3 weeks into keto and I've just binged on carbs

(Cat Onisko) #1

Hi everyone. I presume this is a common thing to post, so I’m sorry for repeating what so many others have probably said.

I’ve been keto for just over 3 weeks and I’ve been absolutely loving this way of eating. I’ve lost 5 pounds, my appetite is re-regulating, and I generally feel really proud of myself for doing this.

And then… I had a delivery this afternoon and it was the most incredible-looking box of donuts I’ve ever seen in my life. Like, next level. I found out they were a gift from my brother. No reason, he just wanted to send me a gift. I hadn’t told him I was keto, just never got round to explaining it. I kind of wanted my weight loss to tell the story the next time I saw him.

I stared at them periodically for about 2 hours. I was completely torn: my brother had sent me a kind and thoughtful gift, to give me a treat while we’re all still under lockdown (I’m in the UK). I can’t throw them away, he doesn’t earn a lot of money and so it was a really kind thing of him to do. My neighbours are not the best so I can’t give them away. I was so torn.

I ate the bloody donuts. I ate 2 of them (it was a box of 4). Within minutes, I felt dizzy, and I immediately wanted more sugar. I’m not going to lie; they were delicious. I’m sorry. And now my stomach is so bloated and I feel sick.

What’s the best plan of action for me now? It’s 5.30pm now, shall I fast for the rest of the day and into tomorrow? Perhaps until lunch time? I feel too sick to exercise to get rid of the excess glucose. I’m definitely out of ketosis now, there’s no way I could still be in ketosis.

Does this also mean my transition to being fully fat-adapted is all but over and I have to start again?
(something I didn’t consider until after I ate the things…)

I feel stupid for doing this, but equally, I would have felt like such an awful sister if I threw them away. I know some people are going to say ‘you should have thrown them away’, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Seriously, now I’ve done it I could actually cry. I’d done so incredibly well up until this point.

(Edith) #2

When these things happen we usually say, “Don’t beat yourself up. It happens. Just start again right now and tomorrow for breakfast have bacon and eggs.” :grinning:


Just here for support, not to advise. I have gone through some carb binges (planned but not thought out, birthday, holidays etc) and just live with the consequences, which for me includes vomiting and other undesirable gastrointestinal effects. I think for some of us, when we begin keto, these things happen. It is only now, over a year later that I think more of “is it worth how I will feel later?”. Think about the way you physically feel over any guilt and let that move you forward. This can actually help in the future if, the next time you are given this choice (there will be a next time), you think about the physical symptoms. For me, that idea helps keep me on track. Is it worth the physical pain?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #4

No need for angst over 4 doughnuts. You’ll recover soon enough. Thank your brother for his thoughtfulness and tell him to send bacon next time.

(Pete A) #5

Go back to limiting your carbs as soon as you can! It happens

(Cat Onisko) #6

Thank you everyone! After reading so many posts on people having slips, I feel a bit silly for feeling so terrible for eating 2 donuts! I don’t know why, but I thought most people who do keto simply do not ever eat more than 20g carbs ever again! Rather naive on my part to think that everyone else is perfect all the time and I should be too. I’ve fasted since eating the 2 naughty donuts and feel totally fine. I’ll fast until 2pm tomorrow minimum (which is usual for me anyway; I did years of IF before I went keto).
Oh, and I weigh myself each night as well as each morning: not a single ounce of water weight has been added according to tonight’s weigh in! :slight_smile:

Looks like I may have gotten away with it, but I certainly won’t do it again any time soon! My anxiety has been through the roof all day.

Thanks everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

Most, if not all of us, have done it. Some will probably do it again. Congratulations on the first three weeks and 5 lbs. KCKO.

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It’s remarkable to me how much of my eating habits affect me psychologically. Sometimes I think I feel more guilty for having the cravings then when I give into them. Why is that? Is it some weird mental goal I’ve put upon myself that I should never think about eating such things? I don’t know.

I do know that every time I’ve given into the cravings, I’ve bounced back to low carb and I always feel better for it.


I understand being torn, I had a few such times myself (among the very many times I went off keto), it’s quite natural I think. At least the donuts were tasty, it’s bad enough to eat carbs when you don’t even particularly want them but they are there. It’s sad they felt bad but at least it gives you motivation to avoid this in the future, maybe educate your brother a little bit.

I don’t know why people always want to fast when they eat too many carbs. I would need a lot of fatty protein to balance out the carbs but not everyone works that way. I still think just going back to keto is fine, fast only if that comes naturally.

I’ve read several such stories in my life, well, some people did it more epically and with worse consequences (or not, it’s individual). As far as I know, it only makes fat adaptation slower, you don’t start again from the very beginning.

