2 months keto but still don't have much energy

(Anna ) #21

I am 5’ 5" I’m 110 lbs. I’m skinny and have always been. I actually initially gained 3 lbs when I started keto becasue I was eating more than before. But I lost the 3 lbs when I had a huge 6 day migraine while having keto flu. I feel good at 110 lbs.

I haven’t counted my protein intake, but I’ve never eaten as much protein as I do right now becasue in order to stay under 20 grams of carbs I’m eating lots of eggs and more meats. Electrolytes are good. I take in lots of salt daily and I supplement quite a bit with other stuff.

I’m not a big meat eater, and will never eat a steak with fat attached to it. I eat eggs every day, and eat bacon, salmon and 85% ground beef often. I did just buy some pork chops, and didn’t cut the fat off, but I had to cover them up with batter (eggs and friend pork skins, schnitzel style, since fats on meats visually are not appealing). No steaks for me. Most of my fat comes from avocados, which I eat daily, butter, coconut oil, olive oil and the meats, fish and eggs I listed already.

I have migraines and other health issues, so my body is stressed but it’s getting better. I haven’t slept well in 10 years hoping keto will help with that as well.

I am an active person, I kayak, hike, snowshoe, camp so since going keto I haven’t done much, just feeling weak. Walking my dogs for an hour feels like I’ve hiked in the mountains all day.

(Vita) #22

@Anna-no-banana hmm, well most people don’t know they’re insulin resistant until they get diabetes, which could be 10+ years after developing insulin resistance. So it’s possible you were. But who knows. I hope you get some energy soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Anna ) #23

I collect the bacon grease and cook my eggs in it, then I still put a TBS of salted butter on my eggs and dump the excess bacon fat from the frying pan on my eggs as well. I don’t drink coffee but I’m taking MCT oil. I had to start out slowly with the MCT oil at one tsp every other day because it was giving me the runs. I’m now at 6 tsp daily.

(Katie) #24

Do you not eat fatty meat because it is un-appetizing? Over time your palate may change to prefer the fat.

I used to eat exclusively lean meat and I always felt crummy and wondered about the energy that everyone talked about.

Your bodyfat must be quite low with your height and weight. I have found, and others have shared similar thoughts/feelings, that there is something about animal fats that is more nourishing for our bodies. So a gram of say beef or pork fat is more nourishing than a gram of avocado fat. I am not demonizing plant fats, I just think that animal fats are more nourishing. There are studies that show that the vitamins and minerals in meat are more available/process-able to our bodies than those found in plants.

Your low energy is concerning to me. My best advice is to really work on getting in more fat and protein (try counting macronutrients for a week), and to try for more animal foods as a priority. You probably just need more calories. That and make sure that you have adequate electrolytes.

(Marianne) #25

Honestly, it took me 4.5 months to become “fat adapted” and have tons of energy. I ate clean keto, no cheating, and figured it would happen way before that.

To get the fat “macros,” on things like pork chops, just google “pork chop nutritional values,” or similar and you can see how may fat grams are in a serving.

If you have trouble getting enough fat, you could try a bulletproof coffee. I think they are delicious.

(B) #26

It took me 3 months and 1 week to feel good while exercising! I like to bicycle and I just felt weak while out on my rides! But after the 3 month mark I felt like I could go longer than I could preketo without feeling weak, tired or hungry.
I too was at a good weight starting keto. I just needed to drop the 5lbs. menopause gifted me.I told myself if I didn’t feel better while exercising at the 3 to 3.5 mark there was no use continuing. I just didn’t feel as strong. Yay for the 3 month improvement and I believe things will change for you as they did for me and others. Keto for 10 months now!

(Anna ) #27

This is something I have struggled with all my life (I’m 51 now). I’ve never liked meat because of the texture and appearance. Even when I’m eating processed meats, which I prefer, if I bite into a piece of cartridge, fat, gristle or anything that is not smooth meat, I will gag and it will come back out. This unfortunately ruins my meal and I have a hard time finishing the meat. I don’t want to force myself to eat food that I don’t enjoy, so I’m trying to figure out other ways of eating animal fats.

I have no problems eating bacon and I collect the bacon fat and make meals with it. I also eat the fat from the 85% ground beef. I’ve actually decided I’m going to buy a jar of pork lard since I only get so much from cooking my own bacon.

(Anna ) #28

I don’t drink coffee but I do take MCT oil daily.

(Katie) #29

I understand, I am sorry that you struggle with this. Perhaps over time it will become easier? Interesting that bacon is okay for you, despite it being fatty; probably just because it is a different texture? I am wondering if you could try beef bacon and use that as a transition/gateway into gradually getting fattier meats into your diet? Just a thought.

Tallow is similar to pork lard. Maybe use them kind of like butter? Spread them on lean meat that you can palate? Please be careful about your sourcing of lard and tallow; the conventional stuff in the giant tubs at the supermarkets is not good for you. I like Epic brand.

Have you considered making bulletproof coffees or fat bombs to increase your fats?

(mole person) #30

It’s too bad about your aversion to animal meat textures. I had a severe migraine problem. Several each week and frequently they lasted days. The ketogenic diet helped a fair bit but I still got them quite regularly. But going strictly all meat has put the condition into full remission. I don’t have them at all. But the diet is pretty extreme and 80% of calories come from meat fats so I’m not sure it’s much use to you.

I must say though that textures that weren’t appealing to me at the start are now just great so you may find that after some time on keto your own tastes change.

(Anna ) #31

I don’t drink coffee and most of the fat bomb recipes seem to use alcohol sugars or stevia. I take 2 TBS of MCT oil twice every day with meals, those are my fat bombs.

(Anna ) #32

OK, a few of you were intersected in how many calories I eat, and how much protein and fat. Here are my 5 last meals. I’m 5’ 5" and 110 lbs.

1.15.20 11:30AM
Calories 1,264
Fat 117
Carbs 17
Protein 39

1.15.20 7:00PM
Calories 1,317
Fat 161
Carbs 32
Protein 66

1.16.20 12:00PM
Calories 1,288
Fat 118
Carbs 20
Protein 37

1.16.20 7:30PM
Calories 1,250
Fat 111
Carbs 26
Protein 41

1.17.20 11:30AM
Calories 1,101
Fat 101
Carbs 19
Protein 30

(mole person) #33

I’m usually the lone voice around here saying that keeping protein controlled is good on keto but even I think that your protein is quite low. You should probably be targetting at a bare minimum 50 grams a day of protein.

(Anna ) #35

If I was eating dairy I could easily get more fat and protein :frowning: I already 2 eat eggs every day and some nuts. Still having too many carbs, mostly because I love broccoli and Brussel Sprouts and it’s hard to limit those to 1/2 cup when I can easily eat 2 cups. I need to swap out some of the veggies for meat.

I was eating higher protein and lower carbs two weeks ago, very little vegetables and no keto breads. Pretty much every meal was meat, eggs and avocados, and some nuts but I was not enjoying my meals as much as when I eat veggies and keto breads. Trying to find that balance.

On another note, yesterday was the first day in weeks where I seemed to have more energy and actually managed to clean the house a bit. Today I’m feeling more energized as well, so I think I’m finally crawling out of this low energy hole :slight_smile:

(mole person) #36

I think if you are already slim it’s even more important for you to meet minimum protein levels. People actively losing fat may be able to get away with slightly less because their bodies are catabolising protein structures that support the fat tissues that they are reducing. Thus they have a larger daily endogenous protein source. But if you don’t meet your needs your body had no choice but to catabolise tissues that are not surplus to requirements.

(Katie) #37

An easy fat bomb ‘recipe’ that I like is to stir cocoa powder into coconut oil, dollop onto a flat surface, sprinkle with salt, and freeze. They can be ready to eat within 15 minutes. No sweetener required.

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@london2z Cease and desist. You’ve posted the two same comments and variations on multiple topics. That’s rude and obnoxious. Please stop it. If you want to convince us of our folly, start your own topic and state your case. Stop trying to derail existing topics with your current pet theory.

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I’m on day 23 and have never ever lacked as much energy as this. I supplements with magnesium and cod liver oil. Eat fat fat fat and lots of green veg, avocado, eggs,salmon, beef, chicken thighs etc etc etc but after 23 days of not giving my body more than 1% carbs I’d be amazed if it thinks the sugar rush is coming. Surely it knows by now the foods and nutrition I’m serving is for the long haul. Sorry I’d I’m being hasty but it’s frustrating as hell feeling this lethargy all the time.


how about taking exogenous ketones?

(DHrec) #42

Never tried them, any you’d recommend, thank you