5 Days in and concerning glucose lvl

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Hello all… I’m currently 62 5-7 and 296… ~ 120 lbs over weight… I used Keto 6 years ago and lost 75 lbs and was feeling amazing like the energizer bunny after a couple of months…We then lost a son to suicided and well… I went back to the std American diet and gained that all back… and added another 30 lbs on… :frowning: I tried a 5-6 times over the last 6 years… but never got past 3 weeks… I’m back and determined this time… 5 days in… more focused on getting better protein in at the right amounts… macros and food are good for the 1st 5 days… only small issues with hunger… I stepped on the scale this am and I’m up 1.5lbs… I’m not super alarmed over that, but it made me wonder and I checked my glucose… It was 175 and surprised me… When I stared 6 years ago I was on the 130s… got down to 100 pretty quickly and within a couple of months was rocking the 80s… FYI Doc said I was pre-diabetic last visit… my meds are for high blood pressure and reflux only at this time…
Should I be overly concerned or just stay the course and let my liver empty ??

Paul in CT

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Hey, another Paul in Connecticut, here.

Be sure to eat enough. Keeping carbs low, getting enough protein, and adding fat to satiety are key. Your insulin needs to drop, which is why restricting carbohydrate is crucial.

Carbs are all made out of glucose molecules arranged in various ways, and all that glucose has to be dealt with by a tremendous insulin response. Not burdening the pancreas with all that glucose is crucial, because once insulin drops, it allows the body to start metabolising fat and producing ketones, which it prevents when high. Eaten in the absence of carbs, protein and fat have minimal effect on insulin.

But the body still hangs on to fat in famine situations, and the signal of famine is restricted calories. So eat to satisfy your hunger, and don’t worry. When the body feels that intake is going to be generous for a while, then it becomes willing to shed excess fat.

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Thank you PaulL… I was at 12 hours when I test this am… and I did show .4 from blood on ketones… I’ll stay the course… and make sure I am on point with your advice… I’ll check my glucose again in a week…

Thank you for responding from CT :slight_smile:



Having lost 130 pounds now, here is my advice: Just count your carbs, strictly. Otherwise, eat as much as you want. Make your body feel it’s in a time of bounty, not deprivation. If your body feels deprived, it will lock in all the fat it can. You will lose your metabolism instead of your weight. Eat, eat plenty of fat. There is always time for watching other things in your diet later, if you are a person who likes counting. But for now, just eat all the eggs and bacon and steaks and chops etc., and heavy cream and dairy you need to feel totally sated. Just watch your carbs - like a hawk.

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This should be on the liner notes of any worthwhile keto book. @velvet summed it up in just a few sentences. :+1:

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Velvet… you should put that on a tee shirt!


Could be way worse than that man, was that fasting? If you don’t grab Metformin to help, but some Dyhydroberberine, works almost as good as Metformin and will help your sugars. It’ll come down.

If the reflux medicine is a PPI though, those things can wreak havoc if you haven’t actually confirmed that you do in fact have high acid levels, because most people with some GERD variant don’t.


I had GERD before Keto. Totally disappeared asap. I even forgot I had it. Used to wake me up at night - ugh.

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You and I are incredibly alike!


The middle of the night throat on fire is the WORST! That’s what got me looking into it, petrifying to take a pill of stomach acid with dinner, but low and behold!

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I am sorry for your loss… Can’t fathom…
Anyways, please find your WHY… Dr. Boz points out that the WHY is what motivates you.
If it’s just to be less fat… It’s NOT that powerful.

Journal about this. What are the Great Whys for doing this? The ones that motivate you?
Spending more active time with your spouse? Doing More! Your upcoming 50 yr High School Reunion (LOL)… I don’t care what it is.

But this is a MENTAL game. Get that right, and it gets easier. If it’s only about you, and a little fat… Who wants to give up COMFORT for that.

Maybe you’ve gotten soft. I HATE the thought of being soft. I will NOT BE SOFT!
The more you can wrap your IDENTITY around the results, the easier the plan is to stick to!

Hoping this helps. Find what works for you.

I secretly do this to impress @robintemplin (But don’t tell her… OR my wife!) LOL!

oh, and have fun!

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I am sure that losing a son puts everything into a whole new perspective. My worst nightmare.
Glad you are here, thanks for sharing and best of luck. Becoming healthy is so good for you… literally and figuratively.
I hope we can help you heal.
You got this!

@CaptainKirk, consider me impressed! lolol
All good points. It’s always an inside job.

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Thank you all for the replies, input, guidance and caring… 7 Days ago my fasted glucose was 175… it is 139 this am… Ketones were .4 and now fasted they are 1.4 giving me a GKI of 5.5. Its a start… the scale has started moving down… only a few lbs but it is moving… I’m focused on getting enough protein and getting 1800-2k calories daily to give me a little deficit…
Thank you everyone !!
Paul in CT

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Our experience is that the right diet trumps calories. A well-formulated ketogenic diet improves the metabolic rate when eaten to satiety, rendering the question of a “deficit” somewhat imprecise. And who wouldn’t want to be able to eat more, and still be in a caloric deficit? The key, as Dr. Stephen Phinney and Prof. Jeff Volek like to say, is that we are not what we eat, we are what our body does with what we eat.