2 Keto Forums Newbie! My 100lb weight loss in 7 months story

(Denise smith) #21

That is amazing! You look Awesome! How are you feeling? How are your lab numbers?

(Todd Allen) #22

Congratulations on your amazing success! Perhaps the best part of helping yourself is the opportunity to inspire and help others. With just a bit of luck you may find yourself surrounded by family and friends getting healthier and happier.

(Frances Davis) #23

You are doing an amazing job Chris! Congratulations

(Chris Esquilin) #24

Thanks! I checked my labs back in March when I was 50lbs down. My triglycerides went way down and my overall markers were good so my doctor was very happy. I am curious to check again now that I’m at 100

(Wendy LaCroix) #25

Congratulations! Keto rocks!

(Leah Ann Garza) #26

Awesome! your looking great an d your a real inspiration!

(Chris Esquilin) #27

Thank you!

(MyLove MyLife) #28

Congrats Chris, Amazing Effort this is not a story this is called living our life, All the best!!

(Robert Corlet) #29

Inspiring story. Well done!