7 days water fasting with black coffee - continue?

(Karle) #1

Hello I am new to fasting. Have tried 7 days now with only water and black coffe.
Every other day have I taken a Multi vitamin, and B vitamins and Magnesium.

I was hungry for 48 hours but third day nothing realy.
after that I only imagined that some Cooked brocolli and some Rib Eye.

The reason I do this is because I want to get rid of any sugar cravinigs I tended to have especially late afternoons and evening and also loose body fat.

starting weight was 105,5 kg (232 lbs) and I am now on 99,5 kg (219 lbs)

I am 42, healthy and somewhat muscular.

How long can I continue without any Doctor check ups?

I would like to weight like I did from age 20-30 when I could and eat anything and lots to.

I am looking to weight 80-84 kg (176-185 lbs)

I was considering to eat for X-mas and then start again but I am on a so good state now I might skip it and continue another week and then I decide again for the yet another and so on

I exercise some jogging 30 minutes a few times a week.

what do you reccon? Any signs I should look for and get some to eat?

BR Karle

(Janelle) #2

You’re going gain a lot of that back when you start eating again. Just fair warning from what I’ve read.

(Karle) #3

I just ate some Himalaya salt, tasted good. I thought for the minerals.
Well I wount quit now and I belive like you said that if I did, I gain most of it right back fairly quick.
I’ll post some updated how it goes

(Jane) #4

Fasting is a great tool for insulin control and weight loss… but it’s not a magic pill. Some want to “fast until they are not fat anymore” because they are impatient and want the weight off NOW!!! Well, who wouldn’t?

Just be careful refeeding when you break it. Your digestive track is asleep right now and sometimes they are cranky when woken up suddenly.

Also, fasting w/o changing eating habits (such as going keto) will not give you the results you want. If you use say, a 2-week fast to transition into keto then I think you will succeed.

(Jane) #5

You can reach that weight but don’t expect to be able to eat like you did at age 25 and keep it off at age 40+!!! :wink:

(Bob M) #6

Personally, I’ve given up on weighing what I used to when I was 20-25 or so. That would be an additional 40 pounds from where I am now (not to mention probably 20+ pounds of muscle mass, which I’m never getting back), and I’ve slowed to scale loss of a few pounds per year. Some people can do it and have done it, but I doubt I’ll get there.)

(Karle) #7

Today was I feeling somewhat weak, last 4 days I forgot to mention, I hade insomnia issues so I only slept 2 hours 2 nights, then about 6 and then 2 again.
I went running 30 min on lunch hours and some weight traning.

Then I went home and bought some Artichokes to cock one of my favorit dishes and made that for the family,
its Rib-Eye Steak with Grilled Artichokes. The smell made me hungry. Then it settled some now so I aint giving in.
Here is how to make the dish, 2 min video.

I plan to only eat strict like that when I am done with this water fasting, I think I might go for the full 40 days.
When it gets tuffer, It motivates me more.

I realy dont want to get back into the sugar addiction ever again.
One other issue was that I drank milk like a calf. 2 liters or half a galon aday usually.
And that alone is alot of calories. But I plan to later drink a smal glas of milk like every other day or so as a treat.

I hope I can sleep later tonight

(Mike W.) #9

You’re gonna want to start SLOW when you start eating again. I would also probably eat real food, not something from a jar.

(Karle) #10

I hear what you say, in these there are no E substances, preservatives or things like that in them.
Another thing I think of is to go straight Carnivore after the fast, Make a ribeye steak and then put it in a blender and eat it with a spoon:-)

(Jane) #11

Not sure why you think you need to purée your food to break your fast. Yuk.

Drink some bone broth and wait 30 minutes. Then a small salad with olive oil and wait and see how you feel. Then some protein once you get hungry. The bone broth and salad should wake up your digestive system. Avoid eggs and nuts.

(kirstin) #12

I broke my 10 day fast by eating a large dill pickle. Waiting 60 mins. Ate a plate of lettuce with lemon juice and olive oil. Waited 60 mins. Ate 1 avocado mashed with garlic and lemon juice. No gastric distress at all, which is something ive had before. I think super simple fresh easy to digest and time in between works best.


Triple Cream Brie sounds good to break a fast. I can’t do extended fasts but I’ve had good results with short eating windows in the evening occasionally.

(Karle) #14

Ahh I love Brie cheese, I might try sallas and avokado, some broccoli,
Today I just made Beef Jerky from Minute Steak.
Like this but with only salt and peppar, olive oil and butter.

I wount brake my fast as I feel now before I reached my goal. For me, when it gets harder it motivates me even more.
But If I start to feel realy weard or ill. I guess I eat some.

(Rahim Miah) #15

Are u still fasting?