13 Day Fast, Beginning at 12% Body Fat

(Ethan) #42

That kind of feat is only possible if you have 3-4 hours of time available, too!

(Jack Brien) #43

Very interesting but updates seem to have paused…

(Jay Patten) #44

Indeed they have.

(Benj) #45

So what happend? I thought you would share your success :thinking:

(Jay Patten) #46

Chirping crickets

(Windmill Tilter) #47

I think he may have reached Nirvana! Amazing! All those folks who were arrogantly trying to give him advice are probably eating their words right now.


Hey Richard,

Would you be able to explain the formula you used (800 kCal / 31.5 kCal/lb/day) and the 25 lbs of fat rule you mentioned? I’m a male, 5’8”, 133 lbs, 12-15% body fat, and 18-19 lbs of body fat. I want to water fast long term, but I want to make sure it’s not a dangerous idea with my body composition. Thanks so much for your help!


(Dave) #49

Shoot, just when I was getting into it. Loved this guy’s attitude. Come back and finish the story, man!