#108: Siobhan Huggins - Part 2


Originally published at: https://ketowomanpodcast.com/108/

Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Siobhan, returns for the second part of her chat where she goes into the gory details of what happened during (and after) her high carb experiment. 

Siobhan (she'-VAUN) Huggins is an independent researcher focused on lipidology, the immune system, and metabolic diseases.

She spends most of her time at cholesterolcode.com where she works alongside Dave Feldman. She has been keto since August of 2016, and on a predominantly carnivorous diet as of October 2017. She has lost 80 lbs, reversed hypertension, and found a passion for research along the way.


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See more from Siobhan at CholesterolCode.com 

Twitter @siobhan_huggins

Josh Blackburn’s website which Siobhan referred to a few times is KetoAnimalFoods.com

The paper Siobhan mentioned about increase in iodine deficiency coming from high carb diets.

Amber O'Hearn's presentation at CarnivoryCon 2019

Siobhan's Top Tip

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(Bob M) #3

I don’t think it’s the glucagon to insulin ratio. I think it’s proof that Peter D’s protons theory from his Hyperlipid blog is correct, that saturated fat causes your fat cells to be insulin resistant, meaning you eat less.

(Utility Muffin Research Kitchen) #4

People not familiar with hyperlipid might get confused here :slight_smile:
We’re talking about a temporary insulin resistance, which is not quite the same as the permanent insulin resistance that we know from eating too much carbs. Meaning this temporary insulin resistance is a good thing (if you want to lose weight) as it reduces the amount of stored fat. Bob, do you have a good link for that?


I need to learn more about this. Thanks Bob.