2/28/2017: Brenda & Donna's 30-Day Steak Challenge


(Renee) #161

You could fast on Friday’s and Ash Wednesday :blush:

(Larry Lustig) #162

Is it really beef if you buy it from Piggly Wiggly?

(AnnaLeeThal) #163

Vacuum packed a bunch of steaks today. Got some good deals so I thought I would stock up a bit in preparation for the month of the steak.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #164

:joy::smiley::smile: I was amazed with the flavor for a cheap steak. We did a test tonight, 1) cooked one plain, 2) tenderized one manually only, 3) used tenderizer on the 3rd. Our fav was the manually tenderized steak, so I’m ready to go for the challange!


Oohhh, @Becky is training for the all-beef Olympics I see!

(Brenda Zorn) #166

You nutball

(Brenda Zorn) #167

I was ZC today! One raw 8 oz Wagyu ground beef patty and two 4 oz pork chops.

(dawn.hakala) #168

@Brenda where did you find that? Looks nummy!

(Erin Macfarland ) #169

I love wagu…I haven’t gotten brave enough to eat ground beef raw. Maybe with some mustard…

(Brenda Zorn) #171

Lund’s and Byerly’s, a Minnesota grocer

(Brenda Zorn) #172

I have 3 grassfed 12 ounce ribeyes in my freezer. I plan to start this challenge the day after I get home from Breck. February 28. I plan to continue the steak challenge for the entire month of March.

So that is 32 days, 32 steaks.

I only have to buy 29 more. Lol

(Guardian of the bacon) #173

Here is a theme meme for your month of steaks.

(AnnaLeeThal) #174

So for people who are getting labs done in preparation for this what are you getting done?


You might want to PM @DaveKeto and see if his doc can provide you with the details.

(Michelle) #176

OMG!! That guy is one step away from the Santa Clarita diet!!! yikes. and yuck. I couldn’t do it.

(Brenda Zorn) #177

If I go 30 days, I only need 26 more steaks. I’ve been collecting them as I find worthy specimens on sale. These ribeyes are normally $15.99 a lb. $8.99 is a bargain. I also have three 3/4 lb grassfed ribeyes in my freezer…

(Bob Weiman) #178

I shall make the attempt, although it may devolve into ZC and not strictly Steak only which I was contemplating for Lent anyway.


Ok, let the meat eating bonanza begin!!!

(James Lynch) #180

I’m interested in starting this challenge? Can you tell me how much steak your consuming on a daily basis? I’m training for an ultra marathon so interested to see how this helps my training.

(Meeping up the Science!) #181

James, I typically IF daily, and eat about 16 ounces split into two meals. Your needs might be greater. I am not as familiar with zero carb and athletic endurance, though.