35 days on strict carnivore diet and have crappy results



yea food can fill a void for sure for many of us. I get this!

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Doctor doesn’t think I need a blood test right now but I can’t hurt myself taking a multivitamin on this diet I assume? I’m eating constant red meat with 4 grams of daily celtic sea salt, thought that was supposed to be so nutritious and stuff…

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If 90 days pass on this diet and I still have all these issues I’m definitely quitting. Half a year for a diet to work is crazy talk, someone in this thread claimed it can take that long. Lmao, f*** that.

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Thank You. The thing is that my testosterone levels are very low and I know this can cause crazy brain fog, anxiety, thinking issues,etc. and my test levels probably are dropping from the rapid weight loss and I’ll feel better once I start maintaining a healthy weight and my levels go back up far past what they were when I was obese.

One thing, that vitamin you told me about “bicarbonate.” Is this something I get at a vitamin shop or is it okay to just use baking soda? It says online that its in baking soda.


It’s not a diet. It’s a reversal from self-abuse.

Reading over your initial post. Seems like protein poisoning also.

Pickling salt is the best salt IMHO but it’s pure sodium chloride unlike other salts which are often contaminated with microplastics and heavy metals.

My sister had psoriasis when she lived in a basement where the furnace has a humidifier which caused the HVAC ducts to be contaminated with mold and releasing mycotoxins. I would definitely check your environment for toxicity.

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If you are losing weight quickly you are obviously using your own body fat for fuel a lot of the time. It’s my understanding that most of us have high amounts of inflammatory omega-6 fats stored in our bodies because of the overconsumption of vegetable and seed oils. It could be that in oxidizing those fats you are continuing to cause the inflammatory side effects that you’re describing. Basically this sucks and there’s no way around it until you stop losing weight, unless the body prioritizes certain fats for fuel. If that’s the case I’m not sure which fats it would prioritize.

I’ve always wondered why the body dumps oxalates on a carnivore diet. I understand that they are released when you are eating a diet low in oxalates, but why is that? They bind to calcium right? What causes calcification? Damage due to inflammation causes calcification, at least in arteries. But why do you stop dumping oxalates after a certain point? Might that point coincide with when you stop losing weight? I also wonder if sometimes the symptoms that are attributed to oxalate dumping are actually caused by the inflammation from burning the omega-6 fatty acids stored in the body. If that’s the case, why don’t people losing weight on other diets not have these symptoms? Maybe it’s because a diet of only meat is lower in antioxidants that might mitigate the oxidative stress caused by the omega-6 fats. Also if you’re eating mainly beef, the fats are going to be longer chain fatty acids which are good in a lot of ways, but create more reactive oxygen species so all of these things combined could lead to the continuation of the symptoms you described. IDK, I wish I had more clarity on the subject.



I remember watching this video from last year. The guy is vegan but makes good scientific videos once in a while.


Junk meat from feedlot animals also bio-accumulates toxins from the crap they add to animal feed. Seed oils are also added to animal feed. :fearful:

White specs on nails are an indication of oxalates.

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I think I’m going to maintain my weight at 190 pounds, it may be a bit heavy, but I need a job, and maintaining my weight will make it so my testosterone levels finally start going up and that should help my mental issues. I understand 190 pounds is still overweight but I have a bit more muscle than average and I love working out so I’ll maintain that weight while gaining muscle and that will make me lose more fat too. I would think going from 240 pounds to 190 would make me gain significant testosterone levels, I hope. The weight loss is definitely slowing down but I seem to eat a lot when I eat chicken. Maybe I’m eating to much idk.


no, carnivore is eat as your body asks. Just eat meat and seafood as you need. Never limit or skimp. Your body WILL adjust and health thru and change. ZC is simple and it truly is if we allow time on plan to allow it all to rebalance and restore and heal. Hold strong :slight_smile:

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I’m getting annoyed though. Why the hell did I lose 30 pounds in the first 30 days and now its been another 14 days after that and I’ve only lost another 5 pounds??

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Because 30 pounds in 30 days is insane. Or mostly water. Real fat loss takes more time than that. 8 pounds a month is fast, but possible. 5 pounds in two weeks is fantastic.

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Wait, didn’t you say you were going back to working out? Does that mean you are feeling better in some way?

As for the weight loss pattern, welcome to the club! There are many of us with that same experience. I’ve not heard anyone give a believable explanation. Are you the one who will figure it out? Fingers crossed!

No, really, I believe that the fast initial weight loss is due to the loss of a lot of inflammation.


I would sleep fast if I was desperate to lose weight and heal. It’s basically eating one small calorie restricted meal a day, sleeping and keeping hydrated. Like bears do in hibernation.

The body only repairs itself during sleep.

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I’m not sure, I mean maybe I could fast by eating nothing but one decent sized 600-700 calorie steak a day combined with butter and 8 grams of sea salt on it, but I’m not sure if I’d wake up with those excruciating calf cramps or not from the lack of nutrition/food. Also I think that would destroy more muscle in my body and make it hard to get my gym gains back but idk if I care at this point. Whatever fixes my mental issues.

Are you also saying that possibly I’m not getting the effects of this diet because my body is still about 40-45 pounds overweight and it can’t heal and be healthy (it can’t get rid of psoriasis, chronic pain, mental issues, acid reflux, bad skin,etc) because its still holding so much excess fat?

Funny, I’m looking for an answer on if I should focus more on maintaining my weight and gaining back testosterone levels to fix my mental issues, or if I need to focus on losing lots more fat for my mental issues, kinda creepy how I’ve been asking God I need help in my life and you come with this fasting answer. I’ve been thinking its consistency of lots of good habits to fix myself, and that’s your name lol.

Its also interesting that I’m thinking about how Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert while the devil tempted him. I’m thinking I’m going to go through the same thing with a complete technology, bad food fast (I’ve been avoiding) along with meditation and 40 days is probably the perfect amount to fast and lose another 30 pounds and be at my goal weight. Freaking weird… I also learned apparently people fast for 40 days in the name of Jesus regularly too. Maybe this is a sign? I hope my paranoia/OCD/delusion isn’t making me see things that aren’t there. :sweat_smile:

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No, I workout when I feel crappy too. Unless I’m sick or feeling ill, not gonna get anyway infected.


it isn’t and won’t ever never ever be an instant gratification of you hitting your goals in a month, a week, 3 months as you hoped…most of our goals are bigger and require real time on plan.

yea we all want this LOL but it ain’t gonna happen.

you gotta think lifestyle change and put in the time to heal internally the damage sugar/processed weirdo chemicals in foods/our mal nutritional state and more and this is no small feat for our bodies actually.

30 lbs is great, you gotta flip to the you are lucky as hell to get that fast and probably cause you had easily more to lose and the body gave up that much, run iwth just that and when it slows down to 2-3-4 lbs. per week, if you are lucky to get even that for a while enjoy the heck out of it…all of that means you are winning the long term game.

Jack, come on now, you know this LOL
You know there is no magic pill or instant gratification.
Life on health change is long term, on its own timeline and you only get out of it for what you put into it…and your body will give up the lbs. and change body composition and gain muscle etc. as it wants, not on your timeline ever :slight_smile: All we can do is play the game and wait and enjoy every small victory and improvement we gain and feel and be grateful you are getting just that. You could be a person who there is truth in ‘too little too late’ to regain their health so…

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Testosterone is made from cholesterol (as are progesterone, vitamin D, and a host of other important chemicals in the body), and a ketogenic diet should be of great help in re-regulating your cholesterol to proper levels. Note that these levels may not make your physician comfortable, but there is actually evidence accumulating to show that higher cholesterol is healthier for us than lower cholesterol. Do a forum search on cholesterol for more information, and also take a look at Dave Feldman’s Web site, www.cholesterol.com.

As we discussed (but I’ll repeat for others), “bicarbonate” is short for “sodium bicarbonate,” which is baking soda. It’s a well-known home remedy for indigestion. It is not to be confused with baking powder, which does indeed contain bicarbonate, but also other ingredients to help a recipe rise. Since I mentioned in an earlier post that acid reflux is actually the result of low stomach acid, not an excess, taking baking soda to relieve the symptoms of reflux is probably counter-productive in the long term. Again, for the benefit of other new forum members, anyone suffering from this condition might try one of the preparations that increase stomach acid, to see if that helps (a forum search on “acid reflux” should yield useful results).

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He’s only 24 so I don’t think ‘too little too late‘ really applies!


opps some type of double post going down LOL


Ohh, that is younger but nowadays, the younger ones can be very sickly physically thru more years of eating crap than us older people who kinda didn’t have alot of crap available in our day, from the crap that is offered out there now…so…??..

Many are physically tore up inside at a younger age. Our food supply has done nothing but get worse and worse thru the eons.

But wishing the OP the best of luck…all we can do is start changes and find ways to get our health better!!