6 days in and confused


This time in is different than last time and I am looking to see if anyone has advice. I did Keto almost 2 years ago and saw satiety and weight loss within the first week which kept me going. I am on day 6 this time and today I woke up hungry and checked my weight. I started out weight wise at 5.2, mid week it was down to 2.0 and today I am back up to 3.6. I don’t understand. I had a stomach virus the week before I started so I can accept that I didn’t have much water weight to shed. And this is only the last number in my weight but I definitely could lose 100+ pounds and still be considered slightly overweight based on the BMI chart. I would consider losing to that weight very healthy for me overall though. The only health conditions I have is elevated BP but not high enough for my doctor to medicate me. I am almost 9 months postpartum but not really breastfeeding significantly. I MIGHT has PCOS but my gyno said she won’t diagnosis it because at large but especially in my case PCOS symptoms can be caused by the excess weight especially since I don’t have certain markers. This time at work this week I noticed I wasn’t having slumps. In fact I’m up and ready to go most days and then feeling energetic until I go to bed. Could I just be thirsty? Did I not eat enough yesterday? I did feel sluggish yesterday but my kids wouldn’t nap so I couldn’t nap either. Eventually I had a snack that was pretty high in sodium and I started feeling better. I do dirty/lazy Keto I guess where I just track my carbs pretty loosely by making sure I’m not eating foods with more than 1g per serving and not eating a lot of those foods. I guess I am just upset and concerned with the hunger and reverse weight loss. Thoughts anyone?

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Are you giving your weight in stones? Because 99% of us don’t know what to tell you without getting into a conversation app. Please use kg. of lbs.

Keto affects us differently as we age than previously, the older we are the slower the response usually. Six days is nothing. You should know if you did keto before that it’s never linear with weight loss. You’re going to go up and down and you should be looking at this from a much longer time perspective. You didn’t gain a bunch of fat in a couple of days, it’s water. Are you being diligent keeping carbs under 20g. net daily?

You say you were dehydrated from being sick, don’t you think you might just be getting your hydration adjusted. Quick drop from being sick, cutting carbs and a bit of a regain in water weight after. You need time to get into ketosis and become fat adapted and have had no fluctuations in weight for 6-8 weeks before you can be considered stalling. :cowboy_hat_face:


Sorry pounds.

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I thought it was in stones because of the small numbers. So I don’t understand what you meant with this,


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Being sick will often raise blood sugars and insulin. That will halt weight loss temporarily. You can only gain or lose so much fat in any peiod of time. Water weight can vary ALOT.

Try to stop thinking in such short terms. It’s a long term lifestyle.

Keep calm, and keto on is a popular phrase for a reason. The idea is “get healthy to lose weight”, NOT “lose weight to get healthy”.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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I think those were her losses maybe?


I did not know this. Thank you.

Everyone else, as for the weight, I was just putting the last number. The first two numbers in my weight don’t really mean a lot. It’s that I went from 5.2 lbs down 2.2 lbs to 2 lbs then back up to 3.6 lbs or whatever. Anyway. I had some pepperoni and cheese this morning, some electrolyte water, and some cheese chips and salsa this morning. Feeling better. I will just see how the next few weeks goes.

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Those are normal fluctuations, weight loss is never linear. 16oz of water weight a pound. Also food amounts in the digestive track can mix things up. You’re doing fine.



She’s saying she weighs 205.2 then 202.2 then 203.2. Or 275.2, 272.2, 273.2, or 465.2, 462.2, 463.2, or 105.2, 102.2, 103.2, or some other pattern like that.

@adorfaru, I understood what you meant, but it’s really hard for people to follow and also pretty meaningless. What your experience might be in the 400s is going to be radically different than in the 100s. If you want some good advice and help, you’ll have better luck if you don’t make people work so hard to understand your situation. Give explicit details on weight, height, age and gender. Exactly how much you have lost over how long. Exactly what your experience was before (where you started, how long you were on keto, what you lost). Specific examples of what you’re eating for a couple of days (including specific quantities and foods at each meal.)

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Day 6: your body is still figuring out what’s happening. Relax, give it time.

You seem stressed. Stress increases insulin. This does not help. Relax.

Salty snack made you feel better? You need more electrolytes.

Hungry? Eat to satiety.

Lazy keto when frustrated you’re not losing weight? Measure the carbs carefully.

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If you started the week with a number ending in 5.2 and ended in 3.6 then you lost weight this week. You can’t look at it every single day unless you are prepared to see ups and downs. If you weigh once a week that may be easier for you to handle. And even then, it may not move, go up a bit and then go down the following week. Remember, fat loss is not exactly in line with weight loss.

You’re on day six. Two lbs in one week is a great start.

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Just enforce a “quiet time”. 1-2 hours in their room when they have to be quiet, naps not required.

I have 4 kids: 8, 5, 2, and 9 months