2 months keto but still don't have much energy

(Wendy) #43

You may just need more salt.


go to netrition.com

(DHrec) #45

I salt all my foods with pink Himalayan salt and also have 2 glasses of salted water each day.
Add to this cod liver oil and magnesium, nutritional yeast and a b vitamin complex.

(Wendy) #46

Well you can wait it out and see if that helps. I’ve been eating low carb/keto for over 2 years now and don’t remember how long it took to feel energized. I never tracked macros with an app or anything. I know I was tired for awhile, but it passed. I also know I need a lot of salt or I don’t feel well.
Do what you want to do. Have you checked out Dietdoctor.Com? I found a lot of help there in the beginning.
It’s your life do what you want. If you aren’t comfortable find another way to eat that you do. Best to you!