2/28/2017: Brenda & Donna's 30-Day Steak Challenge


(Brenda Zorn) #202

I asked to see a “primal”. That is the whole uncut piece of meat, in this case the NY strip. If the fat looks thick enough, ask for steaks, leaving the fat untrimmed. Today the 36" slab of meat had about 12 inches in the center where the fat was thinner, so I asked him to skip that part for me. He only cut my steaks off the last 12 inches of each end.


What are the rules?

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(Brenda Zorn) #205

Don’t worry about pepper @Fiorella.
I’m just giving you shit. In the interest of science though, I am adding nothing.


Ah ok. So I’ve just been kicked off the island?


I figured if coffee is ok to drink, a few grains of black pepper wouldn’t matter either.

(Brenda Zorn) #208

My meal today. This was a 15.7 oz grilled NY strip, rare.

I also ate a 8.75 oz grassfed NY strip, raw.

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(MakinBacon) #210

I won’t be joining the 30-day steak challenge this time, but I am going to try a steak challenge of a different kind, starting tomorrow.

The challenge is, to find the best butcher in town. You see, for decades I have always bought my meat at the grocery store. It’s ok for the price, but mostly meh. Never really been all that impressed. So, I have a list of 6 local butcher shops that all got good yelp reviews. For the next month, I will be buying several cuts of steak from each and trying them out to see who has the best steaks. It won’t be steak every day for every meal, but I will be having steak prob 3-4 nights a week. Can’t wait! :cow2: :yum:

(Brenda Zorn) #211

I would be sad without you on the island.

You are my steak sister.


Ok, now I’m thinking if it is technically possible to rub coffee on my steak. Hey!! Don’t be a hater of coffee rubbed steak…it is a real recipe no joke!

(Brenda Zorn) #213

You’re gonna laugh…
I was dreaming about this this morning. Lol! Maybe instant coffee?
I am already missing variety and it’s only been 2 days!!


I think you mean fucking bland flavourless steak sister :unamused:

Seriously, Brenda. How can you tell an italian not to add a bit of spice to food? Sheeesh.

(Meeping up the Science!) #215

I wouldn’t worry too much personally about spices. Everyone should feel free to do their own variants.

8oz of sirloin last night, and 16 ounce tonight (in three small meals). I had some seasoning by accident tonight, unfortunately, as we had steak but I did not prepare mine and I did not realize until I started eating. It had a very minute amount of pepper I was unaware of (just salt and pepper), which I scraped the rest off of. It was free steak so I am not going to complain. :stuck_out_tongue: Italians unite, eh?

Tomorrow is a rib eye. I may do a coffee rub one night, myself.

(Brenda Zorn) #216


Guys. This is about a challenge. About showing health markers will IMPROVE eating unlimited steak 30 days. I love challenging myself SO much, and my body loves the vacation from plants, sweeteners, etc…
Personally, I am taking measurements, weight, pulse, blood oxygen, BP, BG, ketones blood and breath -daily.

Down 2.5 pounds as of this morning.
This is day 3.


Inflammation much?


Just the way I like it. Still mooing!

(dawn.hakala) #218

started mine Monday, down 6 but I’m doing steak & eggs and butter this week. next week, steak & butter or steak & eggs then following week trying just steaks. I’m testing BG, BP, breath ketones & taking measurements tomorrow. so far, very interesting.

(Jacquie) #219

The raw steak is fabulous! :heart_eyes: Love raw meat from trusted sources.

(Brenda Zorn) #220

Day 3.
3 pm. Ate a half pound of Wagyu. Raw.

(dawn.hakala) #221

have to ask if it’s just me… since starting this…I actually have acid reflux going on… haven’t had that issue since I was 300#… ideas?? I bend over and acidy pukie feeling in my throat… not a fan