20:4 fasting

(charlson.melissa) #1

I’m fasting 20:4 and loving it. How important are my macros? I just try to eat double the fat of my protein intake and eat minimal
Carbs. I’m not tracking in the interest of breaking the “diet” mentality but don’t want to sell myself short on the biggest benefits inadvertently.

(Richard Morris) #2

You need to eat protein to maintain your body, which won’t change much over the years. But the amount of fat you need to eat to satiety will change depending on how much body fat you have, how insulin resistant you are, how much exercise you have done, what the temperature is outside, where you are in your cycle, whether you have an infection you are fighting … all of these factors and several thousand more combine to determine how much energy you need.

If you eat twice your protein in fat and it turns out that that is too much you may even gain weight.

If you eat twice your protein in fat and it turns out that that is not enough then your body could turn to your lean body mass to make up the surplus.

(charlson.melissa) #3

I’ve used a macro calculator which takes most of that info into consideration. They are 140 fat and 60 protein. But I probably don’t hit these numbers eating once a day. I’ve seen not to eat to hit your macros. Any advice you have would be appreciated.

(Luke Jeffery) #4

I’m interested to hear responses. I’ve been doing 20:4 fasting for the last week. I get all of my protein in the one meal and usual eat all my fat macroand extra from the food on my plate. I lose pretty much every day when I do it this way- at least I have so far.

(Alex Dipego) #5

I eat a large meal to feed me, that could be 1700-3500 calories depending on the day and if I want to lose weight. Fasting isn’t all about weight loss. It’s a general health practice and should be a tool, not a quick fix.

(PJ) #6

I’ve been doing 16/8 for the last week. It would be good to get a group together and do the 20/4 together.

(charlson.melissa) #7

Sounds great! It’d be nice to talk to others about progress, finding what works best, etc.

(Retta Stephenson) #8

I started 20:4 this week, also. Still figuring out how to get the proper moderate protein, extremely low carb, and fat to satiety. I still have lots of “stored fuel” on board to use for fat fuel, to am not worried about piling on extra fat onto the food. But eating all in one meal is a challenge, since sometimes I get full too soon.

I like the idea of having a 20:4 thread, and sharing ideas.

My macros are chosen for wt loss and a medical condition. Roughly 50g protein, 12g net carbs, and fat to satiety.

(Retta Stephenson) #9

@ljeffery2 Do you find you get too full doing it all in one meal??

(Luke Jeffery) #10

I don’t have any trouble getting it all in, generally. It does depend what the food is though. Some food is more dense than others so I get the nutrients with less volume. If I have lots of not so dense food I might need to spread it over the 4 hours.

(Retta Stephenson) #11

Ah, makes sense.

(PJ) #12

rettakat have you seen this link? http://shecallsmehobbit.com/2016/11/hobbitcast-10-fasting-for-the-win/

After listening to this one and most of them I feel a bit better about this woe.

(PJ) #13

I have to admit that I am loving the way I feel. Even though I have measured and lost inches it a great feeling to actually feel those inches and lbs gone. Since I started fasting there are no cravings at all. I actually have to pre-plan my meals just to make sure that I have the right things to eat. I think that is a key component of this woe plus drinking a lot of fluids. I plan moving from 16/8 Sat and beginning my 20/4. I hope to do this through mid Feb then building a 36hr fast in. I am following up on the benefits of a 36 hr fast. Looking forward to hearing from everyone else on their results. i.e. cravings, not hungry, getting full, sleep patterns, etc

(PJ) #14

I feel like I ate too much so will need to spread out over the allowed hours.

(PJ) #15

I just created a new thread for this. 20/4 Fasting for Health & Weight Loss

(charlson.melissa) #16

After a weekend of eating a bit more outside of my eating window I’m back on the 20:4 schedule. I’ve lost 5 lbs in the 2 weeks I’ve been doing it, after a long stall, so I guess it’s working! Feeling a lot more energy too. How’s it going for everyone else?

(Alex Dipego) #17

Honestly love it. It’s teaching me to deal with stress better and how high strung I am looking for food as my mediator.

Down 3.5lbs from last week. Looking to drop about 10-15 more not out of need but desire. Proof fasting and keto can get you lean without being starved.

(ryancrawcour) #18

ah, so you don’t eat just one meal a day? rather you eat lots during a single 4 hour period? there’s just no way i could eat 100 - 120g of protein (what my macro calc says i should eat) in 1 sitting. i think i’d even struggle to eat that in 2.

(charlson.melissa) #19

Correct. I eat till satiety during a 4 hr window.

(Scott Telfer) #20

If you feel full, just stop eating. See if it takes you through the next 18-22 hours. Your body might not need it. Play around with it and your body will let you know. Good luck :slight_smile: