minutes a week of lifting. Helps with sleep to be in retirement mode. I track diet and exercise in Cronometer.

Modern work and food are not health promoting. I believe we are encourged to eat carbs to stretch the food supply for the sake of global trade influence. If most americans demanded low carb there would be less ag commodities to export.

(Annalee Haley) #27

My mother in law is 78 and she reversed her type 2 diabetes and dramatically decreased her cardiac medications with keto. She also decreased her arthritis pain significantly and cleared up her skin conditions.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #28

Interesting. I’ve been keto for 3 years. My arthritis - most noticeable in fingers - and my dry facial skin, especially around my mouth and between/above my eyes, have not improved at all.


Ever tried carnivore for more than a month? Arthritis can be very tricky as even many keto foods trigger it as well.


I am 67 and almost 2 years into keto. Lost 50 lbs, in the first 6 months and have maintained my target weight since. I feel better now, with more energy than I had in my 40s. Am starting to worry that I may outlive my retirement income. :grinning:
Maintenance can be tricky, since I am the only one in my family not eating SAD, but the thought of feeling sick and old again is incentive to stay the course. Fortunately, my body tells me pretty soon when I get careless. And, while it’s never too late to start, age does make the recovery from a lifetime of bad eating harder and longer.

(charlie3) #31

I was addicted to my crappy food. Today I’m addicted to my huge salads, ground chuck, salmon and Ice coffee. I’ve figured out how to make exercise burn 30-40% of total calories with no apparent wear and tear. If everybody was doing this things would be diifferent…


Hi I’m 72 and just starting again after 6 months doing Keto eating last year. Then several months off due to surgery (never got back on.) I lost 40 pounds without even trying during those 6 months and felt good until I developed a parathyroid problem now fixed. Feeling positive about doing it now. Good lifestyle change!

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #33

Just turned 71 ( Jan 15 ) and this is my first post here. I chose my user name with the idea that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

I would describe myself as an accidental Keto’er. I went grain/sugar free a little over 2 years ago after reading " Undoctored " by William Davis. He actually warns of what he believes is the danger of long term ketosis, but my extensive research has convinced me his arguments are without merit in general.

I say accidental Keto’er, because after giving up the seriously bad carbs in my life, I found myself naturally leaning toward an almost carb free diet. I realized I wasn’t eating all those ‘ healthy ‘ fruits and vegetables because I liked the taste, I was eating them because they were supposed to be good for me. I decided there was a clue in there about all those healthy vegetables tasting bitter.

I have slowly lost over 40 pounds, but still feel like I have a few extra pounds of fat to lose. I am small framed and most people say I look really trim, but I know how I look in the mirror ( will maybe share some pics later ) No. Not the one’s in the mirror.:wink:

Before going grain free I had a lot of joint pain, particularly in my hips, along with a diagnosis of osteo-arthritis. After going grain free I am now pain free for all practical purposes. I do not have any medical problems to speak of and feel better over-all than I did thirty years ago.

I ended up here at Ketogenic Forums after following Dr Georgia Ede who in turn led me to Amber O’Hearn. After browsing through the discussions here, I felt it would be a great place to share information with likeminded people.

(Linda) #34

I am 70 and my big sis is 83 and we’ve been keto for about 4 years. I’m down 65 pounds and she’s down 40. My a1c went down to 5.5 and I cut my beta blocker dose in half and my blood pressure and pulse are great now (except when I go to the doctor - heh). It’s slower progress when you are older, but still works. I’ll never get skinny, but I’m happy with myself now.

(Patricia) #35

I have been keto for almost 4 years, but have been struggling lately. I did lose 55 pounds initially, but I was still about 20 to 30 pounds away from my goal. I’m afraid I have gained some of it back, so I need to get back on track.

(Charles ) #36

Hi Amwassil,
I’ve been in ketosis for over a year. I’m going to talk to my PCP to get my ketones up to 3 to 5. My Arthritis is getting hard to live with. Mine is in my neck, back, shoulders and hands. I get migraines from the Arthritis in my neck. I’m hoping the high level of ketones will help my pain level. So far, my results are the same as your results.
Good luck,


HI! I am 67 years old and been keto for only 3 months. As of today I have lost 7 kilos and I am over the moon! I love to eat this way, guiltfree, and have been trying out all sorts of keto recipes. It is delicious and fun. My only downside is that I am one of the few who got the keto rash. This is plaguing me due to the itch although it is not life threatening. They say it can disappear with time, but my case is so severe that I am trying doxycycline as treatment. But rash or no rash- I am not quitting keto! it is like my prayers have finally been answered: to eat yummy foods and loose weight.

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I use a very high fat diet to keep my ketones very high and glucose low and it’s completely controlling my migraines as well as two other severe pain conditions. But I have to keep my fats over 80% of calories. My ketones are in the 3-4 range. Today was 3.4 and yesterday was 3.7.

(Tracy) #39

Michael I’m sure you already know this but I’ve heard that dairy can upset arthritis. Have you ever tried to cut it out of your diet?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #40

Thanks, but it’s not really very bad for me. Mainly in my finger joints and most noticeable in the morning. Being up and about for a couple hours and I hardly notice it. I had it for years prior to keto when I was not eating as much dairy as I do now. Eating more dairy has not made it worse. However, if it progresses to the point of debilitating severity, I would certainly consider dropping dairy to see if that helped.

More of a problem for me is the degenerated disk between my two lowest lumbar vertebrae. That first hit me as a young man in my late 20s. It causes me more pain than anything else by a long shot and also has made me quite inflexible at the waist.

As for the dry skin I recently tried this stuff and in 3 days pretty much cleared it up! I was amazed.

(Charles ) #41

Hi Illana_Rose,
I’m jealous of your ketone levels. I have hit 3.0 one time. Mostly, I stay at 0.5. I’ve lost 60 lbs at that level but had very little relief from migraines which I get 5 to 6 days a week since 2014.
I’m going to ask my PCP for a referral to a nutritional doctor. I also eat a high fat diet. MCT oil in the morning with 2 pecan cookie dough fat bombs. Then for lunch, it is usually a high fat burger with cheese, no bun or just 2 pecan cookie dough fat bombs. Still my ketones stay low.
Well, good luck to you. Best wishes for a happy Ketogenic life.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #42

@49b85bfc002b74315170 If you want to get your ketones up the most effective way is to get your glucose down. The two are antagonists. At the moment, I’m of the opinion that if you keep glucose low and stable, insulin will also remain low and stable. I’ve come to the conclusion that maintaining low and stable glucose is probably the key to metabolic health. Monitoring glucose is more useful than chasing ketones. Maintaining low and stable glucose will result in ketones taking care of themselves. Generally, as you get better fat adapted, the need for and synthesis of ketones decreases. I’m starting an experiment with a continuous glucose monitor HERE to track what happens.