35 days on strict carnivore diet and have crappy results


(Ella Darcy) #62

I haven’t read through the thread, but if you have arthritis/ joint pain, be careful of sausage, pork rinds and such- anything with seasoning that could contain hot peppers, paprika, etc (nightshades). Also coffee (which I know some carnivores drink). Both flare up my shoulder like crazy.

(Andrea) #63

Just to wade in…I’ve had psoriasis for 15+ years. Been in a high dose of vit d3 tablet for 4 months now and it’s completely gone. Definitely worth a try and they’re not too expensive.

(Bob M) #64

For those of us who have been keto for 6.5 years, and already have had massive benefits, why give another diet more than 35 days.

If it doesn’t work in a month, it doesn’t work.


I understand the attitude in the first sentence but the second one isn’t always true.
Keto gave me about zero benefit in the first month. I merely got some weird idea in the first week that I want this but I felt nothing or just barely different until fat adaptation. And I was a healthy one, a messed up body probably may need a very long time. Lots of long term carnivores weren’t happy in their first month either. Carnivore may be instant bliss, one might need weeks or months… As far as I know reading other people’s experiences.
I don’t say it’s advisable to wait after an unsuccessful month, it’s everyone’s own decision, I wouldn’t last for 2 days if I felt unwell under normal circumstances but the chance for things getting better is there. Maybe it’s little, I don’t know but it’s there. A body needs a lot of time to heal sometimes, one even may feel worse first, such things happen. But we usually don’t know if the new woe (not in general as “carnivore” but the exact eating we do) is truly good for us… We have to do decisions based on our little knowledge. It must be especially bad when the body is damaged and/or not communicative enough. Many far from healthy people experiment for many years to find some better woe and probably not a single one will magically solve every problems right away, not even close to that.

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Why change then?

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #67

That’s not necessarily true. In fact, our standard advice is to wait for at least six to eight weeks before giving up on the ketogenic diet, because of the need for fat-adaptation. (Dr. Phinney is on record as stating that his situation is the result not giving up at four weeks on one particular study that he did, early on. Unfortunately, he persisted, and the resulting data drove him down the rabbit hole.)

We have also had plenty of women post on these forums that it took over a month of hormonal re-regulation before they began to see any of the results they were hoping for from a ketogenic diet.

So when people suggest that it takes a certain amount of time to be sure whether a carnivore diet is working or not, it does seem to be a plausible statement, and I could well believe that time to be longer than 30 days.


keto into zero carb is a whole new world. and keto people keep foods that are very disrupting to the body…all those ‘net carbs’ and ‘zero sweetener’ carbs and more…so yea one can take alot longer to gain true benefits from keto to zc than one would think…plus of course just being an individual with their own unique life and more means alot too so adaption into zc/benefits etc can be very long for some when they think "I am keto’ and into zc should be a breeze, it might not ever be that simple.

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I’m new and wanted to know if those effects you speak of take 6 months or is it very individual depending on what your issues are and how long you’ve had them?

(Robin) #70

Everything is individual. It’s amazing we have so much in common, while often having such varied experiences with keto.

(Christian Hirose Romeo Graham/廣瀬 グラハム クリスティン 路美男) #71

I’d just give it a few more weeks, to see any improvements. Have you been taking adequate fat, salt, and electrolytes? Did you play around with intermittent fasting windows and what time of day did you eat? Did you eat lower quality meat? All of them are just some of the factors that can affect the carnivore experience significantly.

(Bob M) #72

I’m still of the opinion that one month is enough.