69 now, want to tone, and even build with resistance bands

(Denise) #1

…but I’ll be looking for recommends on brands, will they be enough to reach some goals, and do you use the bands only?

First, I am able to use free-weights and the machines at the gym. I’ve done it several times, I just don’t like going down there, rigorous honesty here :wink: I have been walking on a steady basis (2 miles in 30 minutes). But since losing 23 lbs on Keto, and being what I think is a pretty good weight for my body, I can see I could benefit from more muscle, especially upper-body, but I just think muscle building and maintaining as long as possible is so important to all-around health, mind and body.

I live in an apartment, and have to consider neighbors and noise from some equipment I could use at home. The bands are something I am exploring, for now.

Would like to hear from others that use the bands. I guess the main question is, can I build muscle, not just tone? I am small framed, 5’2", and at 116. I’ve been on Keto 13 months, and have my T2s A1c down to 5.8 now, so diet is set in place.

Any input always welcome, oh, and brands of bands, should I decide to go ahead with getting some :wink: edit: I also want to ask if there are any groups here that I might be able to sort of, be accountable with other’s that are working out?

(Bob M) #2

Bands might work, but you could instead do body weight training. Something like this:

And/or this:


Now, some of this uses a pull up bar, but you should be able to buy one of those and install it. If not, is there a park nearby? Or you can get TRX cables or similar:

(Denise) #3

Oh I love Mark Lauren and yes, I did get into that for awhile. I started doing what I call call push-offs as I couldn’t do a pushup at first, and the squats. I have seen an improvement in the muscles of my arms. What about the bands Bob? I don’t want to go anywhere to exercise is the plan. I doubt I could do a pull-up, but maybe after I can do more pushups :wink:

How does a workout with stretch-bands compare to body-weight because I know body-weight is probably had to get the most natural tone and muscle, just imo :wink:

(Bob M) #4

Well, with something like the TRX “bands” I showed, you can put them over a door and do pushups and pull ups. Basically what you do is the higher you go up toward where the bands connect to the door (or wherever they are), the less body weight you are lifting. So, you can get a pretty good workout that’s tailored to your strength.

For instance, I have a similar set but tied into my house’s wood structure. I started “pull ups” (or maybe “rows” is a better term) with a lot of weight on my feet. I got to the point where I was pretty low to the ground. Then, I had to put my feet on a stool, then on a chair, such that I’m now lifting much more of my body weight. (JT in one of his videos points his legs toward the ceiling and lifts his entire body! I’m not near that.)

I think stretchy bands can work too. The TRX system is - while a bit pricey - also a good option.

With all of these, you have to find a place to anchor them.

(Denise) #5

I have that book by the way, it’s excellent! Glad to know someone knows about body-weight exercise :slight_smile:
I have the rowing-machine below, but haven’t been using it lately, I need to find a group to be accountable to. Hoping there might be one here.

I like the look of the bands on amazon link you sent, and thinking about them. Things are pretty sturdy here, and if they connect to the doors, should work fine. Anchor them I’m not sure about. I can do a lot here, which was kind of surprising it being an apartment building. But the most I’ve don’t was put up a wall-mount for my TV. Maintenance men even helped me when I told them I didn’t want to get it crooked :wink:

I’ve seen Mark do those types of pushups, and that’s freaking amazing you’ve built up to that. I there a group of folks here, I mean, I didn’t look yet but are there “groups” for support and accountability? I think I am at a point in my life where I would really join in :slight_smile:

Rowing Machine

That’s the most quiet rowing machine I’ve ever been on, and was so glad since I live in an apt! I can really set the hydraulic to work up a really, good sweat too :wink:

(Ronnie) #6

Dog walking, frenetic house cleaning, ‘energetic work’ at work, DIY…you’d be surprised what keeps you fit.

(Denise) #7

That’s what I do now but I kind of know the issue for me is, it’s not enough, and so far, I’m not good at sticking to a more controlled, or daily routine workout. And I think no matter what I choose to do at home, I’m going to need some accountability partners, just online, so I’ll go check out the site and see if there are any groups.

I really like the TRX, just watched the video of the guy that put it together, it might work for me, but I think I really need a group first. Just hoping there’s one here, or someone can recommend something to me elsewhere. I tried “groups” on myfitnesspal, and they were more inconsistent at showing up online, as I was with my exercise routines :wink:

(Ronnie) #8

I really hope it works out for you- and I’m sure it will!
Keep positive. :slight_smile:

(Denise) #9

thank you Ronnie, I’ll find something to try, I just wish there was one here and they don’t have “groups”. But must be something else “out there” :smile: I am reading about one right now. It always takes time to come to know a few people, easy to talk to etc. I’ve been here just around a year, or less, but everytime I get on here I get to feeling more at home.

I’ll be back to post on what I find, and any equipment I might add. Like I told Bob, I have Mark Lauren’s book yayog which is true. My “gym” needs some work, because even with the little weight I lost, I still got some loose skin goin out, ick, lol :wink: syl and thanks again for the help Ronnie, and @ctviggen!!

(Ronnie) #10

Exclusion of processed foods, with avoidance of carbs…and avoiding/stopping smoking .

