21 Day Fast Journey

(Charmaine) #1

I wasn’t sure were to post about this over here, so I’m starting a thread to share about my 21 Day fast endeavor. If I need to move it someone let me know.

Anyhoo… I’m on day 5 and this is my bp reading! I’m so excited because I’m the past when fasting my bp would go all wonky, but so far it’s been behaving. I really feel like I’m making bigger progress. I’m not weighing myself on a set schedule, but so far I’m down 2.2lbs and my lowest bg reading from today was 70mg/dL. I’ve had fat, and this morning I did my first official bpc - why had I waited so long for that??? :hushed:

#KCKO y’all!

(Tom Seest) #2

Cool. Water fast? Fat? Whatever? How is it going?

(Charmaine) #3

Mostly water, but I’ve had some fat. Tomorrow I’m going to test out a strength training workout to see how I fair. I’m prepared with plenty of fat and electrolytes!

To my surprise, I’m not hungry like I thought I’d be - not like some of the previous fasts. I’m really good. Initially, there was the want to eat. But that is starting to wane the more comfortable I get with not eating and saying no.

(Tom Seest) #4

You got it…

(Charmaine) #5

Thank you, Tom! :blush:

(dawn.hakala) #6

Good idea…I found you!! Lolol
Didn’t know where, or IF there was a fasting thread… Now I can join us here too :smirk:

(Charmaine) #7

We’re here now!

(Charmaine) #8

Day 6 is underway for me. Did a strength training workout this morning, and I’m fine energy wise even though I’ve been up since like a quarter to 2am. I do feel quite focused, no hunger now, just a little after my workout - so I had a dill pickle spear, kraut, and tea with butter/coconut oil. I’ve had more tea with a little cream and have been sipping on seltzer water fixed up with lemon & orange extracts with red wine vinegar. I did bring some rendered bacon fat to make broth, which I may have to have later, but so far so good.

My workout was pretty productive; I even did some assisted pull ups and an extra set on the bench press (slow reps) in addition to my regular pause rep sets @ 120lbs. There was also 35 minutes of light cardio (heart rate under 140).

(Tom Seest) #9

Great choices @Charmaine

(Charmaine) #10

Thanks, Tom!

(Kathy Meyer) #11

This is great. I’m having trouble getting my blood pressure normalized, and I’m hoping the final 50 pounds will do it. I regularly fast 3-5 days, but am thinking of doing a longer one next year. This is good inspiration.

(Charmaine) #12

Doing a longer fast next year will give you time to prep for it! Like you can add a day or two to your fast each month.

Happy to help inspire you and give you some hope!


I’m so interested in these longer fasts. It just sounds so hardcore! @Charmaine, how long have you fasted before? What are your reasons for doing a longer fast?

(Charmaine) #14

Day 7 has begun and on quite an amazing note too! I ~killed~ it in the gym. I had a solid 8 hours of sleep and was ready to do some work. Now, mind you, I hadn’t planned on going heavy, but the adrenaline kicked in and then it happened - set a new PR on the leg press by 10lbs… 578lbs :fire::fire::boom::boom::boom::grin::grin::grin:

I made some bone broth in my new shiny crock pot that was given to me for Christmas, and will have it on workout days when I’m going heavy. I salt loaded, well not really loaded, last night, I just had some salty foods that didn’t require me to drink it LOL. Kraut, a little bacon, butter, and a pickle. So far I’m hanging in there and am quite optimistic about going forward as in a couple of days I’ll be entering into uncharted territory for me, going beyond 9-10 days on a pretty solid fast.

(Charmaine) #15

@Theresa yeah it does sound hardcore doesn’t it! But I’m just determined and also testing the waters in a couple different areas - mentally and physically, and for me there’s a spiritual component. Yes, I do want to get under 280 (last weigh in was 283 even), that’s part of the reason, but over all healing of my body is the major reason. I want to trigger autophagy more than a little bit, but I don’t have a definitive way to measure that other than keeping an eye on skin tags that I do have.

(Kathy Meyer) #16

Oh I like that – add a day or two every month in 2017! Thx for the idea.

(Charmaine) #17

@xandtrek you’re welcome!

(dawn.hakala) #18

@Charmaine you’re fucking incredible!!! So very proud of you and happy for you! Will be following you… I am going to stop mine on day 10… Just feels like the right thing to do… For me :grin:


Keep at it. You will get there. I actually completed a 33 day fast a few days ago. Just water, tea and coffee. I stopped when my body told me to. It’s when I actually really started feeling hungry. Took a multivitamin a couple of times per week, and had bone broth once per week. On day 34 I broke my fast. And then on day 35, I ate nothing (spontaneously). I didn’t feel hungry.

I’m eating one meal per day now. And will likely cut it back to every second day. The fasting really helped to reset my hunger and metabolism. Pretty powerful stuff!

(Charmaine) #20

And that’s the important part @DawnH “for me”! I think you’ve done awesome!