69 now, want to tone, and even build with resistance bands

(Denise) #61

my bands are on the way Allie, and I’m going to use your article with pics to get started. I think the bands I got will be fine, some good reviews (seemed honest, not Payed For)

I appreciate everything on this thread and will refer to it often as I start my daily “calendar/exercise diary”. I just happened to find some give-aways of a 2022 Monthly planner on the counter near our mailboxes yesterday. Perfect for putting in a plan.

What I usually do is just start playing with some exercises, and as I go, come up with some sets, and reps. I’m going to do my best to get back here and share my progress, as it will help me be accountable. But I’m thinking of doing a thread to see if that might encourage others like myself that are struggling.

I don’t know yet about a thread, but I will look around the forum and see if anyone has already made a thread that I could just join in on :wink: Thank you much, Denise

PS here is the set I have coming from Amazon

(Bacon is better) #62

I’m not sure what’s wrong with all you people. Don’t you know that resistance is futile? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(I’ll just show myself out. . . .)

(Denise) #63

LOL, ok, that’s funny-scarey :crazy_face:

(Robin) #64

Okay, so yes… we ARE twins… I was just hearing that quote in mind and wondering if I should post it. I’m relieved you did first, so I don’t have to be the one who is embarrassed.

(Pete A) #65

4 years ago I bought a set of 3 for 20 bucks at Walmart.

I used the medium. Til it snapped. Then the heavy til it snapped.

I bought a second set Each one snapped

That said, I will buy another set at some point (I made do without)

(Denise) #66

Wow! I’d feel pretty good if I was strong enough to snap those puppies :smile:

I will have to let folks know how these bands feel/work. I did my body-weight stuff today (3 sets of each w/10 reps) push-offs and squats. I also vacuumed, after moving the furniture around, and then walked Mimmie for 20 minutes out in our Summer weather we are having. I know we are spoiled here on the coast.

I bought the ones with handles, supposed to be squishy-good grip for a bit of arthritis I think it is, in my hands :wink:


You can do some impressive stuff with bands, and you can have a pretty descent amount of resistance with them. I’d recommend Bodylastics, as well as their door mount. When I went 3mo without the gym during the initial covid burst I did everything at home, a lot of it was with bands and did just fine.

You can absolutely build muscle with them, but you really gotta focus on form and time under tension, at some point you will outgrow them though and they’ll become more of a maintenance thing.

(Denise) #68

I appreciate the recommend, and other info. I did order another type, but I’ll see how good I am at sticking with those. I should have them by Monday I’m thinking. If you are use to a gym, and the bands did so well for you at home, that’s encouraging. I don’t know that I’ll keep my gym membership, just depends on how consistent I am :wink: I haven’t been at all so far. I hope I do as I hear such great things about people my age really improving their all-around health. Thank you much, Denise

(Bacon is better) #69

Embarrassed? Why should you (or I) be embarrassed? :grin:

(Robin) #70

At my house, we call that “old man humor”. We crack ourselves up, but rarely get the same reception in a younger crowd. So, now I have to decide either I do not care or I can hold it in. I rarely hold anything in.

(Pete A) #71

I haven’t been to a “gym” for years. I do my gym at home… and out on the trails!

Good luck.

(Denise) #72

sounds good to me, I like doing my exercises whenever, not having to drive, or even get dressed, not necessarily in that order :grin:

(Pete A) #73

This is a daily situation, to overcome this!

(Allie) #74

Yep, me too. Never set foot in a real gym, always trained at home and wouldn’t want to change that now. I get really hot when I’m training and often strip down to my underwear. Can’t see that being popular in a real gym :rofl:

(Robin) #75

Oh, it’s not. trust me. :smirk:

(Pete A) #76

I have been inspired by this video and the “trying”. @Goldengirl52

You can/will get there! :slight_smile:

(Denise) #77

I’m getting my bands today (probably later after noon UPS) Pete, and I will watch your video as well, thanks so much! I didn’t do any “regular” exercises this weekend. I will do my body-weights today, and a me-walk, meaning, not with my Mimmie-dog. She likes to go slow and read all her p-mail :grin:

(Robin) #78

Same. I don’t walk my dog, I walk his nose.

(Pete A) #79

Yes, this video is a motivator.

(Denise) #80

Getting more motivated by the day!! Everyone who recommended stretch-bands gets a star in my book :star:

I am feeling the muscles as if I worked out on a machine at the gym, but much more of my whole arm’s muscles! I am just doing arm-curls but chose to do 20 reps, and 3 sets. I’ve been doing them about a week now, keeping track on my calendar. I tried them 2 days in a row without my pushoffs I normally do with squats as well. I never felt the muscle soreness with the pushoff, well, not as many muscles anyway.

I want to start some leg exercises with the bands as well. I need to take a pic of my arms because I do believe I see a difference already, but mainly when I am flexing during exercise! I’m using the medium band so far and it was too easy I felt doing just 10 reps 3 sets, but the 20 reps is working like a charm!!