3 weeks in, 7lb dropped!

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Not that I am complaining at all, the thing is I only really want to drop 14lb, I’m 5’9” and now weigh 10st 6lb am I losing too fast? I feel like I’m eating so much food but I run 5k 3-4 times a week, which is impacting on my carb intake. This isn’t a quick fix diet anymore, the benefits I have experienced beyond weight loss have been so positive that I see me sticking with this as my way of life. An food tips from others who run but eat without knocking yourselves out of Ketosis would be really appreciated TIA
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Welcome to the family:). This is normal. In the beginning keep the carbs low, avoid snacking and processed food.
I know weight is the focus of a lot of people but you will find you feel (and are) much more heathy with this WOE it will help stick with it.
Good luck!

(Amanda) #3

I feel great, I just don’t have much of an appetite and I’m worried I’m not getting enough carbs for my lifestyle.

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You don’t have to worry about losing too quickly. When you switch to into ketosis, most people lose 5-10lbs in water weight, so actual fat loss during the past few weeks was probably a pound or two. Frequent exercise like running will also help in slowing the rate of fat loss by increasing appetite for many people, often in excess of the actual energy expenditure.

I don’t run, but I do lift weights. On lifting days I frequently eat between 4000kcals and 5000kcals. I keep carbs under 10g by focusing on high fat foods like hamburger, heavy cream, cheese, herring, etc.

One guideline to bear in mind is that although the rule of thumb is 20g carbs/day, it’s more accurate to say that carbs should be under 5% of calories. If you’re eating 3000kcals on a running day, 5% would be 150kcals, which is 37.5g carbs. I’m not suggesting that you should intentionally eat that many carbs, just that you have a little more leeway on high calorie training days.

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Google Phinney Volek and “endurance”. They’ve done a lot of research on ultra marathoners and iron man athletes who eat keto to gain a competitive advantage in their sports. Some of the journal articles are fascinating. It takes a while to get properly fat adapted though. If you’re training harder than these guys, you should find a new coach!

This article quantifying the fat metabolism of endurance athletes was really eye-opening:

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Your body doesn’t need any carbs, so 0 would be enough =).

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Your body is responding to the right diet. Keep going.