69 now, want to tone, and even build with resistance bands


Feel free to buddy up with me (I also live in an apartment and work out at 5.30am Weds and 6.30am Thurs, so have to keep the screams of agony to a minimum) or if you find a group on here let me know?
I used to do 3 mornings a week but am currently watching the spends as the cost of living is sky rocketing here (home energy bills, car fuel, food; effing Brexit and effing Covid) but hope to get back to three times a week later in the year.

I’m also quite a fan of Callanetics, but that’s a whole other story……:wink:

(Denise) #42

sounds good, and I can just click the links, no biggie :wink: Yes, I have some, what is supposed to be good, collagen type/brand in cupboard, but I think I felt funny taking it. I can’t remember to be honest. We do get a loss on that I’ve read, so maybe I’ll take another look, maybe try supplement again.

here’s the one I bought, not sure of a lot of opinions on it, been awhile. I used about half of it but still can’t remember what bothered me about it. I also, at one time in the last year, used the Sunflower Lecithin, show a pic of that too. Might have to try that again, I don’t know, not big on supplementing but I don’t think we get all we need from our foods anymore ;(

Collagen Powder
Sunflower Lecithin

I get those sort of recommend from earthclinic. Tons of info, but really nothing like a nice, organized forum :wink:

(Denise) #43

LOL, well, you must be doing something right if there’s that much pain, according to some right :wink:

Those bands in the first link aren’t available right now, but they have some in another brand I found like them :wink:

(Denise) #44

Thanks Ronnie, will do!!

(Ronnie) #45

It costs nothing my friend. :slight_smile:


I used to work in aesthetics and IMO the only way to build collagen is by radiofrequency; some people swear by the drinks etc. but a lot of the practitioners I met said trying to go via the stomach was pretty ineffective. Hey ho, I’ll just age (dis)gracefully :wink:


I guess I was exaggerating a tad, but there is the odd “oof!” and when she says “you got this!” I have been known to reply “well I don’t bloody want it, thanks”
I am not a morning person……

(Denise) #48

That’s what I love most about doing body-weight Ronnie, that and not having to pay a gym, and also, do it anytime of day I want, right at home. I love to do my walks just around on our apartment complex. It’s pretty safe here, and low, light pollution so the stars in the evening are gorgeous :wink: and the air is fresh.

(Ronnie) #49

Sounds great. Sounds like nothing will stop you doing it too!

(Denise) #50

metoo, I know there’s always that thing about absorbtion when it comes to different supplements. I used to take quite a few, but I really think I get quite a lot (maybe even enough) with what I eat. This may sound weird to some, but I sprinkle nutritional yeast, flaxseed, and Chia Seeds on a lot each day, probably only a tsp or two if I added it all up. I also use cinnamon in my coffee, different “little” things that I add into a meal. My water has a purifier on it, and then I add Endure brand of Electrolytes. No issues from any of the above.

(Denise) #51

:sweat_smile: I’m ok, after a few hours, you know, like after afternoon :rofl: I exaggerate too, lol!

(Bacon is better) #52


I fixed 'em for you. Go edit the post and see what I did, then you’ll know. There is a forum tutorial that is supposed to explain this sort of thing, but I never could figure out what they were saying, till I went and quoted someone else’s post. Then I saw what to do, and it made sense.

(Robin) #53

I went in as a true skeptic. I’ve dropped most of my supplements. But after adding collagen about a year ago, there are big changes in nails, hair, my facial wrinkles are less pronounced, and a big “age spot” that was the bain of my vanity’s existence for my entire adult life… just went away.
Poof! Magic! And girl, I don’t mess with magic. I could attribute a lot of my improvements to my diet… but others, not so much.

At this point, I’d be too superstitious to stop taking it. That age spot may be lurking somewhere, just waiting for it’s comeback! LOLOL


I feel that way too. I decided I wouldn’t go into retirement without bouncing back some of my health. Movement is so important. Plus when we get feeling better we do wanna move more, you keep on finding ways to do that for sure!!

Have you checked out Paula B on her 30 day exercise vids?

nice thing is the 30 days is all different with some light weights and more plus she keeps it very very simple. I dont know if you mind doing utube vids or not?

(Allie) #55

@Goldengirl52 I just came across this and thought of you :slightly_smiling_face:


(Robin) #56

Finally went back to the gym yesterday. I felt like a sinner sneaking back into church. Lol. Forgive me, it’s been 2 months! The day I found out we got the house and would be moving, I stopped. That move totally filled up my brain and my days. I’m settled enough to get back, plus could tell I had lost some strength in my arms. No bueno. Feel nice and sore today. I love that.
I still have the rower in the basement and can always go that route, but it’s way to easy for me to procrastinate at home.
I’m trying to remember, Denise… do you go to the gym as well? Or strictly at home? I have a very buff friend who only works out with the bands and he loves them.

(Denise) #57

I will watch @Fangs Thank you so much!

(Denise) #58

Thank you as well @Allie, but when I opened it I saw the first pic/video and my mind’s eye fast-forwarded to the guy laying (knocked out) under the door . If my imagination was a workout, I’d be totally buff :wink:

(Denise) #59

I recently went back to the gym, yes, but now I’ve not been there since, last Friday, and I have no decent excuse ;( I know I feel guilty too when I go back in, lol! I want to change up and just workout from home, but honestly, I’m thinking way too much and doing a lot less.

Congrats on your move and getting settled, and also getting back to your gym! I have a rower as well but it’s gathering dust. Well, today’s another day, and yesterday Mimmie the Dog and I had 2, good walks, and that’s truly all I did other than a bit of the usual house-work. Oh, I did do 2 loads of laundry which luckily, I have to take it all to the laundry room (carrying etc.) and I forgot I took Mimmie to get her nails trimmed. Her inside her crate weigh more than I remembered, and I took the stairs out and coming back instead of the elevator. Just 3 floors worth, but yeah, guess I did a little more than I realized, but not a “real” workout :wink:

(Robin) #60

Sometimes daily life is a workout! :vulcan_salute:t2::vulcan_salute:t2::vulcan_salute:t2: