3 weeks into keto and I've just binged on carbs

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These are amazing with melted cheese or made thicker for sandwiches. Just make sure you let em rest after you create and roll them. This way they get soft and chewy. Another thing… Sift your almond flour. It doesn’t say too, but it just brings a lot of fluff to them. When I’m making sandwiches with them, I top them with grated real Parmesan cheese, I add in oregano, a touch of garlic powder, and thyme… It’s not in the recipe but it’s the wow factor. I have tons you need a recipe with yeast let me know. Best of luck and good job! I love baking too

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Amazing, thank you so much! I’ll give these a go when I’m feeling fancy :wink:

Also, I’ve just tested my ketone levels and I’m back in ketosis already! Only trace amounts (ketostix), but still! So that’s 19 hours after eating the donuts. Not bad!

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THERE YA GO! fierce warrior Queen! You got this!

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I’ve got this, you’ve got this… we’ve got this!!
I’ve never used forums before in my life, but my goodness this place is such a friendly supportive place isn’t it!
Thank you so much xx

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@cateli I’m glad you were able to quit at 2 donuts. Don’t beat yourself up, but please proceed with caution. Some years ago I lost 50 pounds on Atkins in less than a year. Then it was Christmas. I did fine at dinner, but then I felt pressured to eat one piece of pie. I didn’t have to give in, but I did.

What followed was 15 years of struggling with overeating, overweight, and yo-yo dieting.

I think many others have similar stories. They also have various ways of dealing with temptation, social pressure, and so on. We all need to figure out what works for us.

Perhaps you can thank your brother, then tell him that you’re going to start eating differently, so please no more lovely donuts. You’ll still face challenges with other people and situations though. I wish you all the best with this.

I’m lucky – grains and other plant foods cause abdominal pain, and I really can’t eat non-keto foods any more. That’s actually the reason I started doing keto again a few months ago. I wish I’d had a strict definition of “I can’t” before that. But the social and psychological part can be a real puzzle.

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Maybe. Or maybe the “Croissant Diet”? Calling @ctviggen.


yea you are ok. new we all have failure days but learn from it.

this will happen again or you make it not happen, as in make sure you call your bro and say, send bacon and not sugar LOL and it is time for you to PLAN ABOUT social times and more.

we all had to deal with this and change our mindset on that your eating the way you want for health HAS TO trump ‘granny’s perfect pie you always eat’ or some other thing we associate with food.

have some planning and start thinking about future what ifs. You can ‘only cheat’ so much truly til ya give up and won’t bother trying anymore so plan, learn and change like all of us did :slight_smile: You are fine! Just move forward :slight_smile:

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Please don’t beat yourself up. You have done well and will continue to do well. Consider it as reinforcement of the insidious nature of food addiction. It is very real, however, it’s taken me over fifty years to give it the respect it is due. Sometimes I find myself thinking about the foods I used to love. I don’t entertain it long, however, because I know exactly where that one bite is going to take me and the horrible feeling afterward when all you have is the guilt and despondency about having given in and not having control over what you eat or how much. Don’t fast or do anything different except return to your regular keto way of eating. You don’t want to return to “purging” (i.e. fasting, skipping meals, etc.) to remediate the slip.

If it were me, I’d probably have eaten the four donuts and then gone out and indulged in all my binge foods. Be thankful that you stopped before it got really bad.

Keto is a journey with hills and valleys. Sometimes s*&^ happens. Those are the times where you need to be gentle with yourself and just get back up on that horse.

So glad you are discovering the miracle of keto!


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If you do a search on these forums, you will find plenty of posts from people in your situation. At three weeks into the diet, what you’ve done is delayed your fat-adaptation by several days, so long as you return to ketogenic eating. In the long term, that’s not all that big a deal. On the other hand, if you continue to binge, . . . . :frowning:

You are in the situation of a sober alcoholic to whom someone has given a bottle of Dom Perignon. The smart sober alcoholic pours the bottle down the drain. The not-so-smart alcoholic is no longer sober.


yea so agree in that at some point we can’t ‘eat for others’ or ‘because of others’ in any way. When handled any food like donuts or whatever :slight_smile: we have to run it under the water in the sink and THEN put it in the garbage…yea I put something in the garbage and since it was wrapped and OK dragged it back out LOL----yes me was nasty a few times back in the day----so what I learned to do, any food confront I ran it under water and destroyed it and then into the garbage. What worked for me.

We have only ourselves to blame…not truly blame cause I hate that word, but we must take the bull by the horns sometimes in big degrees to change our mindset and get the results we desire and eat the plan/hold our eating plan as we desire!


It happens, you burn them off and keep on going. Not a big deal.

Nope, fat adaptation comes from constantly being fueled by fat more than carbs, refilling the tank here and there doesn’t effect that. Many go completely paranoid over being “kicked out” of ketosis. Unless you’re managing a medical condition with keto, meaning one that everything goes to hell without it, then it doesn’t matter. You burn off the carbs and back into ketosis you go. Really not a big deal, besides it was TWO donuts! I’d eat those while picking the rest of the dozen to eat. You’re punishing yourself too harshly for nothing.