2.5 months in keto and something is wrong, need your help


So, should i increase my carb intake up to 20g? For sleep better feel better generally?

(Fabrizio) #42

Well I think you can do some gradual little experiments… you could take 20g of carbs and see how you feel… and then also 30, 40, 50, without any hurry… I continue to believe carbs are not the enemy.
No one has a perfect knowledge related to keto diet, expecially in the long run. Science arrives only to a point and there is a certain subjectivity too.
I believe there is a great margin for us to experiment (prudently) on ourselves, listen to our body and make an idea of what is happening.

(Edith) #43

So true!!!

(Bacon enough and time) #44

I believe that their reasoning is that, because thyroid hormone values tend to be lower on a ketgoenic diet, this is a problem that needs to be fixed. Other experts reason that, because people on a ketogenic diet seem to be utilising their thyroid hormones more efficiently, their lower hormone levels are not a problem. It is certainly true that the current “normal” levels were determined based on research subjects who were eating a high-carbohydrate diet.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a hormone deficiency, then that has one set of implications for you, but if you feel fine, your current thyroid levels may not be anything to worry about.

The insomnia, possibly, but not the keto “flu” symptoms, which are simply the result of a lack of sodium. Without insulin to interfere, the kidneys resume excreting sodium at their normal rate; hence people embarking on a ketogenic diet can avoid the keto “flu” by getting a bit more table salt on their food. I took Dr. Phinney’s recommendation to heart, started using a bit more salt when I went keto, and never experienced the keto “flu.”


I noticed something based on last 3 days night, every time when it become evening i feel more relaxed more happier this isn’t just coincidence. Is it keto to do something hormonal? Like increase cortisol levels

(Joey) #46

Gee, I hope not. I don’t think I’d generally want elevated cortisol levels unless I were being chased by a predator.


But i think this could be happening, either poor sleep or keto releated. Because last 3 days i I paid attention i felt restless until the evening. When it become evening i feel calmer and relaxed. Is this should be keto releated?

(Joey) #48

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that you’re feeling relaxed at night (a common reaction to getting sufficient amounts of magnesium). My comment above simply refers to whether it’s elevated cortisol…


Cortisol is a really important part of one’s hormonal system. But it’s not the way that a feeling of relaxation is initiated.


No i totally understand :slight_smile: i am trying to figure it out if it is keto releated thing or just my stress that cause it :thinking: