30 days on keto


I can’t thank you all enough here for your help getting me through my first 30 days on the keto diet plan. My shoulder is on the way to a great recovery from a year of calcific tendonitis in which I tried everything short of surgery that didn’t help. I especially want to thank Paul L for putting up with all my questions (I still have more) and all his scientific knowledge. I plan to continue with the diet. Thanks again everyone here. Here’s hoping you all get the results I have.


Paul is stellar on advice, not a doubt about that.

AND your eating the Keto Plan and commitment to change is your being stellar too :slight_smile:

good changes come with time and 30 days in is younger but longer, wow more great benefits to come!

great post and glad you are doing so well! More Keto power to you!

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Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. It will just keep getting better from here!

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We aim to please, and you’re very welcome. Please don’t hesitate to keep asking questions. I’m sure they are questions that others have, too.

More importantly, however, I’m delighted to hear that your tendinitis appears to be improving. That is really good news. Congratulations! :+1:


Thank you. Shoulder is stiff no doubt due to lack of range of motion but the pain that restricted movement is mostly gone. As you say giving it more time. Who knew CHOLESTEROL HEALS and KETO DIET REDUCES INFLAMMATION!!!

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@PaulL, I’m still waiting for you to clear up my tinnitus. :wink:

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And I’m still waiting for keto to make me three inches taller, lol! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m on board with you there Paul 3 " taller and 10lbs lighter


remember too LETTING GO of inflammation from big suger intake also means we have less inflamed joints so key being what am saying and I agree.

to all, less inflammation thru food intake heals SO darn much a ton fast but remember, as we are all individuals it takes time on what is for each of us.

ALSO always remember, real muscle tears and more is physical body hurt and needs real healing like mentioned, IE gone break, real muscle tears and more that can’t help thru dietary should be noted…but ya everyone 'gets that and can’t ‘be cured’ for any of us without med intervtion if it went to that level of real med help required…but darn yea, if one feels SO MUCH better in 30 days, rock it on!!


don’t require that as I am 5’8 which is ‘good for a gal’ but what I would love is world peace and a life centered and and and HAHA

just me LOL want a tad more than height as to how I live but that is me and I get ya…omg what we all WANT for us on a real life timeline ya know, if we all could have what we want, would it center on greatness or hell on earth? hmm. off sugar I think we would do better :exploding_head: but who can guess that way forward.



Also the idea that saturated animal fat and cholesterol has been drummed into our heads since the mid 1960’s is what causes heart attacks and strokes is not only wrong but harmful as the body needs cholesterol to help heal itself. I’m convinced although it did take me awhile to believe this because of all the brainwashing that drs have been hitting us with.

Do you think they’re (drs) trying to kill us or just make us dependent on them and their pills?

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Well, and I probably shouldn’t even make this comment, but I have noticed that a lot of the craziness we notice in the world these days wasn’t widespread until after people started following the dietary guidelines, and our food became so processed. This is a correlation, not causation, obviously, but it does make me wonder. And even if our vastly increased glucose consumption didn’t cause these problems, it certainly appears to have exacerbated things.

I also can’t help wondering if the rise in neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, etc.) isn’t somehow connected, as well.

Lately, I’ve been reading and watching videos about regenerative agriculture, and I am now wondering what would have happened if, instead of moving onto the Great Plains to become monocroppers, American farmers had all become bison ranchers, instead. Suppose the dietary guidelines had been to eat more meat and keep carbs low. Where might we be then?


You can add the increase in Alzheimer’s and Dementia to that list as well.

GMO is NOT good for us


It’s not a secret that cholesterol is vital to our body. Similarly to glucose, it’s so extremely important (and it’s possible to make it from other stuff) that the body manage to produce it for itself even if we eat exactly none. So it’s not essential, the body makes it just fine.

But I for one always ate very much cholesterol :slight_smile: It can’t hurt though I ate it without knowing anything about cholesterol :wink: It is sad that I never got important and true dietary knowledge in school… I had to learn about it all by myself much, much later.

Money is an important reason/motivator but I don’t think scientists and doctors are just evil and greedy, even so-called expert don’t seem to know what is right and healthy… It’s not even simple, we are different. Some things aren’t so hard to figure out but I have no idea why we have these somewhat obviously wrong myths, yeah, probably money is an important reason…


If the body makes cholesterol then it stands to reason cholesterol reducing drugs, statins are more harmful then good.


all of that and literally pure profit in the bank.

plus ‘control the population’ as it grows and keep US ALL sickly and weak and dumb in the brain and dealing with med issues ‘they’ fix with pills…yea I see it…lol

not saying crazy conspiracy but I see it all profit and margin and those who thrive make sure those they don’t want as combants or to thrive are kept down.

again, just me and my view on it.

all from day 1 of history. keep others down to serve those who thrive but those who thrive will never give to those down literally except a tad for keeping them sedate. Like royalty eats meat, peasants got gruel. Pharaohs got meat and good life, workers got beer and wheat. Lords and Earls got pheasant and big livestock and more, subjects to work their lands got veg and bread and never poach for meat on their lands. It is the way and it ain’t over yet ever, times just change in how it goes down.

all a wallet rule now.


Oh when (and where) the Middle Age peasants ate salmon… :heart_eyes: The lords didn’t look at such cheap, easy to get food…
Of course the totally poor ones, not just mere peasants truly ate some grain and pea and whatever they got and just could dream about better stuff, no idea how they survived but people in North Korean deathcamps survive too. they get born there, live for decades and work.
While we health conscious one think a lot about our already not bad diets but we are totally right except when some people truly worry way too much…
There were rich peasants, normal ones and the super poor ones, they got it different.
Sorry I just couldn’t resist. The video about peasants eating salmon, I never could get over that. I used to love salmon. The bears have it nice, the eating part. Other part of their life, I wouldn’t swap. (If I think about, I wouldn’t want to eat only salmon either…)

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Glad keto is helping you. Welcome to this healthy WOE.

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Awesome for you!!! Love to hear this. Paul L. is a treasure on this forum!


And these days they give us once more alcohol and now pot to keep us happy and working and paying them taxes till we die. And only some of us see this the rest just go along with their plans. I’d say that is a conspiracy.