69 now, want to tone, and even build with resistance bands

(Allie) #81

Well done :grin::heart:

(Denise) #82

Do you know Pete, if Arthur did Keto? He is truly amazing, his journey, and I believe it, but do wonder about his nutrition. Keto or even just low-carb is the only way I ever lost the fat I gained since I quit smoking at 33. I’m 69 now, so nothing truly worked for me.

Nevertheless, this is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever seen, thank you so much!!

(Denise) #83

I’m keeping up with my stretch-bands, and I also have to hand-weights I use for my squats, and triceps. I really love the bands, and I have some before shots I’ll put up with after a few months to see the changes.

Wanted to thank you all again for helping me get started. I do my 2 mile/30 min. walk about 3 or more times a week after dinner, and weight-resistance in the a.m.s about 3 times, or more. Don’t make a schedule or keep track because I seem to do better without the “planning” :wink:

(Robin) #84

Look at you go! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

(Denise) #85

Just an update, I really love my bands, but added something today which I like the easy way to adjust length. We’ll see how it goes when it gets here :wink:

I’ve gained a couple of lbs (was 116, now 118) but not sure it’s the snack of peanuts in the shells, or muscle, hope it’s the latter but I am thinking gaining that much muscle take a lot longer :grin:

I keep thinking about a helmet with face-shield in case one of these puppies break :woozy_face:


I have one that looks like the one in the picture. But at the moment I’m finding the exercises with them not very satisfying. I’ll watch a few videos to get more ideas.

I feel like I did more when I use the dumbbells.

When you use the bands, you pull them really hard? Perhaps I’m not going as hard as one should.

I’m also afraid they fly on my face.

(Robin) #87

LOL… I would worry about that too! Glad you gave us an update! Keep on keeping on.

(Denise) #88

The shorter I make them the harder the resistance. I can’t say I won’t move up to harder/heavier weights but for now this is a good start. I have a few “before” photos of just my arms and mid-section, tummy etc. But not enough progress for show-and-tell yet:grin:

PS it’s hard to see in the pics but that band is sectioned off which I like so I can remember easier, which section I’m at for resistance :wink:

(Denise) #89

I think about it every time I use the ones for a couple of exercises w/door attachment. Never liked getting zapped with a rubber-band:sweat_smile:

(Denise) #90

I’d sure hate to take a chance buying a bungee cord from this company. The Stretch Out Strap doesn’t stretch. Returning it today so beware if you were thinking of getting one :rofl: I’m still smiling I fell for it’s catchy name :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Allie) #91

I don’t think that type is meant to stretch, they’re designed to give you something to brace against so you can hold positions while stretching yourself.

(Denise) #92

Exactly, but the description I read didn’t explain that, or maybe I didn’t read enough of it. I’ll be looking very close the next time I see the words stretch or stretchy :joy:

(Allie) #93

Still a useful thing to use.

(Denise) #94

If someone likes doing (or needs) that sort of thing, I can see the benefits, it’s just not for me right now, maybe at some point I would do one but probably more likely to figure out another way to stretch.