3 itsy bitsy pounds lost in approx 3-4 weeks


No sports. Couch potato. No IF. Eating twice a day ( as was my usual habit before keto.)
Would I like it to go faster? Sure. But I am no fitness club fan. Ate well during Xmas… and every day. Feel full and satisfied most of all. No *cardboard" lean and mean foods. My food tastes good! All I know is that if this continues, I must be doing something right? All foods are keto. Even my Xmas dessert was keto. I guess I am adjusting and figuring out where my achilles heels are. Sometimes I have almond milk milkshakes with cocoa and sweetener when I crave chocolate. I am usually only maybe 300-400 calories under my “cronometer” estimate of daily limit. I doubted keto was working for a while, but I guess another pound down is proof that it does work. Patience.
Anybody else taking it slow?
I also heard of a man who only started to lose kilos like a waterfall after three months. Whats up with that?

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Not on purpose, but yes. I lost 30 scale lbs within the first 4-5 months, and nothing since. I’ve been doing keto since Sept '18. I have lost inches, though and my size continues to get smaller, even if the scale doesn’t reflect change and if that means I’m increasing muscle mass or have stronger bones, I’m okay with that.

Great job sticking to all keto during the holiday festivities. You’re a stronger human than me. :rofl:


Do you notice it in your clothes size? I mean- if not on the scale- has your pants size gotten smaller? Just trying to grasp…

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Absolutely! I have had to step down in bra size (I’ll admit, I’m into sports bras now for comfort and laziness) a number of times. I have a bag of too big ones in the closet. Same with undies and pants (admittedly, I’m a stretchy pants wearer, leggings with dresses mostly but actually now I wear stretch jeans for the first time in a decade, with t shirts that don’t cover my butt!).

A lot of women have commented that while the scale didn’t move they had positive body composition changes. Fortunately, this is where I’ve been. So the scale can shove it (sort of.) :grin:

I just measured. I’ve lost 4 inches off my chest, 4 off my hips, 3 off my waist. It’s not the most amazing progress, but it’s telling a different story than the scale which is dead and stuck at 210, so that’s why I bring it up.


First off – “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

It takes time to lose (or gain) a pound of fat (or muscle). Any short-term fluctuation in weight is typically a simple change in water weight or digestive tract contents.

People starting keto can lose a lot of water weight early on because as glycogen stores dwindle, the water bound to the glycogen is released.

Later on, there can be a whoosh effect, as shown by this over-simplified graphic:


i would love to wear jeans again. I have ALL sizes in my closet. LOL


No, not really comparing with gnashed teeth. More trying to find out if I am doing anything wrong. And it is always exhilarating when you hear how the pounds drop off people. I get a real kick out of the before and after pictures. I get worried though, because I don’t go to the gym. When you start out on this journey, at least for me, you can be unsure, because it is so mind blowing to eat such fatty foods and lose weight.
So if I understand the diagram right, the fat in the cell dissolves and is replaced by water. Then at one point later in the process, the cell lets go of all that water and collapses. I thought all the water weight is lost at the beginning. So you can actually burn fat and the cell remains the same size. Thats interesting and new. Hmmmm…

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You will.

The fact that you feel so satisfied by what you are eating is very positive for your success. It’s so much easier to stay on keto when you enjoy your food, aren’t hungry or feeling “deprived,” and don’t crave the things we used to eat. I really enjoy eating keto; I think the food my husband and I eat is rich and delicious.

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I detest exercise, especially cardio. You don’t have to exercise, unless you want to.

I didn’t do any exercise except maybe some gardening for eight months. For a couple of months now, I’ve started to go to Planet Fitness about two times a week for the 30-minute workout. I don’t do the stepping (because I don’t like it), and will do two circuits of the weights instead. I do like lifting weights, and 30 minutes - piece of cake - and then it’s done and I feel better.


Who knows what can change…hey?

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I was an avid yoga lover and attended 3 classes a week for 3 years before keto and stayed a nice tight size 14/16. It wasnt until I changed my diet that the weight started peeling off.
My 1st month I lost 4 pounds. That’s all. Then the inches started coming off. Most times I would see inches lost when scale didnt move.
So dont get discouraged, any weight loss is healthy for us. We didnt gain it overnight and we wont lose it that way either. Hang in there, you will see results!


Thanks MommyJill - those are very encouraging words!