This is truth to the quickest way to heathier lifestyle.

(Joey) #11

As @ctviggen notes, body weight training is superb … especially for limited space (apartment) and minimal gear. Bands can be fun, too, as they’re engaging, fairly inexpensive, and easy to pack when you travel.

I’ve gotten great material for crafting my own personalized strength-training program from this outstanding book: “Bodyweight Strength Anatomy” by Bret Contreras.

This book has served me extremely well for 2+ years of regular workouts in the comfort and convenience of my basement exercise room.

Other than adding pair of 10 lb ankle weights, I haven’t really needed much other gear. Well okay, some free weights for additional arm workouts, but that’s optional.

Always start slowly, give your eager self a chance to heal between workout days. Ideally, craft separate zones for different days (e.g., upper day, core day, lower day) and then rotate throughout the week - perhaps every other day do a workout in rotation. You can do some cardio exercise in the interim days, so every day has some kind of exercise and when you return to a strength training zone you’re fully recovered in that muscle group.

Have fun! You got this :fist:

(Denise) #12

yes, sounds good, I’ll check out the book too. Thank you much @SomeGuy I’m focusing on the body-weight before I add anything else, and put together a routine to work each muscle group. I think it’s best for me to have something every day, and I can do my “faster walking” for 3 days in between body-weight exercises. I already do the push-offs, and I can do a few pushups so even though I can only do 5 today, I will try to stick with that until I can do more. I really like the squats, and maybe if I’ll stick with it, I could add some weight.

Now to quit thinking and actually do it :wink:

(Robert) #13

Hope this helps. I have simple resistance bands that allow me to stretch or build strength. They are very good for core strength and full body too. There’s no end to the range of movements you can get from these. Also YouTubed my way to some beginner exercise routines. I travel so they are light - I just take them anywhere, so practical and durable. I bought a set of three that includes light to medium (yellow, green and orange) resistance bands of about 4ft (1.2m) unstretched length. I avoided the ones that come with hard fittings such as clips and straps. Not needed in my view

(Denise) #14

Those sound good to me @Ketokwaka (Robert) Are there numbers or do they just by color? I mean all brands maybe yellow means light? I would like not having anything to hook to a door, at least to start with. That’s such a good point about the range of movements too. Yes, this will help and thank you so much!!

I’m going to go look on Amazon now and see what they have. I’ll come back and put up a pic if I find something like you have. I had a purple one, but I gave it to a neighbor that saw it and said she’d love to have one. I hadn’t used it for quite awhile :wink:

(Denise) #15

These look kind of good to me, what do you think Robert? Or anyone chime in :slight_smile: They have the supposed weight written on them, and some good reviews. I guess there is an attachment to anchor them to a door and the only thing I wonder is how sturdy they are for that price. I don’t know the better brands but can keep looking including “recommended” brands :wink:

Exercise Bands

I love watching videos on “how to” and I see they have all sorts on youtube I see that are for beginners like me :wink: so I’ll try those as well!

(Robert) #16

A photo might be easier. Also apologies but they are more like 6ft (180cm) long, not 4ft like I said before. The numbers don’t mean much since the level of resistance goes as they are stretched!


any bands give resistance and they can go by ‘restistance levels’ on what you buy. Buy light, medium and hard bands, brand truly doesn’t matter, or if wanting to do in home, get a small pair of elastic waist pant and stretch those out to fullness :clown_face:

You are smart to want to tone and build muscle stronger, not a darn thing wrong with that and it can be done in very easy fashion.

I got my bands thru my videos I bought. Leslie Sandone…Walking Off the Pounds and it included 2 sets of resistance bands, been using them things going on over 8 yrs now.

working out is simple as lifting cans of veggies in your hands or stretching out anything like sweat pants to the fullest :slight_smile: :slight_smile: We have alot of bungie cords for strapping thru our lifestyle, I would use those darn things for stretch band resistance easily if needed :rofl: just move and do and ya got it made in the shade doing for yourself! good post on wanting more from yourself!!

(Allie) #18

You can use anything, don’t even need bands. When I started lifting, way back in 2002, I just used whatever was available in the house - cans of beans, bottles of water, whatever. The goal is to challenge your body somehow, what you do to achieve that really isn’t an issue.


yea I am the same, why buy and purchase too much when one can buy food that heals with the other stuff that I probably won’t ever truly need.

Life is daily movement. Survival in walking to hunt, walking to gather water, firewood and more.

Life is JUST MOVEMENT and yet we feel we need this contraption purchased and that contraption purchased…ok just me on this on how I think…lol…

(Denise) #20

I used these in a bit of Physical Therapy I had to do some years ago Robert, they were fine for me then, but I think the handled type will be better on my hands (especially left-hand) because I have some knots and I guess arthritis in the left.

That is interesting about the weight changed :wink: Probably would have never thought of that. It feels like that happens on my rowing machine too, but I didn’t pay much for it. I do get a good workout though it seems, but not the “wow, I have muscles I didn’t know I have” on day after from using machines. Just never used the free-weights enough to know how they’d work.

I think these bands will be good because I’m thinking they would work more on individual muscles, unlike machines that you push or pull a lot with both arms, or both legs. Hope that makes sense.