(Butter Withaspoon) #10

Hi Cat, you did a good experiment on yourself with some clear results. You can use this information in the future, and still have a lovely kind brother. I’m actually glad with all the bad feelings you got some genuine enjoyment from trying them!

After I eat something terrible I usually eat something really healthy and good afterwards to put a lid on top of it, instead of going straight to fasting. Somehow this works better for me long term

(Robin) #11

Look at is a blessing. You were able to remember why you NEED to be keto.

(Vic) #12

No no, you’rr good. You lost nothing.

I think I screw up ones a week. Far from perfect :crazy_face:
The 20gr rule is sacred thou, crossing that line would make me beat up myself.

Thanks for the story, it helps me

(Mg ) #13

Why are you upset? We all go though this. We’re not machines we’re human.
I just complained for days to where people were great, but it was getting to be an annoyance. But people still helped because we understand each other. I went back up to 80 to 100 carbs a day. For months after being just above the state of ketosis. Because I was discouraged I couldn’t lose the last 20 pounds. Months I did this.
I decided last month to drop back down to 22-25-30 with low carbs.
Look on here… I couldn’t lose a quarter of a pound. Not one quarter for literally four solid weeks. It just happened 6 off.
Point is, and it’s not popular… I think doing a day of high carbs maybe once every 14 days… Rejumps and restarts the system in a lag. This is NOT for the newcomer. But there have been weak moments for me and everyone.
The trick is… You stop after. That’s where the problem comes in.
You’re not gonna gain anything. Another point of contentious belief on my part.
But you won’t notice it.
UNLESS you don’t get right back on the program.
This is probably why I don’t ever recommend it for those in under a year. Just my own opinion.
After that once a month I see nothing wrong with it. I very rarely if ever do it, but I’ve been known to grab a bag of Frenchs fried onions and toss the entire delicious container on top of my salad.
Big question… Did you jump right back to your program?

(Cat Onisko) #14

I ended up fasting after I ate them (as much as they were delicious, they made me feel so bloated after) so from around 5.30pm last night. I’m still just drinking black coffee this morning and will probably break my fast around 2pm.

Weirdly, I weighed myself this morning, and I’m now the lowest weight I’ve been since starting keto. Another half a pound gone since yesterday! I presume the fast has really helped me.

And I must stress, I’m not T2D, I’m not classed as “obese” (but I am overweight), and all my markers of health are so far completely fine.
I presume this would have affected someone else in a much different way, but like I say, I think I may have gotten away with it this time.

I’ll break my fast at lunch time with my usual 3-egg omelette with a tonne of cheese on top, with a side of spinach and sauteed mushrooms cooked in garlic and butter.

Back to it!!

I haven’t tested my ketone levels this morning, as I think it’s fair to say I probably am not back into ketosis so suddenly. I’ll check them in the afternoon though and see what’s occuring!

(Mg ) #15

Good job!!! See! You’re able! So much of this is mental.
I have done intermediate fasting for years. I can’t eat any other way now. I get sick to my stomach.
I feed around 5-6 pm with a small snack. I have now incorporated yeast into my lifestyle. Game changer with deserts is all I can say! I just made these. Gave em to friends who think keto food sucks. Didn’t tell em… They were shocked! These are I believe 3-4 carbs WITH the orange icing /glaze and let me tell you… I do not need anything with sugar now. This right here and yeast have brought me back to life. I have people wanting to buy my products now. Too time consuming however yeast has changed my life. It is possible to have it all on this lifestyle. You won’t ever need donuts again.

(Mg ) #16

When I want turkey bacon sandwich or ham and swiss with spinach and tomatoes and thin sliced avocado I made a dozen of these with yeast, and thicker… Cut em in half and make sandwiches. I did these for a party. Made 120 dollars for 12 sandwiches. Huge hit. This is what they look like after you make them

(Cat Onisko) #17

Oh my goodness, these both look incredible!

Are these recipes in the recipes section of the forum???

(Mg ) #18

Gonna link em honey! Yeast is magic! People don’t think you can. But… You can with coconut and almond flour, yes you can and it’s easy and DELICIOUS and they turn out beautiful as you can see. The sandwiches… On the pretzel bread… I had women after that party stopping me asking me to cater a low carb brunch… Willing to pay me a ton of money too. I can’t, I work but yeast is a game changer. I’ll link it when I’m at work for you

(Cat Onisko) #19

Thank you so much! I listened to one of the 2KetoDudes podcasts where they talked about making bagels with yeast, so it must work really well!
And I used to bake aaaaall the time before keto so it will be great to bake again!

(Mg ) #20